25yr Old 5"6 120lbs Cohesive Gel 350-375cc? - Toronto, ON

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Sooo Had my consult so far and surgery is booked...

Had my consult so far and surgery is booked for March 22 2016 almost a month away.
Here is where I stand at this point
My stats 25 yr old 5'6 height 120lbs no kids
Around 32b bra size
I've decided on cohesive gel under the muscle
Probably round and armpit incision, moderate plus profile
Like most of you still debating on cc's
I want to be natural, my surgeon told me he won't do over 400cc on me
I think I'm debating between 350-375cc
I will post pictures of what I want and hopefully someone will know what cc they are
Thanks for the help!
I have another consult next week

Wish boobs

What I hope the outcome is
What cc's would this be???

Body shots

Just thought I would upload some body shots so you guys could see my build
I'm also wearing a double padded bra which u can see a clear gap between my real boob and bra ???? can't wait until that is not an issue!

1 month before surgery & broken finger!!

Hi everyone
So today marks 1 month before surgery
This weekend I broke my pinky finger and I'm concerned that this will some how effect my surgery because they won't want to do it or something
I'm assuming it will be healed by then but I have to find out if I need surgery on my finger tomorrow when I see the specialist
Does anyone think this would effect my surgery ?

Decided on siZe 385cc cohesive gel unders HP

So today I did another sizing appointment
Will be doing 385cc cohesive gel unders armpit incision
I found out I have to do high profile because I'm very narrow... My width is between 12-12.5
They are ordering implants one size up and down so I can change my mind up until the surgery day
Will post photo of sizers 385cc

Implant details and brand

So confirmed my implants are
-385cc (unless I change my mind again)
-high profile
-smooth, round
-under the muscle
-armpit incision
I also found out the brand will be Allergan
Any thoughts about this brand of implant
What varies between implant brands???

3 week countdown until surgery!

So thought I would post an update at the 3 week mark
Everything is set
I spoke to my patient coordinator today and she told me that my doctor said it was ok if I left the splint on my broken finger for surgery
I have another problem however I do have fake nails on which I need to remove before surgery... The one on my broken finger will be really hard to get off... I'm scared cause it's really on there not sure how I can get it off

I feel like I have no idea what I should get as post op supplies
Anyone have a good list?

Almost 2 week point- before shots and shopping!

Hi ladies
Almost at the 2 week mark so I thought I would update :)
Last things to do before surgery are pay (going in on Wednesday) to pay the balance
Otherwise I just need to take of my bio gel nails and stop shaving as of this coming Tuesday.
I'm posting some before shots in clothes
And I took a trip to Walmart today and got Tylenol (since I can't take Advil), baby wash, baby wipes and sports bras that were on sale for 3$!!! I got size large so hopefully that fits
Again I'm getting 385cc gel unders armpit incision
Does everyone think 385 is good for my body???

Pics that didn't upload

See above post

HELP! Size change up?!

Hey ladies,
So less than 2 weeks away now and I think I'm starting to freak out and think that i should go with 415cc instead of 385...I kno not a huge difference but I dont want them to be to small
This is the largest my doctor will go on me anyway. Its funny because I thought that I was thinking that 385 was going to be too big but now I am switching it.
Does anyone know what the difference between the two sizes is? Like in tablespoons or whatever, might give me some peace of mind

New Wish Pic vs. CC's

Hey ladies
So decided to go back in for another sizing appointment (3rd) now but my PS has been so accommodating this Wednesday and why shouldn't they be in spending 10 000$ haha
I'm between 385 and 415 high profile
In posting a new wish pic and I would love your opinions on what you think I should go with in relation to the pic... Or if anyone has these sizes with any thoughts
Thanks ladies
Let the 10 day countdown begin1

5 days! Final fitting and surgery time

Hey girls!
So today I went in one final time before Tuesday for sizing. I tried on both 385 and 415cc. I felt the 415 felt alittle big which I figured was good because I am going under the muscle ... So they will prob end up looking like the 385
Soooo I am officially doing 415!!
I will upload a photo with the 415cc sizers in a sports bra
I also found out my surgery is scheduled for 10am on Tuesday so I will have to be there for 845 am
Let me know what you guys think of the sizers !!!

ONE Day Countdown

OMG Ladies
Just have to get through one more day of work and Tuesday is the big day at 10am!
Yesterday I think it finally hit me, and I am starting to feel very nervous and anxious
I cleaned my entire place yesterday including washing my big dog haha!
Today Im finishing up some laundry and then have to get a few groceries!

Night Before! (should be sleeping)

OK this will be last post before SURGERY
Well its like midnight and I need to be up at 6:30am to shower, shave finally, wash my hair and body with surgical soap. I already took out all my jewellery. Luckily the clinic is like 15 min drive from my house. And had a huge meal around 9pm at Joey @ Sherway haha
My two friends will be taking me tomorrow. I have my bag packed (button up pjs, socks, robe, slippers)
I am just going to wear sweat pants and a sweater to the clinic.
I doubt I will get any sleep tonight and I dont really care
How am I feeling....honestly a little sad and feeling nostalgic about my small boobies
They did me good but now its time for an upgrade. I am feeling anxious, nervous, anticipation
Work went by so slow today it was death
I guess that is it
Will post a detailed review of surgery day experience with lots of pics (will try my best tomorrow night)
T - 10 hours
See you ladies on the other side!

Arrived in Boobie Land

Hey girls
Well I have made it to the other side
I officially have my boobies
Here is my experience
Woke up 630 washed my hair and body with surgical soap
I arrived at the clinic at 845, I was checked in and then taken to this private room with a tv where I was given meds and I had to sit in a comfy chair with a heated blanket...I was in there for about an hour
Dr Lista came in drew on me and answered any last questions
Then I met the anastesiologist and she asked me some questions
10:30 I was taken into the operating room
IV was put in near my wrist and I was sleeping pretty quick... I woke up in recovery room in barely any pain... Just pressure
When I get out to sleep when I wake up I start to get emotional and cry which of course happened but I was not in pain
I have drains attached and a pain pump which is amazing
I am amazed how they look ... Yes they are swollen and high but they arnt boxy looking and once they drop they will look amazing
The bruising has started around the bottom of my boobs
Can't see my incisions at this point in my armpit
Going to the clinic tomorrow to remove pain pump and drains at 9am
So far not nauseous ... I feel great... Only slept 3 hours last night and I havnt slept yet so I'm gonna nap now
Will keep u guys updated
Let me know if u have any questions

Day 2 415cc smooth round HP Allergan unders

Hey ladies
I'll do a quick update today because I had a post op appointment today
Woke up today in pain so I actually did take an oxy
Went to clinic and nurse took out my drains and pain pump so now I just have bandages in my armpits
Tomorrow I can take off bandages for good and shower and wash them twice a day
Tomorrow I'm also supposed to start washing my strap daily but other then that I wear it full time until they tell me
I can wear any shirt just nothing that will push them up and obviously no bra
Took some photos with strap off
I love them so far I think they look great
I ended up going with 415cc Allergan natrelle high profile under the muscle armpit incision just incase someone didn't read beginning of my review

Day 3 post op

I'm very bored haha so I'm updating every day
I must say the pain is unbearable if I'm not taking an oxy... Is this normal?
I took a shower today and washed my incisions as instructed ... Also washed my strap and I must say the hour I didn't have it on was amazing... I felt so free... But I kno I need to wear it to make them drop
Got a look at my incisions and they look good and I must say my left one is tiny about an inch long...
When did everyone's pain start subsiding??

Day 4

Hey ladies
I realized I have been saying a day ahead because I counted the day of surgery as post op day 1 so keep that in mind (surgery was March 22)
Woke up this morning with a migraine I have had for over 24 hrs it was getting unbearable because my boob pain wasn't even that bad
So so far i would say that having a headache was worse then boobs
I stopped taking oxy and my headache is pretty much gone
I feel that today I am feeling better and will try and venture out tonight to a movie or something

Bruises, strap and incisions

Hey ladies
Feeling good today I think I will try and drive today
I have been off any medication for about 2 days and no longer constipated haha
Yesterday I walked around the mall but I still get pretty tired after doing anything
Soreness is tolerable except the strap is very uncomfortable. I take it off for breaks but always wear it when I sleep ... Mine arnt riding too high so I'm not too concerned about dropping
Bruises seem to be going down and incisions looking good
I go for one week post op on Tuesday

8 days post op

415cc cohesive gel unders high profile Allergan
5'6 120 lbs 32b prior

Hey girls
Past the one week mark now
I had my 1 week post appointment yesterday
Everything looking good except I have some lumps in my armpit which may be hematoma
I was told it's not a big deal and I should just massage the lumps and they will go away
I was also told to start massages for 5 mins 10x a day ugh! It is very uncomfortable
Basically I have to move my implants around (in out up down) continuously
Also been instructed to get arnica gel and rub on scars but I've been using bio oil
I honestly don't care about my scars since they in my armpits
I am allowed to sleep on my side which is much better then my back!
My one bruise is still very dark but the nurse said it was normal
I'm finding my right boob to be stubborn and not wanting to drop ... Any suggestions

VS trip(I kno too early)

415cc cohesive gel round unders high profile

So quick update
Was casually shopping at the mall and walked by Victoria secret soooo even though I know it's too early I got sized
As of now I am a 32dd!
She did say since I'm still high I may end up being a triple d! Wow crazy
Obviously I will have to re check
When can you know for sure what your true size will be? 1 month 2 months?

Progress shot

Here's a progress shot
4 days vs 11 days
Left one dropping nicely and they feel already very natural
Right was is stubborn

3 weeks post op

Hey girls
Hitting the 3 week mark... It's really felt like much longer than that
At my 2 week check up I was ok'd to sleep on my stomach and start using scar cream
I'm still supposed to massage and lay on the floor for 10 mins a dAy
They are still firm but getting softer
I am allowed to wear bras at one month
Super excited to buy a few 32dd!

1 month already !

One month came quick
Looking good but they are still quite hard especially my right getting alittle worried
When did other ladies notice them starting to soften up?
I also am almost 2 weeks late on my period but def not pregnant ... Did this happen to anyone else?
Also not that I think this is happening but what are the symptoms of capsular contracture? Just so I know
Scars are fading well but still have some small lumps in armpits
Have another post of ap in couple weeks where I'll see my surgeon
Will also be getting Botox on my forehead since I get 250$ free with getting boobs

6 weeks!

415cc hp silicone unders round Today is 6 weeks Time has flown by and so far no complications Havnt seen my ps yet (may 12) Slowly dropping I think but still firm 32ddd

Quick update

415cc HP under muscle cohesive gel round Here's a few photos cause I'm bored lol Going in tomorrow for post op ... Havnt seen my surgeon since surgery day so excited to see what he says Also getting Botox on forehead

Almost 3 months post op

Thought I would post some pics
Not much to update everything is great
Right boob is still stubborn

Scar photos

As requested here are some scar photos ... About 3.5 months

Here's a top shot

Mostly been posting bare boobs so thought u guys might want to see how they look covered

Almost 1 year PO

Sooo time flies
It will be 1 year march 22
I love them best decision ever
415 hp cohesive gel implants armpit incision
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

No complaints so far One of the best in Toronto!

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