My Breast Reduction Story - Toronto, ON

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Hello everyone, I am on this site frequently, and...

Hello everyone, I am on this site frequently, and I must say it is very inspirational. I've had big big breast since grade 4. I skipped the A & B cup and went straight to a C. I am 21 now and 34DDD. I am 5'2 with a small frame. I am a size small in tops but always have to buy medium or large because of my breasts. To be honest, I don't know where this big things came from because it doesn't run in my family. I've been thinking of a breast reduction for many years now and talked to my doctor but at the time I was too young. My breaking point was when I went to Victoria's Secret for a strapless bra and nothing fit. I was under the impression that I was a 34DD but my size wasn't fitting. I asked the lady to measure me and she told me I'm a 34DDD or F. There was one bra that fit in the entire store and even then my breast were spilling out and the bra didn't give enough support. I previously went to my doctor and was referred to a breast specialist. He said I was a good candidate. I live in Toronto, Canada so the procedure cost 0$ I just had to wait for everything to get approved. IT GOT APPROVED TODAY!!! and my possible date is August 16, 2013. I'm very nervous but very excited because I know this will be a life changing experience. Putting everything in God's hands! :)

Date Switched

Hello everyone! :) I was originally scheduled for the BR surgery for Aug 16 but I recently got a job and don't want to take 2 weeks off as yet. Its a bummer cause I want to get this over with but at the same time I need to make money. I want to get the surgery done beginning of October so hopefully everything goes as planned. Thank you all for your kind words, support, and encouragement!

Less than a month away!

Hello everyone, I got my BR rescheduled for October 3rd which is less than a month away. I am soooo nervous but excited at the same time. I had to visit my doctor again and we spoke a bit about the surgery and he took some before pictures. The secretary was getting all the paper work ready and while she was doing that, I began to feel light weight and like I was about to faint. I don't know if it was because I was hungry or if it was nerves, I think a bit of both because I've never done surgery before. Counting down the days. Thanks for all the encouraging words :)

Next Week

So my BR surgery is next week and I must say I am nervous but excited. I hope all goes well and I recover fast. This site has been so helpful, reading about everyone's experiences has made me feel so much better. Thank you :)

Tomorrow is the day

So tomorrow is my surgery. Ahhh! I am extremely nervous because I never really had surgery besides my wisdom teeth being extracted. Putting me to sleep is what I think scares me the most. Although I'm scared, I am ready for this life changing event to happen. I struggled with this since grade 4 and ready for a change. I'm seriously obsessed with this site and everyone's stories and happy that I can relate to majority of you and not alone on this journey. I hope for a speedy recovery and NO PAIN (I know, not realistic lol) Please pray for me. Thank you :)

Surgery Went Well. A New Me :)


Update on my surgery

I'm gonna give an update on my surgery. I arrived at the hospital at 9:30 got my hospital attire on. Around 11:15 my ps did all the markings and at 11:30 I went into the surgery room. I wasn't as nervous as I anticipated I would be. I was more nervous the night before. I got onto the surgical bed and the anesthetic doctor came and put stuff in my vein. He said my vein was small so it would hurt, and it did! Then they told me I would knock out soon and I did. I woke up (felt like 5 mins) with oxygen mask on my face. I told the nurse to take that off my face I could breathe on my own. They rolled me out the room and into another room and my family and friends were there. I wasn't in too much pain all I wanted was food (which is normal, I love food) and I was discharged about an hour later. Overall it went well and I'm happy :) I see my ps on Monday, I'm excited to hear what he thinks. I haven't posted any pics without my bra yet cause I haven't taken it off. I haven't seen the girls myself. A nurse is suppose to come by today and I'll take a pic then.

A before pic

Looked at my Girls Today!

Looked at my girls today for the first time after 2 days and I am very impressed with the results. I love them. My PS did an exceptional job. I wanna hug him. They are swollen but they look great. So happy

Post Op Day 4

Hello :) I went to see my ps today and he said everything was good and I look good so that's a plus. I'm feeling good, my pain level is a 0.5 lol. Overall I'm happy. Can't wait for the swelling to go down. Tired of sleeping on my back.

I need another bra!

The bra I got from surgery is very fitting but very uncomfortable. I have to wear gauze because it feels like it digging into my incisions. There is this marena bra that I want because it got some many good reviews but I can't get it because they don't ship to Canada and no stores in Canada have them either. I found a site that can ship it to Canada but it costs and arm and a leg for the shipping! I'm seriously considering opening up a bra store in the future cause this is rediculious.

8 days post op

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians

Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be thankful for. I am extremely thankful for this site, it has helped so much with my journey to smaller boobs, the kind words and prayers had made everything much smoother. I am thankful that my reduction procedure went well and that I am recovering fast and looking good. Thankful for life, family, friends, health, food, shelter, the list goes on.

2 Weeks Post Op

Today marks 2 weeks since I had my BR surgery and I am still very happy. Best decision I've made so far. I felt very little pain more discomfort. Two days after surgery I stop taking meds. I went back to work a week and 2 days after surgery and I feel like my normal self. I want to buy bras but thinking I should wait a bit more cause this may not be my final size. I love the way they look! I'm going shopping today for some tops cause I barely own tops. I never liked shopping for too because of the way they looked or having to buy a size up. Hoping today goes well. Have a good day y'all :)

6 Week Update

Today marks six weeks since my surgery and I am still happy as ever. I've been healing very well, also very happy about that. I'm still wearing my surgical bra and also have a sports bra that I wear to work. Tomorrow I'm going to go bra shopping and buy a bunch of bras :) I got measured the other day and was told I'm a 34C! That was my goal size. Going to Jamaica in a few weeks and can't wait to wear a bikini on the beach and wear strapless dresses. This has been a life changing experience and has boosted my self esteem a whole lot.
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