2 Months Pre-op Lower Body Lift After 125lb Weight Loss - Toronto, ON

I thought since it is now a little less than 2...

I thought since it is now a little less than 2 months until I under-go a lower body lift that I would start to share my story. After battling being overweight most of my life, I finally won the battle! Im 27 years old, 5'3 and my high weight was 246lbs and I currently weight 122lbs. I'm literally half the person I used to be. With that being said I have some extra skin that needs to be removed. I workout hard, 5-6 days a week, I go to miltary style bootcamp, I run, I go to the gym and I play soccer and volleyball... Unfortunately all of the working out in the world can't help my extra skin. The only thing that will help is surgery. I found an amazing surgeon and am excited for the procedure but nervous at the same time. My pre-op is Septemer 21, 2016. I will do an update with all of the surgery details after my pre-op.

Pre-op Lower Bodylift Complete!

Hi all, I'm going to start each post with my stats: height 5'3,
high-weight 247, current weight 120lbs. With all of that weight loss
comes extra skin so that is why I am getting a Lower body lift. I had my
pre-op appointment on Wednesday. There was a lot of information to take
in but my surgeons nurse did an amazing job of explaining everything to
me and answering all of my questions. My bloodwork is done and came
back perfect so there are no worries that anything will hold up my
surgery. I was given my surgeons cell phone number for after surgery.
I'm able to call him with any questions at anytime. That is extremely
reassuring. It is going to be a tough recovery but I know it will be
worth it in the end. I'm very excited but at the same time very nervous.
My biggest worry for after surgery is not being able to find a
comfortable position to sit/sleep. Also I know that you can't standup
straight up after surgery but won't crouching forward pull on the
incision on the back side... So many worries! I will make sure I update
frequently once I am post op so if someone is looking for answers, my
posts can hopefully help them.
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