2 Months Pre-op Lower Body Lift After 125lb Weight Loss - Toronto, ON

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I thought since it is now a little less than 2...

I thought since it is now a little less than 2 months until I under-go a lower body lift that I would start to share my story. After battling being overweight most of my life, I finally won the battle! Im 27 years old, 5'3 and my high weight was 246lbs and I currently weight 122lbs. I'm literally half the person I used to be. With that being said I have some extra skin that needs to be removed. I workout hard, 5-6 days a week, I go to miltary style bootcamp, I run, I go to the gym and I play soccer and volleyball... Unfortunately all of the working out in the world can't help my extra skin. The only thing that will help is surgery. I found an amazing surgeon and am excited for the procedure but nervous at the same time. My pre-op is Septemer 21, 2016. I will do an update with all of the surgery details after my pre-op.

Pre-op Lower Bodylift Complete!

Hi all, I'm going to start each post with my stats: height 5'3,
high-weight 247, current weight 120lbs. With all of that weight loss
comes extra skin so that is why I am getting a Lower body lift. I had my
pre-op appointment on Wednesday. There was a lot of information to take
in but my surgeons nurse did an amazing job of explaining everything to
me and answering all of my questions. My bloodwork is done and came
back perfect so there are no worries that anything will hold up my
surgery. I was given my surgeons cell phone number for after surgery.
I'm able to call him with any questions at anytime. That is extremely
reassuring. It is going to be a tough recovery but I know it will be
worth it in the end. I'm very excited but at the same time very nervous.
My biggest worry for after surgery is not being able to find a
comfortable position to sit/sleep. Also I know that you can't standup
straight up after surgery but won't crouching forward pull on the
incision on the back side... So many worries! I will make sure I update
frequently once I am post op so if someone is looking for answers, my
posts can hopefully help them.

1 Day Post-Op Lower Body Lift

Yesterday was the day! I had my lower body lift. My surgeon drew on
me, we went to the operating room and next thing I remember was waking
up in recovery.They removed 3lbs of skin. I know that isn't a large
number but my surgeon said it was quite a bit of skin. I went into
surgery weighing 117.5lbs, so 3lbs was a lot for me.Now to get into the
fun stuff... I stayed in the private clinic overnight where I was taken
care of by nurses. When the pain meds would start to wear off the pain
would become unbearable, there was a few times where I woke up crying in
horrible pain. The first time getting up was so hard, it hurt really
bad but once I was up it felt so much better. I am now back home, I was
able to eat a boiled egg for breakfast and had a protein shake for
lunch. I'm not in horrible pain right now, just extreemly uncomfortable.
I can't find a comfy position and it's so irritating. Ive been walking
around my living room every hour (My surgeon wants me doing a little
walk every hour). I can get on and off of the toilet fine, I've read
that some people have trouble with that but I luckily do not. My drains
arnt filling up too much, but my surgeon said that's normal.... everyone
is different. I will keep up with my posts now that I am post op. I
cannot wait to see what my body looks like but my appointment isn't
until Wednesday.

2 Days Post-Op from Lower Body Lift

Yesterday was day 2 of my post op lower body lift. I would like to say it was better, but it wasnt. I will start with my stats, high weight was 247, surgery weight was 117.5. I don't know what I weight right now because I'm so swollen there is no point in weighing myself, it wouldn't be an accurate number. My surgeon called yesterday to check up on me (it was unexcepted which was really nice of him to do), he said I will most likely have all four drains removed on Wednesday at my appointment and will be cleared to shower then as well (yay!!). I've been cleaning myself with wash clothes and baby wipes but a shower will feel amazing!

Let me get into the post op detains in regards to how I was feeling. Yesterday during the day I was great, went for lots of short walks about the living room. Had an avacado and egg for breakfast, snack of cheese and grapes, homemade butternut squash soup for lunch and then around dinner time is when it all started going downhill. I ate a small portion of my dinner (homemade squash, broccoli and chicken) and took my meds with it and for some reason they did not agree with my stomach. I felt so sick, I didn't vomit but for about 30 minutes I felt like I was going to and it was not pleasant. My stomach did end up settling down and I was able to get to sleep. I am sleeping in a reclining chair in the living room, it makes life so much easier. I couldn't imagine getting in and out of a bed. Yesterday my drains drained slightless than the did the first day and so far today not much drainage. I'm so swollen that I feel like I should be draining more! 

So far so good, nothing I can't handle :)

Day 3 and 4 Post-Op Lower Body Lift

Each day is getting better and better. I only take a few pain management pills a day and it's only day 4. The swelling is the worst part, I feel massive and so tight! Yesterday I had a bowel movement which was amazing, that may be too much information but if you have went through this procedure you understand and if you are going through the procedure you will understand how exciting that is.

I am really bored. I'm not used to laying around so I'm going a little crazy... I'm hoping during my appointment on Wednesday the surgeon will give me the go-ahead to increase activity. I would love to go for a little walk outside. I will post another update after my check up Wednesday!

Day 6 Post-Op Lower Body Lift

Like I said before each day gets better and better. Today I had my post-op and it went very well. All four drains were removed and it made me feel like a whole new woman. It is so nice not having the drains in. When the surgeon took them out it was not painful (I'm off all pain medications) it just felt funny. That is best way I can describe it. I'm now cleared to shower tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to that. I'm still extremely swollen so I can't say yet if I'm happy with the results. The recovery has had its ups and downs but was never unmanageable. I'm walking around more and more each day. I've been doing stairs for a few days now. Last night I slept in my bed versus the reclining chair for the first time. Today I did a little load of laundry. More and more progress each day.

6 Day Post-Op Pic

For some reason the picture attached to my day 6 post was not me... I
know I attached the right one and have never seen the picture that was
uploaded in my life! I'm now 1 week post op, I had my first shower today
since surgery and even went to get my eye brows waxed. I'm doing way
more than I thought I would be!

9 Days Post-Op Lower Body Lift

Today is day 9 post-op of my lower body lift. My sleep last night was rough, I woke up every few hours because I was uncomfortable. Surprisingly I still woke up with a lot of energy. My fiancé and I took our dog to the dog park and we did a couple of laps around it. It was refreshing. A few hours later I drove myself to the grocery store and picked up a few things on my own. I took a small break then showered. Everything seems to be healing nicely, my belly button looks weird but I think I'm just not used to having a normal belly button! The incision is very low and will be easy covered by underwear. I still have a lot of swelling but I think it is safe to say I will need an inner thigh lift.

11 Days Post-Op Lower Body Lift

Today is day 11 post-op lower body lift. I got a little worried about
the incision right above my but crack so I contacted my surgeons
office. They had me send a few pictures so I thought I would share then.
They advised me this is a very tough area for healing. I have not heard
back yet, I just sent the pictures so stay tuned!

Today is the two week mark post op lower body lift...

Today is the two week mark post op lower body lift. There isn't anything new going on, the more activity I do during the day, the more I swell. I did a lot of walking around today so I'm pretty swollen. The areas where the drains were removed are trying to heal and same with my but crack (this will be the hardest part to heal). My outter thighs are still very swollen and bruised. I have a routine post-op appointment tomorrow, I hope they say everything is going well!

Lower Body Lift, 125lb Weight Loss

Today I had a post-op appointment from my lower body lift surgery and left my surgeons office feeling so estastic with my progress. This feeling reflects my amazing surgeon. I am so thankful I chose Dr. Peter Bray as my surgeon. All of his staff members are wonderful and he is an outstanding man. He is an artist and did many things during my surgery that went above and beyond my expectations. I knew from our first meeting that I could trust him and that feeling was correct. He truely has given me my life back. I would highly recommend Dr. Bray.

3 Weeks Post-Op Lower Body Lift

Yesterday marked my 3 week post-op lower body lift procedure. I went back to work on Monday (I work in finance so a desk job), I worked my regular work week, Mon-Friday 9-5 with no problems at all. I even worked 8.5hrs over-time. My healing progress is going really well, I'm still pretty swollen but other then that I'm doing fantastic. My incision line looks amazing, I've attached a picture. I can't believe how incredible it's looks at just 3 weeks post-op. I can't wait until all the steri strips come off!

4 Weeks Post-op Lower Body Lift

Today was my 4 week post-op lower body lift mark. Nothing new to report. I'm still pretty swollen, my pants still don't fit. Its going to take few inches of swelling to subside before I will be able to button any of my pants. Thankfully I have a lot of dresses. My nevers are slowly coming back but I still have lots of numb areas. In my photos the indent between my thighs and knees is from wearing my compression garment. That is the area they stop.

6 Weeks Post-Op Lower Body Lift

I havnt posted in awhile but I'm healing very well! I'm cleared for exercise now but I'm going to hold off for a little bit longer just to give my body some extra time to heal. My incisions are looking great, my incision line is actually hidden but a very small thong. I do still have some swelling but it keeps going down. It will be a good day when it's gone for good!
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