Getting my Boobs Back - 39 Yrs Old, Mom to One....April 1st Surgery Date....less Than 24 Hrs to Go! - Toronto, ON

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I have a friend who received a BA from Dr. Kara. ...

I have a friend who received a BA from Dr. Kara. He is one of 3 doctors who does the 24 hour recovery BA. She had a great experience so - 2 years later, I am schedule for my BA tomorrow at 9:30 am. Feeling nervous but excited....probably about 50/50 now. The past month I have been more nervous than anything. It has been great to be able to read everyone's story's/experience on here so hopefully someone finds that help with me posting my two cents.

When my son was born, I pumped for months....doesn't do a whole lot for the boobs. I breastfed for over a year. Ten years later - almost to the day, I am getting my boobs back. I had gone for a consult two years ago when my girlfriend got hers but decided against it. Two years later I was back in my PS's office for another consult. First time around the PS measured me and suggested 550cc's - second time around, the suggestion was 520cc's. When I asked why, he said he does conservative measurements. The consultant suggested 550's or 610's - I have a lot of skin to fill out. With much research done, I decided on 610's. I have read where a lot of women wish they had gone bigger and the difference is 2 table spoons but the 610's are wider so they will fill me in better.

I can't tell you how any boobs I have seen trying to get an idea of what I would look like. What I did learn is that we all have different boobs and some of us have deflated boobs needing to be filled in, some just want bigger boobs - we are all different so while we can get an idea - we wont 'really' know until its done. I know I liked my boobs before but for a while now, I look down and my boobs are 'sad' I hate leaning forward and seeing droop. Taking my bra off and seeing the girls go flat. Laying down and well, seems they don't like each other as they fall to the side. I workout 5 days/week and no matter how many chest exercises I do, the boobs will not perk up to where they were.

Leaving my second appointment I knew that I was there for me. I work hard to feel good in my skin and a BA will make me happy. I don't want to be 'boob girl' so I was happy to hear I could 'hide' them if need be but I also know that not everyone can tell (unless in a bathing suit). I have always been confident (my bra's have helped me with that) - now I will just feel better naked :)

I will be taking before pictures tonight and will post them soon. Thanks again for this site - it has been helpful.

I am 5'6, 39 yrs old, 150 pounds with lots of skin to fill....but not for long. :)

Day 4 - Feeling great! Just waiting for the drop and 'fluff' :)

Update - 4 days Post Op

Still need to take day 4 pic...but looking good :)

I had my post op appointment yesterday and all went well. Joked about the squishy noises I hear when I do my jeans up or use my chest muscles. I have been working out for years now so those muscles are pretty strong. I can feel it too - sorta funny, does not hurt. All said and done, I am happy with the results even though I still have a while to go before I see the final stage. I have been doing pretty much everything I did before - I just dont lift heavy things.

I should say...

I had 610cc silicon high profile mentors :) Was measured at 520s second time around, first time two years prior it was suggested I go with 550s based on measurements. There was lots of room for 610 and I am happy I went with them for the width. As you can see from the before pics, there was room to fill. I breast fed and pumped for almost 2 years....doesnt do the boobies good.

Morning of day 5 - riding high!

I really wish there was a way to make these boobs drop. Patients, I know. Boobs are hard on top and by the end of the day I'm a bit uncomfortable. Just ordered two Coobie bra's (buy one, get one free Read that they are good recovery bra's. I was off the pain meds by day 3 - still feeling good....hard to believe but happy about that. I'm not lifting anything too heavy but aside from that, I'm doing everything I was before Tuesday. I am happy with the results but also know that they are going to go from alien boobs to nicely fallen and fluffed natural looking boobs. Not sure I would have had a BA if it was not for the 24 hour recovery procedure - I have a busy life and being down and out for even a week would have been too much. Very thankful :) Also thankful for everyone on here!! Thank you ladies for sharing :)

First bra!!

This is my first new bra since surgery - bought it this morning and I love it. The boobs still need to fall - it has been 6 days since surgery but....I am happy with the new look. Went out Saturday night for dinner and no one 'looked' - I think I just look in proportion now. Love the new bra!!
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