Round 2 of Liposuction....So Excited!!!

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So I've been contemplating on getting liposuction...

So I've been contemplating on getting liposuction on my abdomen and arms for almost a year now and finally came to the decision to go for it! I have read many reviews and find myself constantly looking at before and after pictures online. I am 24 years old, 5'1 and 125 pounds and am almost at my appropriate weight. I know I am not excessively huge for my height and weight but I never ever had a flat toned stomach. I hate having the ripple effect on my stomach and just want it to look smooth and even for once! I just hope I am satisfied with the results and hope my money spent will be well worth it. I kind of am nervous of the pain although many have said the procedure isnt too painful. I just need a little motivation and support...a voice telling me that everything will be alright!

I decided to post some pics of my abdomen right...

I decided to post some pics of my abdomen right now since thats my primary concern.

Cant believe I just added pics of my ugly fat...

Cant believe I just added pics of my ugly fat arms!! here they are ladies! I really hope they will look more smooth and toned.

Ladies just 10 more days till the big day!! I am...

ladies just 10 more days till the big day!! I am so anxious and nervous!! How painful is the actual procedure? I have watched youtube videos of the procedure and it looks scary. What about the pain afterwards? A lot of reviews I have read say it feels like a hardcore workout. I hope thats all it will be. Ahhhhhhhhhh......

Ladies can any of you answer this question for me?...

Ladies can any of you answer this question for me? As you can see I have an uneven stomach right now with a few bumps. After lipo do those lumps go down and do you still have a flat stomach while sitting? My rolls seem to pop out a lot more when I sit down and it drives me nuts! I just hope I look a lot flatter...please let me know!

Just 2 more days!!! I am more excited than ever! I...

Just 2 more days!!! I am more excited than ever! I bought bandages, gauze pads and colace medication. Cant wait till Thursday!

It's time!

I just got changed and now I'm waiting...ready to go!

Just had lipo and I'm feeling great!

Hey ladies. So I'm home from my surgery and I feel totally fine. Not sure how I will feel tomorrow but if its like this then yay!! I'll give you a summary of what occurred. So I reached the clinic at 10:45 am. I signed some paperwork and waited to get marked up and weighed. Took 5 pills to help me relax and relieve possible pain. During this time I had two nurses to give me an overview and to answer any questions I had. Soon after I was moved into the operating room where I was put on the bed and had my blood pressure checked. I had a freezing liquid put into my arm and was hooked up to the iv. I did general which was surprising since I has no idea I was going to be asleep during the procedure. My surgeon recommended its just more comfortable for me this way. Then I had the oxygen mask on me n there I asleep! I woke up in 1.5 hours and went into the recovery room. I apparently did very well!! My garment was already put on me. I felt just tired no pain really. My nurse was with me majority of the time. I had 930cc taken out of my stomach and about 350cc from each arm. I got to finally sip some water during this time as I was thirsty. But that's pretty much it! My surgery started around 1:00 pm and I was out by 2:45ish and at 4:30 pm I was ready to leave! The whole experience was amazing! Time went by so fast and I expected to be in a lot worse pain. As in writing this I don't feel much discomfort. Only when I get up I feel cramps n aches. I already see a huge difference on my abdomen. My arms seem toned already!! I can't wait to see my new body in a few days! My boyfriend has been with me since morning n he's still with me. I love him! Any way ladies ill keep you posted tomorrow in terms of how I feel! Best decision I ever made!

Morning of day 1

So I slept last night pretty well. I had to go pee like every hour which was a pain but thank goodness my garment had an opening at the bottom! I still feel exactly the same as yesterday...a little sore as if I did an an workout all day. I haven't even had to take one single pain medication after the surgery! Now that is just crazy! I'm going to see how it goes today. Ill take one if the pain gets worse. My plan today is to go outside and walk around and eat some light snacks. Other then that I feel totally fine as if nothing major even happened! Maybe it was the surgeon's technique and the lovely staff or just the amount of drugs I was on or maybe I just have a kick ass high tolerance for pain lol but whatever it is I'm so thrilled already! Can't wait to post some pics soon :)

Swollen and worried I lost my hourglass!!

I know I'm bruised and swollen but I'm concerned I may have lost my curves. My lower abdomen just looks like a large balloon. I didn't do my flanks so I didn't think it would change my curves. Am I screwed? Or should I just wait it out n see how I look after the swelling goes down. I hope I don't have to get my flanks done now! Argh..please let me know if any of you can help me with this!

Post op pics are up!

I know it's super early to put them up but I just couldn't wait! I'm pretty swollen in my lower abdomen. Hopefully in the next few weeks ill be able to get an idea of my new shape :)

Day 3

So it's day 3 of recovery. I feel pretty good. I went to work Saturday and on my way right now haha. I know I'm crazy! I work at a call centre so it's not too bad. Taking Tylenol here and there. Going in for my first visit on Tuesday. Will post more pics at my 7 day post op.

Day 5 Post Op

I went in for my follow up today and my doc took out the stitches. He was pretty impressed with the minimal swelling I had and the drastic results. He told me that things will just get better after this which made me so thrilled. I am more bruised up on the back of my arms than in my abdomen. I hope the bruising and swelling goes away fast. I have my college graduation on June 12th and I want to wear a dress! I ordered another compression garment because the one I was given has a side zipper which keeps bending and digging into my skin. He said that was fine. Anyways just wanted to let you all know I am doing great, with very minimal pain. I will post new pics at my 2 week period.

1 week post op

So here I am at 1 week. I'm beginning to see my new shape in my arms and abdomrm. I'm pretty please so far but am wondering why my arms still jiggle n look lumpy. I hope they tighten up! I already want to get more areas flanks and bra rolls. I still think I have extra meat on my sides and my back. Well I guess I'll be doing that next year since I didn't want to spend 10 grand at one time! Anyway still bruised on my arms more so abdomen. I still feel a bit dire here and there but I stopped taking all meds. I'm just going to stick it out. My 1 week pics are up!

Day 12

Ahh I'm lumpy n hard in my abdomen and I no longer have a flat stomach! I was much flatter right after my surgery and now it's lumpy! I've been wearing my garment 24/7 since my surgery! I don't know what to do. Anyone else experience hardness in their abdomen?

Day 14

It's been two weeks today and I'm not as flat and smooth as I was just after my surgery. I'm beginning to see small pockets of fat on my sbdomrn and my pooch is coming back below my belly button! This is so not cool. Also I have two huge chicken pox looking scars under my bra from the incisions. I hope they will fade. I'm scared and worried. I miss my 2 day post op body. I know it's just 2 weeks but shouldn't I be looking better not worse? I'm going in for my follow up on Tuesday and will tell my surgeon my concerns. I'm still very hard n lumpy in my abdomen. At least I'm pleased with my arms...*sigh*

Slowly looking good but still want to look even better

Hey ladies!! I just wanted to give you an update. I'm now 3 weeks post op. Feeling very minimal to no pain at all. My arms feel sore when I stretch or reach up. My stomach is a bit hard in the centre. I'm already thinking of getting my flanks and bra rolls done. I don't like the shape of the side of my stomach...the love handle area. I want it to look toned and smooth. I still feel I'm lumpy n have pockets of fat on my abdomen. I'm hoping I'm still sore n will flatten out even more. I've posted more pics!

Going in again!

So I really thought about it and decided to get my flanks and bra rolls done for sure. My flanks are uneven and are not smooth. My left flank (right side in pic) is way thicker n has more fat! I don't know why I didn't do it at the same time as my abdomen. I'm sure it will give me a better shape. So that's that..I'm doing it again!


For those of you who are at least 2 months post op..what happens to your skin when the hardness goes away? Does the skin tighten n feel hard normally or does the skin feel soft and doughy? I kind of like the hardness in my feels like I have hard abs and I'm afraid to have soft loose skin. I know I will have to eat healthy and exercise but just wanted to know what to expect in a few months. Please let me know!

Scheduled for my second surgery

I am 25 years old now and 126 lbs and I have scheduled my second liposuction surgery on January 30th. I will be getting my flanks, bra rolls and posterior axilla. I am hoping for more of a hour glass shape and to have a smaller hip size. My bra rolls are hideous and need to go!!! I am pretty satisfied with my arms and my abdomen...its been 7 months now. I will need a minor touch up on my upper abdomen but other than that im pretty satisfied. I had very minimal bruising and bleeding and was wondering if the flanks and back area cause more bruising and bleeding or less. Can anyone provide me with details of how it feels to get the flanks and back done? and how are your results so far? does fat come back on these areas? im spending another 6800 on these areas and hope it will all be worth it to achieve a beautiful hour glass silhouette!


The date is fast approaching! I can hardly wait! =)

So my surgery date is only 3 weeks away and im pretty excited. Not nervous this time around at all since I know what to expect but I am nervous about whether or not the results will meet my expectations. I am going to post some pics of me currently now and my expected results with the use of photoshop. Based on the photos, are these expectations feasible? I can look like that right? lol. I am going to show my surgeon the same pics. Only time will tell I guess.

Round 2 complete!

So I had my surgery yesterday and it went pretty well! Same as before, I went in at 10:30 am and met my nurse. She gave me a few pills to take and checked my blood pressure and temperature. I then waited for my surgeon to come in to mark me up. At this point I was pretty pleased to know that my surgeon covered larger areas than I thought he would. For my flanks, he did the front, sides and all of my lower back. He also did a great portion of my upper and middle back area which was great since I thought he would only do my lumps/rolls. My upper abdomen was done also at the same time since I needed a little touch up. Over all, the level of pain was moderate once again. Bruising is also minimal however, I am very swollen and my skin feels very doughy. I oozed a lot from my left flank and needed to use extra padding. Oozing luckily stopped later that evening. Right now I am taking tylenol and anti-biotics every few hours. Ive posted pics of my body which are 1 day post op. I will put more pics when I reach my 1 week mark. Feel free to ask me any questions!

pretty swollen, not liking my back lumps and bumps at all :(

I know its too early to judge but I am not happy with my back results. Why do I have a huge crease/indent above my tatoo? There is definitely some fat left on my lower back or it may all be just a lot of swelling. My back is far from being smooth, and the sides of my back look bumpy as well. Will my back smooth out over time? I am already concerned and hope to see way better results than this! ahhhhhhh

3 week update

Its been 3 weeks since my surgery and things are looking better and better each day. My bruises are gone, but I still have a few lumps and bumps along my flanks and lower back. No pain at all, only when I stretch my arms up. I am loving my results so far! Pics are posted as well =)

6 week update

Hello everyone! I am at my 6 week post op and I am feel great. I am pretty satisfied with my new shape over all. I still have a few lumps around my flanks but what concerns me more is my mid back. It looks like fat deposits are coming back around the sides of my upper back underneath my bra. I actually looked better at my 3 week update :( I am still wearing my compression garment everyday and a bra over top. Hopefully my back looks better!
Dr. Kriedstein

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