Liplift at 44?

As far as I can tell, there is only one doctor...

As far as I can tell, there is only one doctor here in Calgary who will perform a liplift. I did go for a consultation with that doctor, and was unfortunately horrified by the whole experience. I wish I could travel to Boston to see Jeffrey H Siegel. I'm so so impressed with realself user lolabrown's liplift. It looks amazing. However, the quote I received is just too much for me right now, and ai really really want to have this procedure done, since I've always been unhappy with the large space between my nose and my upper lip.
I had a phone consultation with Dr. Tong in Toronto, and I had showed him lolabrown's before and after pictures. It was a very reassuring and positive experience. I just may go with this doctor depending on if he has an opening when I have time off work. This will sound stupid, but I'm waiting for mercury to not be in retrograde anymore to book, since it's not a good idea to make a big decision like this when a retrograde is active. So...after September 22 I will make a decision about it.

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Liplift at 44

I just booked my procedure with Dr. Tong.

I'll be travelling from Calgary since there are no good lip lift surgeons here. I've only found one doctor that actually performs this procedure here, and I decided against booking with her after having a consultation. 

So... once again I'll travel to have cosmetic surgery. :o) 

I'm very excited about this, as I think a lip lift would greatly improve my overall facial features. I've been using fillers forever to create a pout, but as I've gotten older they don't seem to do the trick anymore. 

I've shown Dr. Tong the pictures from lolabrown's lip lift review, and he will do the same incision pattern that curves into the nostrils and a bit around the nostrils. 

 I can't wait!

More before pics.

Now that I made up my mind, the surgery date can't come soon enough

First meeting with Dr. Tong

I flew to Toronto this morning, and met with Dr. Tong this afternoon. It was a very pleasant meeting, and I feel confident that I will have beautiful results. When he measured my philtrum it was 19mm, but he didn't use a ruler like I did, lol. He told me we'll be removing between 8 and 10 mm. I'm excited. I'm to go to his office tomorrow at 1.15pm for the procedure. Yay!

Right after

I look awful, I'm not gonna lie. Right now I most definately have the rabbit look I wanted to avoid. I can only hope and pray things settle quickly, and that I haven't lost my cupids bow forever. Feeling fairly worried atm, and I'm getting a looooot of weird looks


Right after the procedure. I'm scared.

Swollen face and bruising

I can get a feeling of what the final results will be like and I love love love it! However, right now my face is a swollen mess even with sleeping with my head elevated. I'm out and about and even travelling, and I get some weird looks, but I can't care, because in a couple of weeks I'll be so pretty!

Comparison 2 days post

Just putting my pics side by side for easier comparison


I'm in Phoenix today, but I'm wearing both sun screen and a big hat out in the sun. I can take the stitches out tomorrow. It looks a bit less swollen today. :o)


Swelling is down considerably, but my nose feels huge still, and the bruising and swelling under my eyes is still there, but getting a lot better. I feel great!

Before and after

Side by side comparison day 6
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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