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I'm going to have vaginal tightening done at the...

I'm going to have vaginal tightening done at the Toronto Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Center, the nurse was great. She answered all my questions and mentioned thing I had never thought of. I'm wondering if anyone has had surgery done there and what they thought of the Dr's. I tried posting this on the forum but for some reason it won't post.

?I had my surg done on the 8th of Feb

I had my surg done on the 8th of Feb. All I had done was the tightening. After the surg I could feel pressure on my tailbone and still can. But it's not my tailbone because if I push on it there is no pain or discomfort so it's coming from inside. Other then that, I feel fine. I'm up and walking around. Bending over and sitting down is an issue so I sit leaning to one side. I'm doing everything they told me to. As for what I think of the Dr and his staff? I think he was very professional and polite. He answered my questions and was polite. I would recommend him to anyone. The staff was great, the place was neat and clean. This is only day 4, I was told that people go back to work after 2 days but I really can't see that. Maybe I'm just a suck that way. Right now, I am happy with how things are going. I did fly home the same day, I don't think I would recommend but for me it was the best decision. I could not see flying home the next day. It would have been too painful and uncomfortable. I like to be home in my own bed. I will post again in a week.

2 weeks post

So it's been 2 weeks now and i'm feeling better, I can sit down and still feel that I had surg but nothing like it was. I was wearing pads because I would change them every 3hours, I was afraid of infection. Now I'm not and the incision is a bit tender from not being padded against the seam of my jeans. The incision site is raised about 2 mm the whole length which I don't like. From what I've read though it should start to flatten out in a month or 2. It does not look very nice. Once it flattens it will be fine but I don't like the ridged look at all and hope it goes away soon. I don't know if that's how he stitches or if that is just how it is supposed to look for now. I'll have to ask the Dr. Other then the ridge I feel great, I can't wait till the 3rd week when I can go back to working out. Sitting around is driving me nuts.

3 Weeks

So, I had a yeast infection, I think I hit a stitch with the applicator and have light bleeding the last few days, if I lay down or recline there are no problems. I went to emerg and I have to see a specialist. Here I thought I'd get away with no issues.....
I'm bored out of my mind from 'taking it easy' and now the thought of working out has been put off I'm guessing another 2 weeks at least. I don't get how kids can sit and play video games or surf the net all day, this is not fun. Other then that there is nothing really to say, no infection, irritation or anything. I don't know how anyone could think of sex at this point. I've seen a couple of posts where they have sex at 4 weeks or more. Even if you take out the fact that I might have torn a stitch, the rest of the stitches are itchy and tight at times. To me, this is still worth it. :)

4 Weeks

So, I'm taking it easy. There is no bleeding anymore, which I told was normal by both Toronto and the Drs here. It was not a lot, it was like a wound that is 'weeping'. Anyway, it stopped a week after. The stitches are starting to come out so some are holding and pinching. I'm still not working out since I don't want to hurt anything. I think I might be over cautious, but like I said I am not pain free yet. It's not at the point I'll take advil or anything to it's like a 1-2 on a scale of 1-10. I'm still very happy I've had it done, I have wanted this for so long.

5 Weeks tomorrow...

Well, I had to see the specialist to make sure everything looked good, and he says from what he can see it is. But he'd like to wait 2 weeks till it's healed a bit more and he can have a better look at things. I have the pain that feels like it's at the top. If you drew a line to the top of the cervics and another line from your tail bone. you would meet where the pain is. I am kind of worried about this feeling. It started when I woke up from surg but they said it went well. It's not sharp pain at all. It's a dull pulsing pain that comes and goes. Still at the point that they say you can have sex at 6 weeks. I'm thinking nooooooot going to happen ANY time soon. Who would link of it right now. I still have visible stitches that hurt when I do housework. I can't wait for 2 or 3 more weeks to be over and I feel normal again. The seam in the jeans is annoying and I did not even have the lips trimmed. I'll find out on Monday and then post that. I hope this helping anyone trying to make the decision. Right now, I'd still go through it again.


Here is just something that irritated me. I was told by the clinic that people return to work 2 days after the surg.... As I wrote before, I would not recommend anything under 2 weeks.
I did do my research but sorry to say, I did not know what a posterior vaginal wall and perineal body repair was. Read up on the healing, I really do recommend that. For this which is what I had.. said plan to take 2 - 6 WEEKS off. This I believe. If I was working I would not have been able to sit right even at 3 weeks. Also you can not lift more then 25 lbs after 8 weeks up until 3 months. Driving hurt and it says not to drive until after 3 weeks. I thought I was being a suck. Also, you do bleed for at least a week, but that it is normal to restart after 2 weeks for about a week. This also happened. I just wish I was given all of this information, I still would have done it. But I don't like it when people sugar coat things. I really thought I'd be back to working out after 6 weeks. I'm at 5 weeks now and I the stitches are still there and pulling (which is normal). That is my only complaint is that I was not given all the facts and I could not find a whole lot on the healing process. I have an appointment with the specialist, who says everything is going well. I still have a funny feeling/throbbing/pain sometimes. The dr says he'll be able to do more of an exam now that I'm at the 5 weeks. So I'll update what he says. Like I said my main complaint is just that they tell me about the after care and had to find out on my own, which seems quite normal so far. It was a lot less painful then I thought it would be. I just like the facts with no sugar. :)

5 Months Post

I'm glad I had the surg and I would do it again for sure. Someone asked if I felt the things were getting loose again, since some had reported that. No it has not. I wonder if they mixed it up with the laser version. Sex is great for both of us. The husband is asking for it quite a bit and before we had it a few times a year, so that is a huge plus. The scar is painful at times which my dr said some people have that and in some, it can last up to a year. It had nothing to do with the surg, it's just the way it went for me. The pain is decreasing somewhat, so I think that may be true. My scar is about 2 1/4 inches long, you can't get away without a scar but the great sex more then makes up for it. So to those that are against this surg and say just do the kegal exercises. There is no way they would tighten it up that much....

2 years

Some people have asked how it is and if I would do it again.
I would do it in a heartbeat. Things are still snug as a bug. :)

I found the clinic to be very professional and polite. Dr G and his staff were great. I loved my nurse and the anesthesiologist was so nice and put me at ease when he saw how nervous I would be regarding the needle. I can't really rate the follow up yet since it's only been 4 days, but they did call the next day and were great. The office was clean and neat so that is a plus. I felt at ease with everyone there so I'm happy. :)

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