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I literally just got home from my labiaplasty...

I literally just got home from my labiaplasty procedure from St. Joseph hospital. I went for a consultation at Dr. Wanzel' office in May after reading up on him on this site. I have to admit that my labia wasn't extremely overwhelmingly large but I am a tiny girl who had labia that would protrude out hanging past my lips like tongues and that looked like tiny balls. I have had several sexual partners ask me why it's like that and ever since my sexual experience (who also questioned it) I have been ridiculously self-conscience of it. I dreaded doing sexual acts with guys and would try to come up with something to say to prepare for their comments or questions about it. I even started doing laser hair removal down there and even the lady asked me if I had hormone problems. It's all I ever started to think about and I hated it. I lost confidence. I ended up telling my mom that i wanted to do the procedure and she was not happy. She tried very hard to talk me out of it but I had my heart and mind set on it so nothing she said could stop me. She just didn't understand. Eventually she lightened up and knew she couldn't stop me. I dreamed about such a procedure and didn't think it existed until I did some serious research. And I read up on Dr. Wanzel. The consultation was $100. My procedure costed just under $3000 because not a lot of work needed to be done. I drove myself to the hospital and registered before they sent me to the minor surgery area to wait my turn. Then they asked me to change and I was then brought into the tiny room with Dr. Wanzel and a nurse. They put a sheet over your legs so you don't see anything. He then began to mark up where he was going to be making the cuts. And then came the most painful part of all. The needle for freezing. I read that this was the most painful part and they were not lying. I bit onto my sweater and just tried to take it. They then leave you for 5 mins to make sure the freezing works before they start. After 5 mins they come over and wipe some cold solution which they say was to clean me up from the freezing. Then they began working away and you truly don't feel anything. I got the laser procedure done so I could feel some heat every now and then but you don't feel it. And it makes a weird popping noise but that's about it. After that they start with the stitching. This part feels weird because although you can't feel it, you can feel the tugging and pulling of the string. (I know I'm contradicting what I'm saying, "you can't feel it, but you can feel the tugging" but it's true and you'll understand if you get it done). Once he was done, he put some polysporn on it, gave me a pad and a prescription for pain killers and antibiotics incase of an infection (which he said almost always never happens). I then walked out and proceeded to the pharmacy to pick up my meds and I drove myself home. I took a peek down there and I'm already ecstatic of the results. However, he did warn me that it's not going to be pretty the next few days (bruising and swelling) and not to be scared because it will take time. The stitching will dissolve on their own apparently after about 2 weeks. I have to go back to his office in two weeks for a follow up. With all of this being said, it honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was so nervous and I was shaking (I'm still a bit shaken up). I felt no pain other than the freezing needle but I might take a pain killer soon once the freezing ends. I hope this review helps a lot of you as some of these reviews have helped me. Unfortunately, not a lot of people understand why us girls would ever think to go through such a thing but it's hard to explain and even when explained, it doesn't do the mental and physical emotions that we go through any justice. I will do a follow up here later on in the week and feel free to ask any questions.
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