So Far, So good - Labiaplasty by Dr. Wanzel - Toronto, ON

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Probably since around the time I became sexually...

Probably since around the time I became sexually active 16 years ago I've been self conscious of my hanging labia. My decision to do this was purely personal and not at all to do with the opposite sex (infact, the person I was previously involved with loved them). I've spent the last 10 years really wanting to get this done, and when I became debt free at the beginning of the summer I decided it was time.

I researched online for doctors in the Toronto area. While there were a lot with high ratings, Dr. Wanzel was the most consistently highly rated doctor. I'm not sure I saw one bad review actually. I'm very happy I went with him. His receptionist Helen is also quite lovely.

I had my consultation at the end of July. Dr. Wanzel explained exactly what he could and could not do (I have an extra fold not all women have, and frankly didn't even notice it).

I had a little difficulty scheduling my appt as I was limited to specific Fridays. My original booking was for Oct 25, but was moved back to Nov 8, yesterday. The procedure was performed at St. Joseph's hospital in Toronto which is what keeps his fees low - the patient pays a fee of $110 to the hospital to use their facility instead of him running his own and having to charge more. Something like that anyway. It's also a teaching hospital and a male med student was with Dr. Wanzel. I was asked if I was ok with him being there and I said of course (how will they learn if they can't first observe?).

After arriving I changed into a hospital gown and was brought into the procedure room. I was laid down on a table and placed my feet into stirrups. Dr. Wanzel made some markings to where he was going to cut and then a local was used. If you've had cavities filled it was similar to that. It sucked, but was bearable. It did hurt more when he put the needle in closer to my clitoris though.

After a few minutes I was numb and we started. Though I felt nothing, as soon as the first cut was made I experienced a huge adrenaline rush, which didn't dissipate until he started on the second labia. I'm not sure exactly what was going on as there was a blanket over my knees, but there seemed to be three steps: an initial cut, some tool that made a popping sound to remove the excess skin, and then the stitches. He performed a trim over the length of both labias instead of the wedge method as he felt it gives a more uniform look.

After it was over I was cleaned up, provided a pad, and was allowed to leave right after.

I was prescribed T3s for the pain and apo-cephalex, an anti-biotic. It was an hour drive home and the local started to wear off shortly before getting home. I was in a fair amount of pain last night, mostly just stinging. I took about 5 T3's in total (doses separated by 4 hours,of course) and haven't had to take a single one today. I'm to take the antibiotic 4 times a day for 5 days. It is the stinkiest pill I've ever smelt. I'm also to put on polysporin a few times a day.

I took a quick peek today and very happy with what I see. The right side of my clit hood is swollen and both lips appear to be a little as well, but nothing scary. I was told it'll take 2-3 weeks for the stitches to dissolve. I will add after pics once I have my follow up in a couple weeks. I have no fears I will be less than pleased with the outcome!

Pain free!

Only two days post-surgery and I am 100% pain free. The stitches are causing me a bit of discomfort around my clit, but that's really only when (very gently) wiping after going pee. I'm still spotting a bit, but I think I'm ready to go from pads to panty liners. I'm still a bit swollen and I espied some bruising, but that's all to be expected.

I think in a year or so I might look into having my labia majora done. They seem a bit odd and stretched now without my inner labia poking out.

9 days post op update

So I jumped the gun a bit when I said I was ready to change to panty liners. I have now, but until a few days ago pads provided a lot of cushioning and comfort. The stitches were pretty itchy and irritating but they don't bother me at all now.

After reading stories on here I'm thinking how quickly my body is healing is not the norm. No complaints tho!

As gross as this may be, I'm having a but if an issue with cleanliness and smegma buildup. I shower daily and use soap, but can't give it a good scrubbing like I used to. I was just using my hands to clean myself, but now I'm carefully moving my outer lips around and using my louffa, taking care not to scrub my inner lips. I've also been using qtips to remove build up in hard to reach spaces and around my clit.

And one final thought for now: I am no longer displeased with the appearance of my outer lips. I think because of the swelling they weren't able to "snap back" into place.

Eek...dryness galore!

I was going to take photos today, but after taking a quick look I noticed my outer lips were peeling! Did a little googling and it seems extended pad/panty liner use can cause this. I haven't used either for more than a couple days at a time since I was a teenager. So I had to give myself a good scrubbing to remove it all and now I'm a little red and raw. Once my skin is feeling better I'll post pics, I promise :).

So, needless to say, I stopped wearing panty liners today. I haven't spotted in a couple days anyway and was wearing them outta habit and for comfort. It feels a little weird, but I'm keeping with tights and sweats until at least 6 weeks post.

Finally took a look...

And I'm in love with the outcome! My skin around it is still red, raw, and peeling, so hopefully just a few more days and I can post some after photos for you!

Had my follow-up with Dr. Wanzel today

He said I'm healing great and I look like someone 6 weeks post-op, not 3 weeks, so that's pretty freaking awesome. He still wants me to take it easy and hold off on sex another 3 weeks (nooooooo!).

My irritated and peeling skin hasn't really changed much since my last update, so I think, and Dr. Wanzel agreed with me, that I have a fungal infection. He believes it will just go away on its own, but prescribed me an anti-fungal to speed it up. It actually isn't bothering me at all, but the quicker it clears the quicker I can upload my after photos!

After pics, as promised :) - 5 weeks post op

Here you go! I am completely thrilled with the results! Note I do not have perfect symmetry on both sides; that will be highly dependent on your own anatomy. The main part of my labia minora connect at different spots to the folds that go on either side of my clitoris (again, apparently not something every woman has) and also my clit hood on the one side is bigger, probably due to that fold. Dr. Wanzel explained in my consult he wouldn't touch that fold as it is too close to the clit and there are too many nerves nearby.

I went against doctors orders and had sex 3 weeks post op, just 2 days after my follow up, woops (lol)! The sex was great, but it was perhaps too soon for oral. Also (tmi warning) I've done a little self loving and I've found no nerve damage (seems to be a concern for some), and my orgasms seem to be even more intense (tho that could all be psychological). All in all, I couldn't be happier!
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Wanzel was amazing. He's very kind, honest, and makes sure all of your questions are answered before you leave. I highly recommend him and would go back to him in a heartbeat if I decide to do anything else.

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