20 Years Old, Finally Did It, Scared I Made a Mistake? - Toronto, ON

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Like everyone on here, I've wanted this procedure...

Like everyone on here, I've wanted this procedure done since I was very young. Most of what I read on the internet talks about how awful it is that women who get labiaplasty are either doing it for other people or because of the influence of the porn industry. However, I knew I wanted this surgery since before I was exposed to any of that. I'm sure all of the women on here will agree, we have our reasons and they're good.
I saved my money all summer, and as soon as I was back in the city for school I booked an appointment with the first surgeon that came up on google in my area. (Probably my first mistake). She did have lots of experience and her work was impressive. The surgery itself went really well, however I'm three days post-op and I just don't look like any of the other pictures I'm seeing on any recovery website at three days.
At the bottom of my incision line, there are two "balloons" that my surgeon said are a result of hematoma draining blood into them. Thus, they keep getting bigger and more painful. I'm scared they won't go away or will leave an awful scar.
On a positive note, besides the very first night when the IV wore off, I've felt literally no pain. I hope thats a good thing...
My doctor says with the hematoma I'll only need an extra week recovery. Just praying I haven't made a big mistake!

Day 4 - Bad Day, Another Trip to the OR

As my previous picture shows, I had some pretty bad hematoma's that were causing the area to be very swollen, and two "balloons" to form at the bottom of my incision. My surgeon told me to come in today to get them drained, so I did. I showed up to the clinic, my surgeon asked to take a look and was overwhemled by just how swollen my labia were, she said she'd never seen anything like it. They attempted to drain the hematoma but found there was actually no blood inside the incision, and that I was actually just swollen to an extreme extent. I was incredibly scared at this point, as no one could really tell me if this was going to heal okay. Luckily, over the past 6 hours, my swelling has gone down significantly. My surgeon attributed my rare amount of swelling to my lack of "pressure" during my first few days post-op, and the fact that I had an above average amount of tissue removed. Thus I decided to post a before photo to show you just how large my labia actually were!

Feeling much better about the surgery, even though my recovery will probably take an extra month...

Before Photo

Day 6 - Happy!

After visiting my surgeon to get the hematoma drained, the swelling has started to go down significantly every day! Such an exciting process, I am already loving what I see and can't wait for the next few weeks to bring an even better final result. The stitches have started to sting and burn a little, but nothing too hard to handle. I'm also able to get up and walk around much easier now. Hoping that the skin on the bottom of my labia will go back to normal size but the "balloons" went away overnight! Very relieved!

Day 12 - So Happy!

As you can see in the photo, the swelling has subsided immensely! Every day my labia are retuning to a normal size and I'm seeing results I am truly happy with! I've noticed that I split a stitch on either side however, my surgeon said its nothing to worry about and will heal on its own! Has anyone also had this experience? How can I ensure there won't be a scar left?

My surgeon also says I'm still very swollen - can't wait for these next few weeks to fly by. Starting feel like it really was worth it!
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