Isolaz Made my Acne Worse. Toronto, ON

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I am a 19 year old girl and I have suffered with...

I am a 19 year old girl and I have suffered with acne for 2 years. I have never had any cystic acne and thankfully don't have any scars. I would consider myself to have mild-moderate acne but it was only on my cheeks. Like i said it wasn't cystic and no scarring or anything but it was chronic! There wasn't a day that went by when i had no pimples. I have tried 2.5%, 5% and 10% benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, sulfur.. I was on minocycline before and i also recieved a perscription cream with that but i forget what it was called. I also purchased a clairisonic and found that the deep pore brush head was way to harsh for daily use so i bought the cashemere head which was much gentler but still none of these were effective in treating my acne. Because my acne would just not go away and it had been 2 years i asked my doctor if i could go on accutane but he told me my acne was not severe enough and in my case the benefits did not outweigh the risks. I decided to try isolaz. This fancy place in downtown toronto was having a deal on 40% off packages that month so I originally wanted to just buy a package of 3 sessions for $445. When i went in i was told that for isolaz to be effective you typically need 6 sessions. I told her I wanted to just do 3 and if i was happy with the results I would do more but because of the deal they had that month it would have been cheaper for me to buy all 6 so i bought 6 sessions and after taxes it was about $925. THAN the girl I had my consultation with told me that she also had acne like mine and she had isolaz done but the thing that really made her treatments effective were chemical peels after each session. So i bought a package of 6 chemical peels for $450. I asked her about side effects and she said there were none. She said there was no downtime with isolaz and many clients come and get it done on their lunch break. She never mentioned anything about "purging" and said that she could not guarantee that this would give me flawless skin but that she could guarantee i would notice an improvement. Before my first session i had to sign these papers saying i understood their refund policy which was that they did not give any refunds. You could switch to another treatment but you cannot get your money back. I did not find isolaz to be painful at all. It feels like a warm pinch and for me it was not painful. After my first session and chemical peel my skin looked the exact same. 1 week later my skin broke out horribly everywhere (i decided to have 1 session of isolaz and a 30% salicylic peel evey 2 weeks) When my next session came around I explained that I broke out horribly and that my acne had literally tripled from when I had first come in. She said that was very normal and that this was my skin "purging" and bringing everything to the surface. After my second session when she put the peel on my face burnt so badly I was almost in tears. The girl had to fan me for about 10 minutes to reduce the burning feeling. My skin had what looked like white powder all over it and she said this was called "frosting" and a very good reaction. I asked why this didnt happen my first time and she said because i must have had so much dead skin the first time that the peel didn't get to penetrate deeper. My face was VERY red that day and the next day. On day 3 it turned an orange-brownish colour and was very wrinkled it than started to peel. It peeled for 2 weeks. When I went in for my 3rd session i was very scared to do the peel again and I expressed this to one of the workers. She told me that I had a very good reaction and I told her that my acne seems to be getting worse and has now spread to my entire face feeling very hopeless and desperate she convinced me to buy 3 sessions of BLU U (not with levulan) to have done the weeks between my isolaz and peel for $225. I than had my 3rd isolaz session and peel done. The peel did not burn as badly as last time and my face was not as red. My acne has now gone from mild to severe. I still have 3 isolaz sessions, 3 peels, and 3 BlU U treatments but I am really not happy with the results. I am half way through my isolaz and I have not seen ANY improvements. My skin has actually gotten 10 times worse! I have my first BLU U treatment tomorrow and than my 4th isolaz and peel next week. I will update this but with the severity that my acne has now reached I really dont believe the rest of these treatments are going to clear my skin. I am SO upset. I am a 19 year old university student and have been working part time since i was 15. i used my ENTIRE savings account on these treatments only to make my acne even worse than it was before. I have never written a review before but because this was so expensive and the results were horrible I felt I had to. I really hope i can help someone who is deciding to do isolaz please do not waste your money like I did, i know having acne is extremely hard but this is not the solution. I wish i could have the skin i had before i started this and my money back! I am probably going to go on accutane once this is over.


The first 2 pictures are BEFORE I started isolaz and the other 2 are after three isolaz sessions, three 30% salicylic peels and 1 blu treatment. As you can see there have been no improvements its actually gotten significantly worse. I am only posting these pictures in hopes that my mistakes will help someone else. My face is now peeling again from the last peel i had which was on friday (its now monday). I had my first blu u treatment today. I sat there with goggles on and did not feel a single thing. The girl said you aren't suppose to feel anything so i guess that was normal. My skin looked the exact same. I dont doubt that isolaz worked for some people but if any doctor on here or anyone could explain why i had this reaction that would be greatly appreciated. Isolaz works by using a vacuum and a "broadband light" to kill bacteria. i am not a doctor but this is my theory from my experience. The broadband light is not powerful enough to kill the bacteria, I had a pimple underneath my eyebrow and on my hairline and the nurse used isolaz on these areas and absolutely NOTHING happened to those hairs. Also, if you have a whitehead when isolaz is used on it, it essentially pops and bleeds would that not spread the bacteria? Especially if they are using that device that just popped it all over the rest of your face... Also when it is done those pimples that "popped" during isolaz look exactly as if you popped them yourself (scabby and such) I NEVER pop my pimples not even in the past in fear that it could scar and I am very scared that the pimples isolaz popped have a possibility of scarring and thus, i feel that this procedure can actually create scarring. Isolaz has an 80-85% percent success rate and i believe that's because it is fairly new and not that many people have used it. Like i said, i am NOT a doctor these are just my opinions and i would love if anyone could share there thoughts/feedback in the comments. If I had seen some kind of improvement I would continue these treatments but because it has had the opposite affect and I do not want to risk it getting even worse I have decided to stop my treatments. I will probably use whatever money i have left towards laser hair removal treatment so my money isn't completely wasted. I am going to the doctors tomorrow and demanding accutane like I should have done before. If anyone has been on accutane please tell me about your experience in the comments! Thank you for reading my lengthy post and i really hope I have helped at least one person.
Bell Air Laser

The people here were never rude to me. They always answer the phone quickly and if you have a question they don't hesitate to answer it. I am very upset with the results but I will try to not let that make my review on Bell Air biased. But here are some things i feel they could improve on. I had ALOT of questions and constantly had to call in and ask when i feel i should have been told these before the procedures. I think they should have told me about "purging" before my sessions instead of after. There was no follow-up/aftercare. I had to request a follow up when i was unhappy with the results i was seeing and i ended up just buying another useless package. I feel like they should schedule follow ups or at least call and follow up and genuinely talk about your results instead of trying to sell you more stuff. From my experience I really feel like their main priority is to try and sell as much as they can.

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