Attachments and First Trays - Toronto, ON

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The first few days were very difficult. It was...

The first few days were very difficult. It was not gettng adjusted to the trays, it was also not being able to chew gum, snack, or have a glass of ice tea on a hot day...My teeth were tender, I felt deprived and grumpy, didn't like rushing my meals to get the trays back in on time. I also had a lot of trouble getting the trays out at first. Now in my second week, the trays seem to be a bit looser (or maybe I am getting better at removing them--I am using a plastic collar stay that belongs to my husband's dress shirt to pry the back edge).


I am getting into a routine with meal timing and cleaning the trays and my teeth. Everything seems easier, and I am no longer struggling as much to pry the trays off. The only problem I have is that biting into hard food, like an apple, or steak, makes my teeth hurt. Maybe because they are moving a bit and aren't as stable. So I am chopping up my food into smaller pieces, and choosing not to eat certain things. Will everything firm up again after my treatment ends? My dentist didn't mention this problem. I don't see him again until I get my 4th trays. At that time, I think he is also doing a trim job on the sides of some of my teeth, as there should be enough space created by then.

Third trays

I'm a few days into my third set. These trays seem to hurt more when I put them in -- I hope this means they are doing good work at pushing my teeth where they are supposed to go.
I am having problems with the back edge of one tray -- it seems to want to fold over, and the edge is rough. Someone in the forum mentioned ortho wax, but I can't find a store that sells it.
My teeth feel a bit "loose" and it isn't very comfortable to eat hard things like nuts or apples or steak that require heavy chewing.
At my next visit to the dentist, he will be trimming some of my teeth to make room for them to fit closer and alleviate the crowding. I am worried about this. Removing enamel doesn't sound like a good thing to do to teeth, but he says it is necessary.

Eight trays

I am nearing the end of my treatment, and I can really see the difference. My bite has completely changed, the teeth that were tipped or twisted are almost into their proper place, and the gap in my bite on the right side is gone. My dentist has run the computer video on my last couple visits, to show the progress from the beginning. It's hard to remember how bad things looked when I began!

I did have one of my attachments chip about a month ago. I hadn't noticed, but my dentist noticed it at one of my checkups, and he removed it and put on a new one. It's the biggest one on the tooth that has to move the most, so it was important, he said, that it had a good grip on the tray!

I went for my regular cleaning a week ago, and the hygienist commented on how clean my teeth were -- all this brushing has really kept the plaque and stains away. I think I will keep up the extra brushing sessions even after I am through with the daytime trays.

I am really happy with how things are turning out. It's really worth all the bother!
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I want to get further into this before I make any judgements!

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