35 years young ,Soon to Be Old Boobies..435 CC silicone cohesive Inspira Full projection - Toronto, ON

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Like many of us here , I finally made up my mind...

Like many of us here , I finally made up my mind and decided to make my dream come true.
First let me tell you about my stats..
35 years young
Single , divorced 1 year ago...need some confidence to go back in the dating pool
Breastfed my baby girl for 9 months. She is now 6
Height: 5.7
Weight : 135lbs
Training 3 to 5 times a week, high intensity cardio ( Lesmills Body step) and Body Pump are my 2 favorite, body shred sometimes as well
Profession: Software sales account exec.
Current cup size: 32b I think...I always wear padded bra and never bothered to find out my true size..
Desired cup size: preferably full C or D
375CC HP ,Under the muscle, under the breast. not finalized yet
The PROCESS of selecting a PS
I always knew that one day I will get my boobs done but i needed to carefully manage the timing and my finances, I am single mom after all . I have been spending a LOT of time on this website reading about everyone stories and slowly building up some courage to finally do it ...I am so grateful this website even exist because I am simply terrified by the idea of going under knife, I have never been operated before but I gave birth naturally and went through the pain ..so I think I can do it , I am trying hard to convince myself.
So the process...I thoroughly researched PS in TORONTO , visited their website and their before & after photos , cross referenced with this website, reviews etc...and came up with a short list of 3 PS that were in my top3. I scheduled my first consult with Dr Edelstein, I was very impressed with him, he took his time with me and answered all my questions. Measurements were done and suggested sizes also ( 370CC, 375CC and 425CC and 2 more that i don't remember ) . I then went to my other 2 consults and received a 290CC and 330CC recommendations talk about confusion ladies...this was not fun at all. They had different ways of rationalising their size recommendation and my measurements , of course I want a natural result but I don't want to pay all this money and end up with tennis ball or a tomato size implant in my boobs so by that time my instinct is telling to go with my first choice, Dr Edelstein . I was confused that I may not have done such a good job at selecting my top3, because if I had done a good job , they would have had similar or at least close to one another recommendations but nope ..that was not the case. Unfortunately there are not many ladies from Toronto posting their complete reviews on realself but I found an amazing review with great before & after photos from a patient who had her BA with Dr Lista . I initially did not have him on my list simply because I knew he is extremely busy and I don't like delays however I was very surprised that i was able to have appointment the next day at 8am. So i showed up on time but had to wait which i don't like ..When he came in the room , he was extremely knowledgeable, very personable and really took his time with me . First, he took the time to find out about me then he did the measurement and then sizes....He came up with same recommendations as Dr Edelstein. I was giggling, regaining some confidence about my choices. I explained to him that i was confused about the sizing and why etc...He looked at me and took his measurement tool and measured me again and asked me to look ..then he explained how to achieve a natural and yet beautiful result one more time . He was suggesting that i go under the armpit because he is looking for that perfect breast with no scar but if i wanted under the breast , he had no issues!
I went home and had a chat with myself ,i listen to that little voice inside of me and the next day i made my deposit with Dr Edelstein. Both staffs were equally amazing , Heather at Dr Eldestein is very knowledgeable and has been very patient with me . Rosie at Dr Lista was so great when doing sizing with me and went to get Dr Lista to have his opinion on my choice . I am grateful that i had the chance to do this and feel comfortable with my decision because i don't want any regret!
Questions for you Ladies:
1- Did you experience a little sense of guilt spending all this money on yourself to make such a dramatic change in your body
I did because of my own personal circumstances... I was laid off in September with a good severance package that is allowing me to do this , but still . I am actively looking for work and feel confident that i will land something within the next 2 weeks or so...I want to have my new boobs before the holidays and before starting my new gig...Maybe i will feel less guilty when i secure my job
2- i am surrounded by men 95% of the time in my line of work , i have to be polished and look very professional at all time . I know that i can dress up my boobs and dress them down ... i think that 375cc is not going to be big at all ...what do u think.
Please check my photos below
3- I would love to find out about how it feels when you see your boobs for the first time right after surgery in the recovery room, how does it feel, overwhelming happy or ...
4- I am looking for a surgery date buddy to boost each other morale ...anyone having BA on November 21st
Thank you ladies

some inspiration....

I absolutely intend to go topless in summer 2015 during my vacation in the French Riviera...Dr Edelestein please don't let me down...

Anxious about blood work results..Anemia

I was reading a review last week about a BA postponed due the Anemia...It's a condition that runs in my family : my sister is severely anemic and cannot even get her tooth removed , she needed a blood transfusion .I have been anemic few times in the past but I don't know what my condition is now...and it didn't click to me until last week when I read the review. I called Dr Edelstein office today and they emailed me my blood test requisition , I'm going in first thing tomorrow am to get it done . Results in 24hours , Crossing my fingers
Hopefully everything is okay because I have my preop appt on Thursday to decide sizing...

SIZE Pre-op appointment ... Surgery date reschedule

So I went to my pre op apt on Thursday and my patient care had me try on 375cc, 400CC AND 435CC HP Inspira and I have to say that I was in love with the 435cc HP....It looked super awesome on me ..I have a nice, round black butt and the 435CC inspira full projection ( HP) will just complement me so well, I'm just afraid to look like a doll or Barbie. Don't get me wrong , it's absolutely gorgeous but Psychologically , I still think that it's too much..375CC Mod + is still my safe bet..
Anyone with 435cc HP , please come forward ? please... I would love to look at your results. I am afraid of going too big and end up with something that I will regret
Also , I had to reschedule my surgery date for January 16th 2015, due to conflicts with my travelling schedule ( I am business traveller & only do carry on- ) . Not too happy about this but I would rather be safe than sorry. That is it for now ... Happy healing and smooth recovery to all ladies having their BA on Nov 21st!

photos from my pre op appt

another one..

HURRY UP 1/16/15!!!

It's taking too long...

Letter to my beautiful 34b breast.

To my beautiful 34B breast size.
As I prepare to start this new journey with my body and self image , I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you girls. Being flat chested has kept me grounded during my teenage years and I focused on my intellect since I thought boys wouldn't pay attention to me . I was very self critical , shy and timid. My mom didn't help by introducing push bra very early on as a remedy to my deficiency . I still remember my "first time" when he said to me : You have nothing at all here... but you have a nice butt. I never forgot it but it was still not a good enough reason to think about breast augmentation. I was 17.
As I became a young adult, I was very athletic and I began to really love me: It was from that place of self love that I began investigating the possibilities of BA. Then I had my daughter and you grew so big and I was so happy...Today, I feel complete as a person: I am a great mom, my professional career has really blossomed and I am proud of who I become. At 35 years old, my feminine energy is really a key part of my professional success and I am ready to say yes to a voluptuous/ balanced 435gr set of new girls. I love your shape, nipples and the monthly swelling just before my period. I will forever be grateful for our journey :I would not change it .This is the right time for my BA and I will always love you . Thank you for everything
I really look forward to no more padded bra...Alleluia!!!

One week!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmm.....almost there

Things to do before surgery

I read the following and I think I have pretty much everything covered:
I think that my surgeon want me on arnica only 2 days before not 2 weeks ..but will double check again. I love coconut oil so I will be using palmers cocoa butter during the day and coconut oil before bedtime on my breast .I have stretch marks in my DNA so I need to prepare my skin as much as possible . I am green tea lover and It's been very difficult so far to not take it for my afternoon snack time . I hope I can resume as soon surgery is over.
Does anybody know if it's okay to drink coffee 2 weeks prior to surgery?
I didn't see it on the list but I am curious , in case I need to stop ? hopefully no..
Concerning child care, my ex and I have a shared residency agreement about our 6 years old daughter. I am supposed to pick her up after school the day of surgery then she has her swimming lesson. Because I have not told anyone in my family except my sister who is never in town .. I am wondering if I should ask my ex to keep my daughter for an additional day . She takes the bus to school so there wont be any issues during the weekday but hopefully I won't be too sore to handle the week end. My reasons for not telling the rest of my family members is they are too conservative and very religious. Not really sure what religion has to do with boobs but I don't want to be lectured on the side effects of BA and bring all that negative energy into surgery.
I will tell family members who asks that I had surgery but I will not proactively announce it to get help. I can't believe this is really happening , I am so excited!

All set and ready for Boobieville tomorrow!!!!

Finally ...Janura16th is here tomorrow. Scheduled for 11ham
I have been battling a sore throat and headache but no fever which is a good thing. To top this, I have my period and I was asked to bring both a tampon + pad . I wish I would have my period after or before but it is what it is...Staying positive !!
Thank you for all your support !

Everything went well!!!

But i am in such pain 10/10... Slowly getting better . Compression band is like a torture device .will post pics later on today . So tired
Many thanks for your wonderful wishes !

I survived !!!!

I feel like I am back at 70%and getting stronger each day . Switched from Percocet to Tylenol today and I can already tell the difference .
Here are my Franken boobs !!!!
Yes they are mine and I already love them ! I would have been hugely disappointed with 375ccmod+
Thank you all for your support it means the world to me .

Back to Percocet!!

I switched to Tylenol yesterday because I had to take a short drive .Very bad idea and I was in pain all afternoon . So I am back on Percocet - feeling groggy but at least no pain !


I think the girls have dropped a little bit since last week? Swelling is almost gone and I am completely off the painkillers since last Friday exactly 1week post op ..
My breast are hypersensitive which is a bit annoying ..but I am glad that I am not experiencing the opposite effect which is numbness . I am still in my cozy couch for another week recovering not taking any chance with my new girls !
That's it for now .
Stay warm and fabulous RS ladies

4 Weeks- Anniversary

I am so happy to report that the girls and I have been doing fantastic!!
Here are some details about my 4 weeks journey:
Recovery: My first week was very difficult, recovery was no joke ! I did absolutely nothing for 2 weeks straight: I read, watched movies and all my shows on my cozy couch. There were 40 tablets of Percocet and I took them all. I was feeling a lot better at1 week post op and was completely off pain meds after 10 days. I experienced a mild case of muscle tension when walking and doing small things at home until 2 weeks post op. My PS instructed me to wear the surgical bra that he provided for 8 weeks 24/7. I wore a breast strap/ tensor for 2 weeks 24/7 and during night time for another 1 week. I was icing the girls regularly for 2 weeks for pain management .
My PS saw me at post 16 days and was very happy with the results. Apparently they will look gorgeous after complete d&f.
Morning boobs : Arrghhh... It was awful during the 3rd week and lasted about 6-7 days but thank God it's behind me now.
Sleeping position : I have just started sleeping on my side this week ( I'm a side sleeper)but I am very cautious and self conscious about my girls and the minute I feel some kind of pain or discomfort I immediately go on my back...I'm still sleeping elevated with only 2 pillows instead of 4!
Gym : Because I experienced muscle tension during physical activities early in my recovery , I have completely ditched the gym for now and I will wait for another 2- 3 weeks . Until then ,I am just working on my abs very slowly. I think I gained 5 pounds in the last 4 weeks
Dropping & Fluffing : I feel like every day when I wake up, my boobs are rising like a dough...they are becoming rounder and fuller which makes me very happy . My right boob is been dropping faster than my left which is my dominant one ..Overall I still think that it's not dropping fast enough .
Massage : My PS recommended NO Massages and he reiterated it at my follow up appointment . So far my boobs are soft but not squishy . We will reassess at my 2 months follow up if massage is required. He does not want any implant displacement before at least 6 weeks to avoid internal bleeding .
Scar Treatment : I have not seen my scars yet, they are still in the Steri strip and i will begin treating them early next week as the strips are coming off.
I'm refraining from any bra /lingerie shopping: I don't know how much longer I can resist but I heard that there's no point in wasting $$ because they have not fully settled yet.
That's all for now and I will update you on week 6!
Oh yeah I will talk about how my new assets have affected my dating life..(Stay tuned)
Stay warm and fabulous RS ladies

Genie Seamless bra after BA

Hello RS ladies ,
Has anyone tried the genie seamless bra ? I am so tired of still wearing my surgical bra and I have 2 more weeks to go...
I saw it on the shopping channel and it looked very comfortable however not sure if it feels as good as it looks on implants ?
Let me know !
Thanks ladies

13 Months updates

Ladies ... It is been too long , time flies ! I am 13 months post op and the girls are soft and I just love love them !
I am able to show them off just little in my work attire and still look sexy & professional , so yes it was a great investment!
I do high impact cardio and was able to go back 3months after surgery . I stop lifting heavy weight and it was a personal choice of mine nothing to do with my surgery . I use my own body weight for muscle conditioning .
I have experienced sharp shooting pains from time to time after work out usually due to pulling a muscle in my back or shoulder then pain in the rib cage affecting the breast . But they always go away . Overall still very happy with the girls and I hope 2016 is meeting all your expectations ?! Live your life fearlessly and be happy ladies !
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I wouldn't have had my BA any other way . Dr E is amazing . The day of my BA I was not nervous at all because everyone was very efficient and I really felt like I was in good hands ! I shared my expectations with him ( strong desire to go topless on the beach in south of France summer 2015) and the first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes after surgery was Dr E smiling, giving me the thumbs up that everything went well ! From the first day I met with him I knew he was going to be my surgeon . I would recommend him to anyone looking for a caring -experienced PS. It was totally worth it !

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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