Fraxel : My Journey to a New Self Image - Toronto, ON

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The scar I set out to finally "address"...

The scar I set out to finally "address" is eleven years old. It is a result of an auto collision with a drunk driver I have never had the privilege of meeting till date. That was in May 2000. I literarily lost a chunk of flesh in the entire upper arm, the bones and the ball and socket joint were also gone. The fact that the arm is still functional is what I can unashamedly describe as an act of God - an undeniable miracle (believe it or not). Thankfully, the scar is in an area I could comfortably keep hidden and I knew to dress up with jackets, regardless of the season - summer, spring, winter or fall. It was never comfortable but I had no choice. I went through the years with a very terrible self image. The bone had healed considerably well, Physiotherapy helped me learn to walk with a swing of my hand (that took almost 7 months but God took me to that point). I could not undress even before my female friends, relationship with the opposite sex was a no! no!!! no!!! too. I trusted God that someday, I could again shop for sleeveless and short sleeves tops but the someday looked like it was never going to come. However, in December 2011, I could not deal with it anymore. The scars had improved and flattened-out over the years but they were mostly painful, (and very itchy during winter) so I started reading up on available and safe scar removal options, made several contacts with Laser Clinics in the GTA, read online testimonials; and eventually chose one because of proximity and the Pay for 6 and get 8 treatment promo they had for the last week of December 2011.

My treatment started one week after I went for a physical consultation and assessment. The numbing cream was applied and I ran back to the office (all padded up) to close. My long stay in hospital after that treatment left me with a mortal fear of needles. I told the clinic all of this (my phobia for needles) and my extremely low pain tolerance. I went there not knowing what to expect because I had now read a lot of super negative testimonial but it was too late - I already made a deposit and signed the consent form.

My First Treatment: Oh, that? a million pin pricks, quite tolerable to be honest. The burning sensation on my way home - it probably lasted for 4 hours on the average. The treated area was swollen and red. Then followed a bronzing of the area from Day 5. There is a lot of itchiness presently but I have a second treatment in another 2 weeks. I do not see a significant difference presently but I have faith that I will...

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