Fraxel Damaged My Face -Toronto, ON

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It was my 9th fraxel session and i have always had...

It was my 9th fraxel session and i have always had positive results. I had nice skin before this last session and was told to maintain my good skin i should buy a package of 4 more. I wish i never did now. My 8th session was in Jan. 2013 and went great. But on May 19 my ninth session is where something went terribly wrong i know now that it hurt more than usual because she was doing damage. Three days after the session my skin scabbed and then for over a week i had blisters with whiteheads more and more kept coming up. I was alarmed and called the clinic they told me i had an aggressive treatment and i would be pleased with the results i am not to say the least.

3 WEEKS LATER i was told to go back to the clinic where they performed microdermabrassion this didn t help.

June 10th feeling depressed it gets worse indents redness and popped blood vessels.

June 14th spoke to the owner of the clinic that did the Fraxel hake job after a month of the run around told me to see their doctor. My skin now has orange peel texture dent s and lines and redness. Again i am told not to be concerned ............ help this is my face!!!!!

June 18th seen by clinic doctor told me my skin would be fine gave me some serums and prescribed laser Genisis.

June 20th had laser Genisis hoping for improvement.

June 22 can t stand not knowing what happened i was told the setting s where the same as last time i know that there covering something up. Go to St. Micheals hospital emergency spent 3 hours. Doctor says it will heal in 6 months. Also was treated for anxiety. Was referred to a dermatologist.

JUne 28th seen dermatologist i fear he just doesn t want to get involved this was his diagnosis:

"1. Fraxel treatment with concerns re: procedure

The recommended management was as follows (investigative reports may follow):

Fraxel treatment with concerns re: procedure

After reviwing her history and treatment so far, it seems like she has been well managed and o suspect happy with her results in the end.
I sugest sunscreen daily and she has been offered laser gneiss treatents that will likely be of benefit as well.
She will follow up with her clinic in the future.
Return visit: At request of Reffering Physican

July 2nd i fear the doctor did not want any involvement in my case. I wasn t even told what happened or how long this would take to heal. I need help i going to see another dermatologist for a proper diagnosis before going ahead with any more laser anyone hear of laser Genisis fixing fraxel damage ?

I will add photos i still have to upload my phone
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