Fat Transfer to Breasts, 37 with No Kids - Toronto, ON

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I have been considering for years to get implants,...

I have been considering for years to get implants, but always was hesitant due to being kind of grossed out by the idea of foreign objects in my body, as well as knowing they would need to be redone in 10 - 15 years. So I was watching out for the whole 'fat transfer to breast' wave which was not very popular 5 years ago. I think it has finally made it enough 'mainstream' that I am going ahead and doing it! I am a large A cup now, quite fit but no matter how small I get I always have 'extra' around my lower stomach and thighs. I have never been able to wear skinny jeans for example. So this is kind of a 'two-fer'. I'm actually more worried about the lipo part of it to be honest, just the recovery part. I will post some pre pics soon, and also will have more to say about Brava!

Brava Bravado

So as part of this journey, I have to wear this Brava contraption for 10 hours a day or more up until my surgery. Apparently the size of them is determined by the circumference of your breast divided by Pi or something like that, anyway I have very small boobs but have extra large domes?? I look like a freak when I have them on, they literally wrap around to the side of me. On the plus side, no danger of my nipples hitting the end of these babies. It was a bit awkward at first, well still is but it is easier to get them on and off now. I cannot go anywhere or even do some things around the house because they are so in my way. I wouldn't say they are of a high quality construction either, the box doesn't seem to work very well and it's much better if I use the hand pump to get the initial suction. The body lotion that came with it came out as water in my hand so not using that at all. Some tips I've been doing, we will see how they work;

I am using rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to clean the domes and to wipe around my breasts just before I put them on. This is because I did not get any cleaning wipes with my kit, so guessing based on past experience with 'chicken cutlets' as it seems to be the same material. Works okay so far, domes are fine and stick well and not hard to get off the next morning either.

I am using coconut oil instead of the lotion, I generally use coconut oil as a moisturizer anyway.

I got a bit of a rash the first few days, crazy itchy and I was going out of my mind. Then I was in the drug store and saw some Sudocrem (used for diaper rash) which I used to use it for acne (works pretty well for that too). I put it on only when it gets red/hivey and itchy and it calms right down.

That's what I've learned so far, keep reading for more updates!

Pre Body Measurements and Photos

I forgot to put this in the beginning...
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 138 lbs
Body Type: Athletic, but hold on to fat around lower belly and thighs (have gained weight this winter though, pics were shocking to me yikes).
Cup Size: Full A/Small B
Chest: 32"
Bust: 35"
Waist: 29"
Lower Stomach: 34"
Hips: 36"
Thighs: 23"
Widest part of thighs together" 39"

I forgot to take before Brava photos, but it's only been a week and not much has changed there. I just took the domes off to take these, that's why it is so red...

Last Pre Op Visit today...very long post :)

I saw my doctor today for my last pre op visit. My breasts haven't actually gotten any bigger with the Brava (What?!) but they are much fuller, I don't fit in my A bras anymore even though the measurement (36") is the same. I think this is mainly because I have been eating very healthy, exercising every day and doing saunas, ergo I have lost four pounds in the last two weeks. To me this is a victory because I always lose weight in my chest first, so if I haven't lost in my chest that is almost like growing another inch or two ;)~. I am trying to get to my ideal body as much as possible because I have been reading that the closer you are to that the better your results will be, as the surgeon will be able to tell what needs trimming where and no surprises when you lose or gain weight later. Dr thinks he will be able to get 2 - 2.5 Litres which should translate down to about 300cc per breast. That's hilarious actually, the one time you hear that you have extra fat and it's a compliment!

He also told me that I will need to put the Brava back on a day or two after surgery, to help keep the space enlarged(ish) for the new fat cells. He said whatever lives will be determined in the first five days. My surgery is next Thursday, so that means putting it back on Friday night or Saturday morning, then keeping it on as much as possible until the following Tuesday morning. Okay, I can deal with that because really WHERE WILL I BE GOING ANYWAY? Lol.

I am hoping I don't lose too much running fitness, I have worked my way back up to 3x/week with my long run up to 10K on Sundays (from 5K). Well, plus cross training with rowing and weights another two days a week. And I've knocked 30 seconds/mile off my 5K pace (thank you intervals!). This is after I took almost a year off running due to sloth and cold winters. It will be tough to go backwards a few steps after the last four months of improvement. Honestly, I am just terrified in general of gaining weight after my surgery too, I gain so easily I have to be very disciplined with my fitness to offset my love of food. I signed up for a half marathon (which I have done before) in late October to give me a goal afterwards.

Lots of research going on, books, internet, etc. It seems to me the most important things after surgery are clearing the liver of the anesthetic, building cells and keeping inflammation down, so I will be drinking lots of water(for every reason), eating pineapple (inflammation), asparagus (diuretic), beets (liver cleansing) and eggs (protein). Other things too but those will be on the menu daily, as well as going back to my wonderful Athletic Greens which I have had to give up for the two weeks prior to surgery. It's the best greens powder I have tried, and believe me over the years I have tried at least a dozen. There is one other good one from a results perspective that comes from BC (name escapes me right now), but it doesn't taste as good.

What else, oh yes I asked for my prescriptions today so I could get them filled ahead of time. Percocet, antibiotics and a stool softener. My sister has agreed to take me there and bring me home. My good friend is taking my dog for the first couple of days (play it by ear after that, main issue being bending over to pick up poo). Those two and my Mom are the only ones who know about this at all, I'm just not comfortable talking to people I know about it. A bit awkward when people are trying to make plans but hey what can you do? They've been great, as my sister said "you've been thinking about implants for at least 10 years, so just go ahead and do this already".

That's it for now, I will post again I am sure before the surgery. My toast to all of us: Here's to an easy surgery, little or no pain and bruising, rapid recovery, and a wonderful result!

Surgery Day!

Good Morning everyone! Today is the day, I am up already and unable to sleep so thought I would do a quick post. Not sure how I will feel later but will try to post in the next day or two. I am nervous but that's to be expected.....okay one last check on my bed etc. for when I get home. Not drinking or eating is the hardest thing for me, I usually drink a glass of water as soon as I get up. My surgery isn't until 11, so will be so parched by the end of this day!

1 Day After Surgery

Whoa, what a day! Surgery was yesterday, everybody was really nice and supportive, explaining everything as we went along. I felt comfortable and well taken care of. Was not entirely prepared for the pain afterwards. Honestly when I woke up I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Sore everywhere and my boobs are bound up so tight I cannot take a full breath. Had a little panic about that at first, but they calmed me down. Still don't like it though. Oh to take a full deep breath. I have managed to get up a few times and done a few laps around my kitchen island, it is very painful though and I move very slowly. Definitely need my Percocets in order to move around. Also pretty swollen it seems, though I haven't taken a good look yet. Tomorrow I get to shower and check things out. I hope I start to feel better soon....

3rd Day after surgery

Today I got to take a shower and unwrap myself to see how I look. The bruises are pretty bad, but I always bruise easily. I even have a bruise from my IV lol. On the other hand, my breasts are ginormous. I am okay with them going down from this. Also still swollen all over my stomach and thighs. I feel pretty beat up still, but not as bad as the last two days. Hoping that tomorrow is even better....

Pics from 1 week post

I figured I should upload the one week photos before I start with the two week photos, as I want to make sure that part is represented. It was a tough slog, that's for sure. It turns out one of my veins was hit on my left leg, which caused a crazy amount of bruising. It's pretty disgusting and was very painful. Still painful but not as terrible as it was for the first week. The first whole week I was very sore, hard to walk and my legs felt very tight. I moved to Tylenol Extra Strength at around 5 day post from the Percocet. I will update for the 2nd week in a separate post...

2 Weeks Post, breasts holding in there and bruising update

I am actually more than two weeks post, but the pics are from the two week point. I figured once a week updates would be a good measure. I still have nasty nasty bruises on my doner sites, but almost no bruises at all on my breasts. They are smaller than last week but still a very good size, and the tops of them are getting softer. The sides and bottoms are still pretty hard, but my doctor said to go ahead with massaging them at two weeks. I would be okay with them getting a bit smaller still, but not too much! My lower back is probably the most swollen still or so it seems to me, I can feel that it is swollen still back there. My thighs may or may not be swollen, they are the same size they were before surgery so hopefully still swollen lol. The bruises are better than the previous week, but now even my left foot is bruised and all the way down my calf and shin. Thank you gravity.

I am not taking any pain meds anymore, and feel okay but pretty sore. It is manageable though, and I'd rather not be taking the meds. The worst is the morning, when I first get up. I have to kind of ease into getting out of bed because everything is pretty stiff. I feel like the tin man. Once I get moving, it gets better, though not pain free.

One good tip I have for people who have not have surgery yet, get a 'PEZ'. It's a little purple funnel meant for female runners so they can pee standing up. I bought it as a gag gift for a friend but never gave it to her. I think it saved my life, since I have been peeing about 1000 times a day and with this you don't have to sit down or undo anything. With the bruises on the backs of my legs sitting down is still sore, but not nearly as bad as the first two weeks.

Three Week Update

Three weeks in, my bruises are finally starting to fade as you can see from the pictures. And the boobs are still holding up. I haven't measured them, but they look good to me. I am only wearing tank tops because all of my bras are too small, but I don't want to buy new ones until I am sure that they are fully baked. :) I haven't started exercising yet either, don't want to mess with the twins until the doctor says okay. I have an appointment this week so hopefully it will be time to start. I bought a little massager and that has helped with the tightness in the back of my legs, I am somewhat sore only sometimes and cannot crouch down totally yet I think I am still swollen back there, it's like the flesh gets in the way of making a full bend at the knee if that makes sense. And it hurts when I do that. So I don't do that lol.

1 month update

I missed taking pics at exactly 4 weeks, but will take some after the weekend to show my progress. It would feel a bit weird to do it at my mom's house ha ha.

So far the boobs have stuck around, getting softer except for the outside of my right one, but I'm assuming that will soften up like the rest. I went to Victorias secret for a fitting, drum roll please......I'm at 36D! What the? How did that happen? I'm not complaining, but am surprised.

Something else weird is that I did all of my body measurements, and the rest if me is exactly the same. How is that possible? Do you think I still have swelling and it will go down more? Because I don't know where the 850cc of fat came from then.

Definitely happy with my results, still stiff in my legs but less so each day. A couple of people asked where I got lipo, it was my stomach, flanks, thighs and knees.

PIcs from 1 month

I just realized I did not put the photos up, so first I will do that, then post my four month update..

15 Weeks (almost four months post)

So I think this will likely be my last post, unless something drastic happens ha ha. My breasts have definitely continued to shrink, but are still bigger than pre-op. I measured myself today, I gained 1" in my breasts. To be fair that is all that I was told I would get, and they are definitely fuller which does not always translate to inches. I am holding at a 34C bra these days..
As for the lipo, I am not super happy about the results with that, all of my measurements are almost exactly the same except I lost a combined half inch on my thighs, and 1" on my lower abs. I've actually gained 2 pounds as well, despite working out daily and eating clean for the last month. There are a couple of weird divots in my thighs and lower abs which were not there before. When I saw the doctor last month he said to wait and see for another month, but would be able to do something if they did not even out. Considering the cost (almost 13,000) and the extreme pain and downtime I went through, I would have hoped for a bigger difference there. I don't know, could there still be swelling? Any changes that I see could also been attributed to just working out, which may take dedication but certainly isn't as difficult as the surgery was.
Dr. Atul Kesarwani

Dr Kesarwani has been great throughout this whole procedure. From my first appointment where he answered all of the questions I had written down and even told me things I hadn't thought to ask. The day of surgery he was calming and friendly. Also the rest of the team was so good too me, I was very nervous and they helped put me at ease - no small thing! They called to check on me the next day, and the day after that I ended up paging him because I was panicked about all of the bruising I had. He called me back right away and talked me off the window. He asked me all kinds of questions and even though he thought I was okay he asked me if I wanted to come in (which I did). This was supposed to be his day off but he came in to see me anyway. I was just so worried that I had a blood clot or something, of course I didn't but you know in the middle of the night by yourself you can imagine anything. I am still healing now two and a half weeks post, but already I can see amazing results and I think it was absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend him for anyone considering fat transfer or even just lipo for that matter as I have a very smooth contour without a hint of a lump or bump anywhere.

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