Today is 2 months post op...

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I have had those very big eye bags my whole life....

I have had those very big eye bags my whole life. Its genetics. As I was getting older, they were getting bigger and puffier. It took me more then a year to finally decide to proceed with surgery. I tried everything before this. Creams, compresses, acupuncture, ultrasonic facial massager..just about everything. I did my research, consulted 2 surgeons and finally went with plastic surgeon as my intuition was telling me that he is more conservative.
Anyhow, I had lower transconjuctival bleph done on June 12 (nothing else was done, doctor said that skin will eventually adjust and won't be creepy).

The surgery went very well. It was quick and painless. I was given local with sedatives. After coming home, I had a strong headache and took Tylenol 3. I have not been in any pain due to the procedure. On the first day I was very swollen, on the second, bruises kicked in, but nothing major. The recovery was going well till the DAY 5. Then, on the 5th day I noticed that I was not able to close my right eye all the way. I developed small chemosis. I also needed ti support closure of that eye with my fingers since I couldn't fell asleep. After few days of troubles with right eye, it got better,but then the left eye started to misbehave. It was half way closed, very dry and gritty. I couldn't feel the muscles on my left side. I have been lubricating that eye a lot and it is better now. I have to say that green tea was maybe a saver since I have been doing cold compresses with green tea bags and it helped with dryness. The other positive side of green tea is that helped tighten the skin around eyes ,too.

10 days - post op..I finally felt better. My eyes stop to bug me and I was able to see the results. there were still little bags, but much better then before and I looked healthier.
However, is 2 weeks since surgery and I woke up this morning so swollen..I looked like a monster. I was so sad to see the bags came back. Now, the bags are even bigger since they rest on cheeks more rather then just below the lids. I did green tea compresses again and its better,but not to the point were i wanted it. I am very concerned now of the outcome of this surgery. First, I pried to have my healthy eyes back, now I pray for this puffiness to go away.
has anyone else have had a similar experience where you see progress and then suddenly
at 2 weeks mark you woke up with puffy eyes AGAIN?Will it get better?

I also have extra skin left. I am conscious not to smile. I don't want to create new wrinkles.I wish this puffiness goes away and then in future we can treat creepiness. Also, my eyes still look tired. I hope them well will be glittery again and look alive.

I did not transfer the photos yet. But, I will upload them as well. I still hope that I will have a positive experience at the end.

cannot rate the doctor yet as I have been waiting to see final results.

A little better

Comparing my eye bags before and after, they are smaller,but I am still not bag free. Now, I have them way down on the lower lids and just above the cheeks. I hope this is still just a swelling and will improve in next few weeks.

Some improvments

I still have small bags,although they are much smaller then pre-op. I am still not 100% happy with this and that is why I am not rating this procedure yet. Tomorrow will be 1 month from surgery and will post photos. Also, I do get up puffy in the morning. The bags go down during the day,but don't disappear.I still do cold compresses everyday to bring down the puffiness and it is little bit annoying to do all this work. I thought that surgery would take care off the puffiness, too.

1 month mark has passed

Well, I am not sure anymore if I see improvements or not. It all depends if I get up puffy or not in the morning. I bevel that my bags / swelling has gone a little bit down. I am leaving to others to see as well as I am becoming too subjective.

Did anyone have simmilar experiance with pufffines and will it get better????

Two days ago when photo was taken, my eye looked good. This is due to me having enough time to put cold compresses two times for 30 minutes that day. Rather then that, I do get up puffy in the morning with eye bags defined. I hate to have those bags again. They do go down during a day, but I have not been bag since surgery. I am not sure what to hope for. My doc says is swelling, I see very little improvement and I am scared that is going to stay like this. Every day I do eye massage, cold compresses, sleep elevated with 2-3 pillows, watch my salt intake, and still get up puffy. This all maintenance is getting burdensome.

Not good at all at 6 weeks post op...

I was hoping to see improvements with every new day and week passing, but I haven't got that. My bags came back and morning puffiness is so big that it takes me hours of cold compresses to bring it down. Who has time for that? I was told that I wont need to hide behind my glasses anymore,but I eye bags are uglier then before since they are uneven and look disfigured. On top of that, skin is more lax, wrinkly...This recovery has had big mental strain on me.

2 months post op

I still wake up puffy and swollen. I took advice from KRFNP to start bromelain and it helped with swelling and puffiness. Last week I was less puffy then this week. I still cannot figure out what causes it. I no longer sleep on my back. I am tired of it. Also, i am not sure it is my imagination or what, I think my bags are little bit smaller then last time I posted an updated. I have my follow up on 23rd of this month and looking forward what Dr. has to say.
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