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I finally decided to do something about my heavy...

I finally decided to do something about my heavy eyelids. I have had these all my life thanks to my dad and they are getting worse as I age. I have been getting botox on my forehead above my brows to give me a bit of a lift but was getting tired of paying for that. I researched many PS thanks to this site! I found an Oculoplastic Surgeon who only does eyes. I waited three months for the consultation and it was this morning.
I quite liked him. He did a test for dry eye and tearing and I was good for both.
He explained my options and I agreed, so I booked for May 30th at 2:30!
A little anxious but will be glad to get it done.
I have been lurking on this site for the past year!
I am having an upper and lower Bleph with CO2 laser on the bottom lids to tighten things up and get rid of the crepiness.
I will keep you all posted after the surgery!
Thanks to all for sharing their experiences.


My Dr. didn't give me a list of stuff to take and do prior to surgery. I understand from a friend from a different dr. no alcohol for 3 weeks prior, take arnica but not sure what the dose is, bromelian, (again what dose) Any help in advance would be appreciated ladies and gents. Also, I am having mild sedation. Can I take a loramepain before to calm myself? I can ask but was wondering.

Today is the day.

So I am having my last food and drink before I head downtown for my surgery. Meds all packed up to go, sunglasses and my bed is ready with everything I need by my bedside table. Pillows propped up. I plan on sleeping at night in the basement in a lazy boy chair with pillows and an airline pillow. I normally sleep on my side. Pretty nervous, but I'm told it will be over before I know it. Just worried about the after care a little bit. Keep you posted! Thanks to this site and all the folks that helped me with my decision to go forward! Will post photos in due course.

Surgery review and photos.

It has been 3 weeks today since my surgery. I saw the surgeon this morning and he is pleased with the results this far.

Day of surgery:
Not nervous at all. And I am usually a nervous person. My husband drove me downtown and we arrived at 2 pm for 2:30 surgery. He paid and the nurse took me to the surgery suite. Changed into a gown and then climbed up into what looked like a dentist chair. He gave me a bunch of local needles which didn't hurt. So gentle.

It took an hour and a half and he talked his way through it. It felt like 5 minutes. The local was starting to wear off when he was stitching me up so he added a bit more.

Went home and started the cold compresses the entire time I was awake. I slept sitting up propped by pillows and used an airline neck pillow so I wouldn't turn on my side.
I was in no pain at all but looked pretty beat up.

I had a bit of an issue with my left eye being irritated. That lasted a good 2 weeks. That is why I am only posting now. I was using an antibiotic cream in my eyes so I couldn't see. I was so bored I was going out of my mind. I wasn't supposed to watch tv for a few days so I just sat on the couch with my head back and listed to some talk shows on TV.

I went the next day after surgery for him to take a look and he said moderate swelling. I didn't have one bruise. That's because he uses laser surgery.

He took the stitches out the following Monday. Didn't hurt at all just felt a little odd. Still using the cream and now on prednisone because my left bottom eyelid started to droop and there was swelling. That cleared up in about 4 days and then he weaned me off the prednisone.

When he saw me this morning, he told me to get some Vitamin E oil and start massaging the stitch/laser line. I can now start wearing makeup so I am happy about that. I will try it out in the morning.

It is still improving every day so I will post more photos as it improves. Everyone at work who knows loves the results and is pleased for me.

Happy to respond to any questions!



This is at one month.

Some before photos

Hi all. Some people have asked for some before photos so here they are. Be kind lol.
Toronto Oculoplastic Surgeon

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