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Hi there well im new on this lol, reason why I...

Hi there well im new on this lol, reason why I choose to do a review myself its because I have had so many of my doubts cleared up by so many reviews ive read and I thought I would help other girls looking for answers the way I was helped by reviews here.

I will be getting breast augmentation done. I have booked surgery for Oct 7, my post op appointment will be on Sep 22. We will be going over choosing the right size, so far on the consultation appointment I choose 375cc but my friend who 3 mths ago got surgery done by the same Doctor (Dr Mansour Bendago) said she got 425cc and she considers them still small for her and we are about the same complexion. So I will be seeing her in the next few days and that will help me choose the size I truly want to go for. Once I know for sure I will update you on that. I will also be posting pictures of how I look right now as well. Also wanted to point out that this surgery will take place in Toronto, Canada and price will be $7910 Canadian dollars.

ummm I want to give as many details about me as possible so I am currently a 34B and I have a 6 year old boy who I breastfed for only 2 mths since I didn't make enough milk. I don't required a breast life, only augmentation will be performed. I am still deciding weather I will get areola incision or under breast.(will update on that as well).

before implants picture

So here are a few pictures of how i currently look ???? lol cant wait till my surgery date oct 7 and will post pictures of treatment and the change.

Pre op appointment

So i had my pre op aptm on Sep 23rd. I went over some paper work and of course payment. I also tried 375cc again and also 400cc to compare. I found that there ia not a hugee difference, i mean it is a bit bigger but they said once its placed under the muscle 400cc will pretty much end up looking like 375cc. So as of right now, I will now do 400cc. On my surgery date which is oct 7 Im going to try 400cc and 425cc, to see if i go 425cc or at least decide if i wana do 400cc on one side and 425cc on the other side, since i have a slightly bigger breast. I will upload some more pictures on my surgery date :)

Surgeryyy day!!

Well the day finally came and i got them boobies on fridayyy! :) Here are some pictures right after i left the clinic.

Day 1 of post op

Had my first shower and took some pictures! 400cc. pretty high up at this moment of course and very swollen!

Day 5

So they have been changing, im not in need of the pain meds anymore just taking the antibiotics and tylenol if needed. Still very numb and swollen but im able to move my arms way more now. Slowly dropping.

1 week

So i started the massages and am now wearing a strap on top to help them drop faster. I can see everydayhow much they change and im loving it.

loving them

Dropping more every day and looking so nice on clothes...impatiently waiting for them to settle completely.

2 weeks

They drfinitely have dropped a lot more now but I feel like they still have to settle even more maybe 1 more week. But I absolutely love them even tho 1 is bigger then the other one and i can tell a lot ita ok i always had q bigger even when smaller doesnt really notice when dressed. Im in love with my girls ? best decision.

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