Coolsculpting on my Abdomen Area - Toronto, ON

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I've been following real self reviews on...

I've been following real self reviews on coolsculpting and I've decided to finally take the plunge! It's been a few hours since my session and my stomach is swollen and bruised. It's incredibly larger and I'm almost scared but I will keep this post updated. First photo is my before and second one is after my session today.


It is day 4 and I am I SO MUCH PAIN. It's extremely bad shooting pain which makes me feel nauseous when I move too fast...and by moving too fast I mean walking. I've been bed ridden every moment I can be. The whole "painless" procedure is a lie. It feels like my stomach is being stabbed with needles over and over again. The only thing that works is icing my stomach but when I ice it for too long, I have myself an ice burn. Great. This is terrible, terrible pain. I hope the results are worth it.

Day 5 and in so much pain but I see some results?

So it is day 5 and I couldn't sleep all of last night due to shooting pain and a burning sensation on my stomach. It was so incredibly painful and made me feel nauseous. I'm cancelling all my appointments and calling in sick for work today. It's intolerable. I should get some nerve pain medication however I don't want to get out of bed. I am not exaggerating. I know everyone's body takes the treatment differently but this sucks. However, it's day 5 and I see a slight change in my body. It looks like my lower abs has flattened out a bit. Not too sure if I'm imagining things Bc I'm hoping to justify this pain.
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