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Hello! I am 21 yrs old and I have absolutely hated...

Hello! I am 21 yrs old and I have absolutely hated my tits ever since I've had them. I developed early and I'm pretty sure I was the first one of my classmates. I've thought about doing it before when I was about 16 and I even called some places to ask questions. As much as I wanted to do it back then, I was scared to and it really seemed impossible.

Where I live, getting a breast reduction is covered. I am so surprised at how easy it has been and how quickly it's been moving along. I finally have my surgery date. It is going to be on the 21st of this month!!! Woohoo!!

I just want it to be over with so badly so I can start recovering. I am getting so impatient about it and it's just so hard to wait but this website has been sooooo helpful and encouraging!! Thank you so much!!

13 days left!

About 2 weeks until the big day! I am really excited but more calm than I thought I would be while waiting for the days to go by. I`m really surprised how fast the days are moving along.

Everything has been so perfect so far and that makes me worry a little because nothing ever works out perfectly for me and this all seems too good to be true! I am waiting nervously expecting that something will happen and get in the way of my breast reduction. I know I really should think negatively like this but I can`t help it sometimes. I`ll just keep reminding myself about all the good things.

I have my pre op appointment tomorrow so I`m excited to have that done and out of the way.

I got my blood test stuff done the other day and I bought a sports bra that zips in the front because I was told I need to buy my own for after surgery. I also bought 3 genie bras so hopefully that will help me while I recover.

Nobody knows I am having this done except for 2 of my best friends and they have been supportive :) I am thinking of telling my brother since he is my best friend and we always tell each other everything but I think it`s probably not a good idea. I might consider telling him after it`s done. I don`t want anyone to try to talk me out of it.

I will not be recovering at home since it isn`t really the best environment for me to recover in. Thank goodness one of my best friends who I told has her own place and is more than happy to let me crash at her place for a few weeks while I recover. In that time, I plan to eat better to help me lose some weight. Hopefully I lose enough weight so that way if anyone notices I look different, I could tell them I lost weight and then they will leave me alone. Yay :)

I am currently DDD but probably bigger than that since my bras are so freaking tight. I don`t know how much will be taken out yet, but I hope to discuss it before surgery and let him know what I want. Anything below a D will make me happy.

Soooo excited!!! :D

went to my pre op appointment yesterday

Yesterday, I went to my pre op appointment and I was soooo nervous! I had some negative thoughts like maybe I shouldn't do this blah, blah, blah.. and then I kept reminding myself of how badly I've wanted this for so long so I tried to be brave.

I talked to a lady who I'm guessing is a nurse and she tried to check my pressure and it said I'm extremely low and she freaked out and I told her don't worry it's probably because I didn't eat yet for the day and she seemed a little mad at that because it was almost 2 pm lol... so she tried to do it again and it wouldn't work so she left it and then told me the basic stuff like I can't eat or drink anything many hours before and that I have to get there 2 hours before the surgery time. She asked me if I knew about getting my own front closure bra a size down from my current size and I told her that I already got one. It's a cheap, not so strong sports bra but it will have to work because I don't know where else to get another one as I've already looked around and I'm almost completely broke.

After she was done with me, I had to wait for a long while to see the anesthesiologist. He looked over my paper stuff and asked a few questions about allergies or diabetes and he said that I seem to be healthy and everything should be fine. He said the only concern is that I'm over weight but it's ok because they have special pillows to keep me upwards a little especially for that purpose. Weird, but whatever. I guess he knows his stuff. He told me that I will get pain killers for after.

It was quite a brief meeting and everyone was nice :) I can't believe in less than 11 days I will be back there and I will be on the other side :)

On the day of the surgery I have to give them my friends phone number so they could call her to pick me up. She has night classes so they will have to keep me there until she is done but the good thing is I was told that my surgery would be in the evening and it's the last one for the day. They still didn't give me the time though. My friend will be taking me to her place and we are taking public transit. That makes me a little nervous but it's alright because I will finally have gotten rid of these huge, saggy boobs I`ve hated since forever! :D

Getting closer!

Hello lovely ladies :)

I have been on this site for hours and hours every day and I just keep thinking to myself what would I have done without all the help and information from everyone on this site, seriously!

Pretty much the only thing on my mind lately is my upcoming surgery. I have been a little emotional as I think about all the ways my life will finally improve and how I no longer need to suffer so much like I did for so many years. I am finally going to have the freedom I deserve and nothing will get in my way.

I keep thinking about all the times I used to have to go running in the middle of the night when nobody was out because I would constantly have to adjust my boobs in my sports bra because they would just be all over the place. The times I would be hanging out with my friends and constantly have to change my sitting position because of the pressure from my bra straps and my neck would be straining so much it feels like my head would pop off as I simply have a conversation. The painful, red marks left from my bras digging in to my skin. How all day long I would be in so much pain all over, my back, neck, shoulders... all because I have huge tits and I always have to act like I'm feeling perfectly fine, show no sign that I'm really suffering. I hate feeling like I'm a huge elephant, especially since I am short (5'2) which makes it look worse. I have never been able to buy a single bra that has fit properly on me. Bra shopping has never really been a thing I would do, rather I would usually avoid it. Even when I did eventually have to buy bras, they would be completely worn out after about a month and I would have to survive with them anyway because I wouldn't be able to buy new ones since I was usually always broke. Not only that but the ones for bigger chested women cost so much!! A best friend of mines was nice enough to sell me her bra once for a price I could afford at the time, which she had for over a year and it still seemed like brand new since her boobs aren't so heavy. Somehow her bras would have to work because I had no choice and really they were a life saver. Another time she felt really sorry for me and gave me one of her kind of torn bras to me. On top of that, I would always have to put either a sports bra or Ahh bra over the bra I was wearing and that would sort of keep everything together or else it would be a disaster. There are so many other reasons why my boobs have made me suffer so much. We can't forget the sweating, pulling forward and not being able to stand even looking at them for a second. Ughh.

Well, it's hard to believe that I will be relieved of all this so soon. I truly am grateful.

Thank you ladies for keeping me sane, when I would have most likely went really crazy otherwise :)

Almost here!


My surgery is almost here and I'm sooooo excited! I am trying my best to prepare. They finally let me know the time of my surgery. It's at 11:30 am and I have to get there at 9:30.

I still can't believe this is actually happening! Lately I've been thinking back to the times I would be depressed about my boobs and always trying to figure out how I can change them without surgery so that I could feel good about myself. After many years I became hopeless and tried to force myself to just accept them as they are and learn to just love them. Ofcourse, that is impossible and I would just be lying to myself.

I am so emotional and so happy also. I keep wondering if this is all just a happy dream I need to pinch myself all the time!

Last weekend to put up with these ugly things :)


At this time tomorrow I will be on my way to the hospital! Wow, time flew by and I am so ready for this!

Thank you so much to all of you ladies for helping me prepare, I truly appreciate all the information and support

Gotta be at the hospital in 3 hours!!!

Omg, it's finally getting really close! I'm really nervous but I know this is a good thing that I am doing for myself. I keep reminding myself of how happy I could be a year from now when all of this is way over and behind me. I will be so glad I did it.

Later ladies! :)

I'm alive!

Hello lovely ladies! The waiting is finally over!! My breast reduction surgery was the best experience ever! I am so happy!!! I'm really tired right now so I am going to get some sleep and I will update tomorrow :)

Thank you soooooooo much for all of the wonderful support I have received from you amazing women on this site

Saw my surgeon today

Today I went to see my surgeon to get my drain taken out. I feel so free now without it. I really like my surgeon, he is such a nice guy. Today he was like "you are gonna be so happy and you will notice your back will feel so much better" and I was like "i noticed instantly! Thank you so much!" and then he was like "no problem, my pleasure"

Today i have been a little sore, but taking my pain killers every once in a while and it helps. I have been so exhausted! I have been sleeping like crazy. I need to do a proper update soon.

My surgeon told me to shower tomorrow so that should be fun!

I hope you are all doing well, lovely ladies :)

It's been a week :)

Hello ladies,

It's been a week since my surgery and I'm feeling great :)

I have been really weak and tired mostly, but that's nothing new. I've been resting a lot. The pain from my surgery is on and off. Right now I'm really sore but it isn't unbearable. I've been using pads instead of gauze to put on my incisions and I like it better. There are still spots of blood. I can't wait for things to start closing up so I don't have to have this nasty tape on.

Going to see my surgeon in just a few hours.

Hope you are all doing well :)

Oh yea!

I've lost about 10 lb since last week! (there was no difference in my weight before/ after sugery)


Feeling great!

Woohoo I am about 15 lb less than I was right after surgery! I am feeling great! My surgeon prescribed an ointment to put twice a day and I think it's really helping with the healing. Last night in the shower I finally got all the tape off. It was kind of hard to peel them off but I got them eventually. I think I am really going to enjoy showering a whole lot more from now on hehehe

Before I was so scared with getting water on them, I would just put foamy soap on then and then gently splash water to rinse them off. My surgeon asked me if I had been showering, I guess it seemed like I wasn't. He told me after to really try to scrub them. I was so shocked when he told me that because ..ouch! It seems like everything will fall apart it I do that! I didn't scrub them but I did clean them really well. Should be good enough.

also, a lot of nasty scabs were coming off too. After, I was really sore but I was able to sleep it off. I am feeling on top of the world! I feel so itty bitty :)

I am wearing the same tshirt as my before pics and I was looking in the mirror, I couldn't believe how much smaller I look now! *tears* I had to take a pic

This is definitely a decision I am so glad I made. I have no more pain in my back, neck and shoulders. It's now that I realize how much terrible pain I really was in. Now that I can compare the difference. Unbelievable. I can't stop thanking my surgeon and I have to thank him some more when I see him next week :)

A little concerned..

Hello ladies,

I have a bit of a concern about my right nipple. The left one seems to be healing like normal but the other side lost it's colour on half of it. It seemed a little infected with a lot of scabs and now the scabs came of but now i noticed it's like a pink fleshy colour on the top half of it. I am wondering if the colour will come back of stay like that forever.

It's not the end of the world if that is the case because I am so happy with how I feel otherwise and I still do not regret it what so ever.


Hello :)

I saw my surgeon on Tuesday and he said everything is looking great! I even mentioned my concern about my nipple losing its colour and he didn't seem concerned at all. He said the colour should come back and even if it doesn't he could send me to get it fixed. I thanked him again and I was telling him about some of the ways my life has changed now and how i don't feel so much like a cow anymore. Anybody could definitely tell that I was feeling great.

Lately the nipple seems to slowly be getting it's colour back so that makes me hopeful :)

I have been feeling great! So many people have randomly been like "wow, you seem happy" haha

My family still doesn't know that I had this surgery. They think I lost a lot of weight (which I did!) Haha my brother said to me the other night "hey, your whole body is like half of what it used to be, you are losing a lot of weight, that's great keep it up" loll i love him! I was soooo happy when he told me that!

I have been healing great and the swelling is going down everyday. I have no pain anymore except for when I press on the swelling. I keep thinking about how life used to be before my br and I can't understand how I was surviving all this time. My confidence has gone up sky high and it feels great!! I feel like my life is getting back on track.

I am only wearing genie bras for now and I love them! Sooo comfy! I can't wait until I can buy cute bras, I think I will actually have tears of joy when that happens.

I hope you are all doing well

Hello ladies :)


Everything is great and seems to be all closed up. The colour is slowly coming back on my nipple so I hope all of it comes back.

I'm not exactly sure but I think I've been getting those zingers that everyone's been talking about. It's not so bad it's just like a few quick shocks of pain and it's totally bearable.

I have been trying on a bunch of my clothes and it's soooo much fun! Even though I haven't been shopping for clothes in so long I still have the excitement of having brand new clothes. It's amazing!!!

I have had a not so good week with the weight loss but I am so ready to have a great week coming up. I will work really hard to lose this belly (the healthy way). I can't wait until I can get rid of a bunch of old clothes for being too big, and then buy some more :)

This breast reduction has sparked so much motivation in me to do things I was never able to accomplish or that I never really cared enough about. I can't remember ever feeling this great about life.

The women who have already had their breast reduction, I'm sure they know exactly what I am talking about or at least also feel great about their decision . The women who are waiting for their day to come, I am so excited for you to feel the same way. The women who are not sure if they want to do it or not, just look at all the women on this site who are so glad they did it and they do not regret it one bit. This will totally change your life for the better. The reasons to do it really outweigh the reasons not to do it. Completely worth it in my opinion!!!! Only regret is not getting it done years ago!!!


Hello ladies!

Just updating because it's been a while. Everything is going great and the hardness is going down everyday. They are starting to get soft and feel more natural :) Although it was fun having them extra perky, but it's ok because they are still very perky :)

My nipple color is almost back completely, just a few little areas that need to come back, so I'm really excited to see them when it's completely back.

I've been struggling with the weight loss. I can't seem to be able to lose anymore. I've lost a good about of weight so far fluctuating between 15- 20 ish lbs lost since surgery but I am no where near my goal yet. I am going to keep up with the healthy eating and excersise because eventually I have to start losing more. I hope my boobs get a little more smaller with the weight loss, that would be perfect.

Other than that, nothing special has been happening. Just feeling better and healing more everyday.

I hope you are all doing well :)


I don't know about any of you guys, but I find myself sneaking a peak every chance I get :)

1 month :)

Hello ladies,

so it's been a little over a month and the boobies are getting softer and softer everyday. It feels so weird because I had already gotten used to then when they were less soft and stayed high on their own. Slowly starting to get used to it. It feels good because I keep remembering that this is what normal boobs are like :) I am still very happy with the results :) The only issue I am having is now that since my boobs are way smaller it kind of looks a little like my side fat is a part of my boobs, so I need to continue losing weight and toning up so that they can look better and I can be completely happy with the results.

The colour in my right nipple is continuing to come back and it's looking like it will be totally back maybe by next month.

Before the surgery, I had terrible asymmetry and I was always so conscious about it 24/7, always trying to hide them. Now I don't have that problem. This surgery has been so freeing for me. There is still a little slight asymmetry but it is in no way an issue as it's so slight I'm sure I'm the only one who can notice it since I'm actually trying to look for it. I'm hoping it will even out when they get completely soft and when I lose more weight but even if not, totally fine with me.

Speaking of weight loss, I've been stuck at almost 20 lbs down! It's only been a month! I'm really trying hard and I am so proud of myself. I gain more and more confidence everyday and it really shows on me in my attitude and behaviour.

I can't wait to see the changes a month from now! I hope you are all doing well :)

hello :)

Hello ladies!

I've been going through some emotional ups and downs with my breast reduction these last few days. I am still so happy with the results but lately I've been feeling like I should have told my PS to make me as small as possible. I don't know if it is all just psychological but I still feel like my boobs are huge! My friend told me that there is a huge difference in size and that I am so tiny compared to before. My mom doesn't know about the surgery but I've been losing weight so she thinks it's a reslult of my weight loss lol,, tonight she was like "wow, you really lost a lot of weight even your breasts went down a lot!" LOL so it's things like that and also trying on clothes which make me feel content but when I look in the mirror I still feel huge.

I have been researching a bit about the possibility of having a second breast reduction some time in the future. It's also because now that since my boobs aren't holding themselves up anymore like when they were swollen, they feel heavier and now I am feeling a slight bit of the pain I used to feel. It is making me a little depressed. Don't get me wrong, I am so so so happy with how I ended up and I really wouldn't be upset at all if I wouldn't be able to have a second one, but if it is possible I would definitely go for it. I'd say I am currently about a D, maybe a little smaller. I am wondering if it might be because the rest of my body has been getting smaller with my weight loss, and my boobs are giving me the illusion that they are too big. I really don't know.

Does anybody else feel this way?

Just an update :)

So nothing special has been happening, just healing day after day :) The colour is nearly completely back on my right nipple, there is just one tiny spot left and it is looking good.

Every day they are looking better and feeling better. I started putting Palmers Bust Firming cream and it feels really good so I am going to continue putting it on every night.

Now that the swelling is really going down more and more every day I am getting paranoid about if they are going to be symmetrical or not. It's definitely very symmetrical compared to before so I am still so happy no matter what. The left side still seems sliiiiightly bigger, but it's really no big deal, it isn't even noticeable. I only notice it because I am actually looking for it.

Everything else is absolutely great, I couldn't be happier :)

I hope you are all doing well :)

I feel huge!

Hello ladies,

I am getting emotional these days because I feel like my boobs are growing again! They are starting to get heavy again and it's so weird because I've lost about 20 lbs since surgery.

If this becomes a problem still after a year, I will bother the crap out of my doctor to get me another breast reduction.

Some positives, my nipple colour is sooooo close to being completely back and I still feel a million times better in my clothes compared to my old boobs.

I hope you are all doing well, take care :)

2 months!!!

Hello ladies!

Wow! I can't believe my breast reduction is 2 months behind me!!!

I can't even begin to describe how much my life has changed for the better since getting rid of those saggy, useless, heavy things!

My only issue is that it would have been better if my surgeon had taken out more. Way more. I feel like he left way too much and when I look down at my chest sometimes I feel like I'm looking at my old self. They do feel heavier now since I had the surgery but wow the relief I had during the first month was amazing! I was so happy because I thought that this is what I will feel like from now on but they have since gotten a little bigger and heavier. I can live with this for a year or maybe even a few years but if I am still having these problems or if they get worse after that, I will ask for a second breast reduction to be done. I would get lipo done if that ends up being the case since I didn't get it this time and the side fat really sticks out a lot more.

That darn nipple colour in my right breast is taking forever to completely come back but it is now just the size of a water drop left to come back and I can see it closing up every day, so I'm not worried about that at all.

The other day I was looking closely at my scars and they are healing really nicely. It looks so close to the shade of my skin colour and doesn't bother me at all like I thought it would.

I am starting to hit the gym and continuing to eat healthy so with the weight loss ahead, only time will tell how my boobs will look and feel in the future.

Hope all you ladies have a wonderful holidays!!! :)

Update :)

Hello lovely ladies :)

Just thought I'd update. Everything is great but a few days ago I was having a lot of pain under my left breast but it was mostly if I lifted up my arm. It was like a sharp stretching pain and I was trying to figure out what it's coming from and I can't figure it out exactly. I don't know if it is skin stretching or muscle but it isn't as bad anymore. I get it a little now but it's not not really an issue.

My darn right nipple is taking forever to get it's colour back on the tiny little area that's left. It's getting better slowly everyday but I just can't wait for it to be perfectly healed.

The puckering seems to be a lot smoother now and the swelling almost gone. Definitely feeling and looking a lot more like boobies :)

Still feeling kind of big, heavy and a little weighed down with my boobs still but really it's still a huge improvement and they fit so much better in my bras and clothes that it's totally manageable, I can deal with some of the pain coming back and wait until about a year when I am fully healed to ask my doctor about if a second reduction would be possible in the future.

My goodness it is just unbelievable how I don't even think about my boobs as much anymore. I am not even self conscious about them and I don't even try to cover them up as much like I used to. My posture and the way I carry myself has changed so much. I have this new confidence that I would have never found without this surgery.

I hope everyone is great and enjoying the holidays :)

Normal bras

hello ladies,

the other day I decided to wear a normal bra for the first time instead of a Genie bra. It is a size 38C and it is way to small for me :(

I knew I wasn't going crazy, my boobs are getting bigger. I tried on that same bra before and it fit perfectly with even some space. I wore it for about half an hour and I had to take it off because I had to keep adjusting and my boobs kept bulging out ALOT from either the cleavage area or from the bottom of the bra.

The next time I am at a bra store I will get measured to find my true size and I will try some bras. omg and also my genie bras are getting too small for my boobs now! It's not so bad because genie bras stretch to accommodate but it definitely doesnt fit the same anymore. There is a bit of boob bulge from the top. Thank goodness for these genie bras though. They keep everything together and in place and I really don't know what I would do without them.

This is so emotional. When I just had my breast reduction, they were perfect and I was so happy. I knew they were going to change but not this much. Even when I had a ton of padding they didn't feel this heavy and big.

I guess i'm making too much of a big deal, but i really dont want to feel disgusting again like i felt before having my BR. I know my boobs would probably never be as saggy, heavy and stretched out like before but noticing so much of a change is quite scary!

Maybe when I get back on track with my weight loss and excersice things will get better.

I hope you are all doing well :)

3 months since surgery! :)

Hello everybody!

So it has been 3 months since I've had my breast reduction and I just feel absolutely fabulous :)

I bought a fruit of the loom bra from wal mart can you believe it??? Besides the genie bras they sell at wal mart, never in my life! It's an extremely comfy cotton stretchy underwire bra and it feels wonderful to wear. It's in a size D and even though I would like to be smaller it still feels like I'm a normal size. My boobs are not bulging out or suffocating like they used to be, it fits so perfectly. I just keep remembering where I came from and I wonder how miserable I would have been now if I hadn't had this surgery.

My right nipple still has yet to get it's colour back on a tiny little spot that seems to be closing up everyday but just not fast enough!! It's getting there though so I'm not worried :)

It feels so good to be 3 months out of surgery. I remember back when I was so nervously waiting for my surgery day and imagining how I would feel a few months after my breast reduction and honestly I feel just as great as I imagined.

Hope everybody is doing great *hugs* :)

4 months :)

Hey ladies!

So it has been 4 months since i've had surgery and i'm feeling great! I'm getting really used to my new body and it just feels normal now. My old boobs feel like a life time ago even though it's only been a few months. I still sometimes try to remember how i used to suffer with my old boobs so i can appreciate and feel good about myself when i'm feeling like crap. This is the best decision i've ever made for myself and i'm so proud of myself for being brave enough to go through with it and hiding it from most people including my family.

My life has changed in amazing ways because of my breast reduction. I'm like a completely different person now and I'm so full of confidence. I even feel better when I lose weight now! Before I would feel great about weight loss but my boobs were such problem for me that when I lost weight it wasnt such an exciting thing. Now, I feel so much better about myself when I lose weight.

Another thing, I joined a gym at the beginning of the month and I've been going almost everyday and i feel confident even when i look like crap. I dont feel so ugly and self concious even around cute guys while working out and getting all sweaty, I'm just doing my thing. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have joined if I hadnt had my surgery. When I used to go to a free gym before, I wouldnt go often and I would wear layers of scarves and oversized sweaters to cover my chest area,, and also i would actually have my wrists pressed against my boobs to keep them from bouncing so much (and still they bounced alot!). It just wast a good feeling ever. Ughhh i just felt so disgusting for so many years and i just feel like my teenage years were wasted. I'm so glad i got this over and done with and not later. I still cant believe how little my boobs occupy my life now. I'm never self consious of them anymore and i barely ever think of them. This is one of the best feelings in the world. This is what freedom feels like.

I hope you are all doing well :)

Half a year already!!!

Hellooooo beautiful ladies! :D

So it has been about 6 months since i had my surgery!

I haven't been on this site for a long time, I've been so busy but i really wanted to update.

I haven't got much to say really, all is well :)

My boobs sort of fluctuate in size sometimes. its not surprizing because i am trying to lose weight.

I feel so amazing and although i don't usually think about about my boobs, sometimes i will remember how i use to feel so self concious about my huge boobs before and now i dont even think of them. barely ever. thats how it is suppose to be, this is the freedom i have wanted and knew i deserved for so many years of my life and i finally have it. They are not as small as i have wanted them but now that i have lost 20 lbs since surgery, they have gone down a bit more. I am nervous about how they will look when i reach my goal weight since i have a lot to lose. it's not a big deal because i am so grateful for the relief i have.

Before my belly was so huge after my surgery since the huge boobs werent there hanging over my belly to "cover" it anymore. Now my belly has slowly been going down and my body is starting to look normal with my boobs sticking out more rather than my huge belly.

My posture has improved incredibly. It's as though i am a completely different person. My body language is so different from before. I used to be so uncomfortable and it showed a lot. i use to sort of have my shoulders pushed forward so that my boobs were less pronounced (not sure if that makes sense lol) but now im just so open and free and i walk like normal and i have my shoulders relaxed and im not so tense and uncomfortable all the time anymore.

I now have way more options of clothes to wear and i am no longer restricted to having to worry about how the clothes i wear will make my boobs look. i just mostly wear whatever i like now.

I now have the confidence to do soooo many things i would have never been able to do before. for example,, hitting the gym regularly and not having my boobs bounce uncontrollably or being in so much pain in my shoulders, neck and back. I dont feel like a frumpy cow anymore and i dont have to be limited to baggy clothes that make me look even more huge. Life has just become a million times more easier and the crazy thing is,, the process it took to have this gift was a breeze! It all happened so fast and i am so grateful for the life it has given me now :D

Hope all of you lovely ladies are doing well

8 Months :)

It's been about 8 months since I've had my surgery! Everything is good :)

I haven't been on this site often, there has just been a lot going on.

I am going to update again soon but until then, take care ladies!!!

Exactly a year ago!!!

Hello ladies!!!

So a year ago today I was knocked out and getting my boobies fixed!

What a crazy year it has been! This site changed a lot since I last logged on, but it looks nice :)

I can't believe it's been a year and I honestly can't imagine living this past year without having had my surgery. I was able to do so many things which I wouldn't have been able to do before. I am so grateful for it.

I wish I could update a little better but I gotta run so I just wanted to write a quick something since it has been exactly a year :)

I will update better soon hopefully :)

Take care everyone!!!

it's been a while!

Hello everyone! Its been so long since my last update like where does the time go?? Last night I had a nightmare that my boobies grew back exactly as they use to be but bigger D: I dont really think about my boobs at all so i dont understand why I would randomly have a dream like this lol

Anyway hope you all are well with recovery and to those still waiting, best of luck! Your life will change!!!

update :) it's been a while

Hello ladies,

So i havent posted on here in a long time and its been 2 and a half years since my surgery.

I dont have much to update and everything is well with my boobies. Life has been great and I am use to my new chest now. I have gotten used to feeling free and like I should have felt all my life.

The next self improvement I have been working on is weight loss. I have tried to lose weight right after my surgery and I did lose some but never stuck with it for long. I have now been on a weight loss journey which I have stuck with for almost a year. I have been going to the gym regularly to lose the weight. I has been really slow but I am sticking with it and I am getting results. People are so shocked when they see me now even though on the scale it is only about a 30 pound loss. I am fitting in much smaller clothes and my confidence is improving.

I can tell you that in the past my weight loss hasn't been as exciting as it is now when I had big boobies. This surgery is the best thing ever and every time I try on a new cute outfit I am so so happy to have gotten it done.

I never imagined that I could ever feel cute in my life. I have a long way to go and I am not even close but already I feel amazing.

I feel like a totally different person.. I never imagined I could ever look and feel like I do at this point. I am enjoying the journey and so much more than I ever could have without the surgery.

Hope everyone is well!!!
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