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Hello All, I've got express my deepest...

Hello All,
I've got express my deepest appreciation for all of you on this site for your awesome support of each other, the information you provide, and the reviews. I'm a 44 yr old woman whose recently left a 20+ year relationship and I'm finally looking after me for once in my life!
I've always wanted the surgery but just got used to living with it and all its issues. Also when I was younger, my vanity was priority so scars had me not so interested. To top it all off I've exercised no matter what. I've done countless marathons, even an ultra, workouts doing cross fit, weightlifting now, etc. Actually I've been working out/exercising since I was 19 minus the sports I did in school up until then. However, like many of you life presents its challenges and living with an autoimmune disease and a mental health disorder has definitely been that. With many medications I put on weight but I realized my bust size wasn't changing with weight gain or loss in the last couple years. I'm presently a 34/36 N. I started in grade 4 (9 yrs old at a D cup!).
I've finally decided to have surgery for all the same reasons you all have except there is one major one I don't see mentioned on here...that's my ability to breathe better. As an N (which is a size I don't see much of on here) my breasts sit on my thighs when I'm upright but most of the time I'm hunched forward sitting down because they're so heavy. I also just thought back pain, neck pain, and numbness in my hands/arms were normal. Yes, you heard that right. I just accepted that this was the end all and be all and I had to make the best of it with what I was given. Sure, I have looks, my breasts enter a room before I do, and I've gotten very adept at covering and minimizing but I've always tried to not let it stand in my way of anything.
I've had my consult (he says he'd been removing 1200 - 1500g/ breast...ouch!) and was shocked to learn that after a size G your bra is doing absolutely nothing for you...wish I'd known that before spending so much money :( However, after reading so much about attempting insurance approval I'm sooo grateful to be living in Canada. My surgery will be covered and I've scheduled it for Nov 16 (yes, I had a choice of date). I have feelings of anxiety/fear that alternate with excitement and 'ok, let's get on with it'. Mostly my anxiety has to with being put to sleep. I've made tons of lists re things I need and notes about things you all do to get over certain situations so I'm definitely going into this with eyes wide open because of all of you. Plus, all of the reassurance on here makes me feel like I can do this and like many others I'm hoping my story will help others too.
So with a little under 5 weeks to go I will definitely be on here as much as possible to continue to feel the love and comfort from those of you who've already gone through it and came out on the other side a new you! Will keep you posted about my progress too.
Thanks for listening :)
Dr. Craig Fielding

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