Beginning of a New Life...Starting with Me....Finally!

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Hello All, I've got express my deepest...

Hello All,
I've got express my deepest appreciation for all of you on this site for your awesome support of each other, the information you provide, and the reviews. I'm a 44 yr old woman whose recently left a 20+ year relationship and I'm finally looking after me for once in my life!
I've always wanted the surgery but just got used to living with it and all its issues. Also when I was younger, my vanity was priority so scars had me not so interested. To top it all off I've exercised no matter what. I've done countless marathons, even an ultra, workouts doing cross fit, weightlifting now, etc. Actually I've been working out/exercising since I was 19 minus the sports I did in school up until then. However, like many of you life presents its challenges and living with an autoimmune disease and a mental health disorder has definitely been that. With many medications I put on weight but I realized my bust size wasn't changing with weight gain or loss in the last couple years. I'm presently a 34/36 N. I started in grade 4 (9 yrs old at a D cup!).
I've finally decided to have surgery for all the same reasons you all have except there is one major one I don't see mentioned on here...that's my ability to breathe better. As an N (which is a size I don't see much of on here) my breasts sit on my thighs when I'm upright but most of the time I'm hunched forward sitting down because they're so heavy. I also just thought back pain, neck pain, and numbness in my hands/arms were normal. Yes, you heard that right. I just accepted that this was the end all and be all and I had to make the best of it with what I was given. Sure, I have looks, my breasts enter a room before I do, and I've gotten very adept at covering and minimizing but I've always tried to not let it stand in my way of anything.
I've had my consult (he says he'd been removing 1200 - 1500g/ breast...ouch!) and was shocked to learn that after a size G your bra is doing absolutely nothing for you...wish I'd known that before spending so much money :( However, after reading so much about attempting insurance approval I'm sooo grateful to be living in Canada. My surgery will be covered and I've scheduled it for Nov 16 (yes, I had a choice of date). I have feelings of anxiety/fear that alternate with excitement and 'ok, let's get on with it'. Mostly my anxiety has to with being put to sleep. I've made tons of lists re things I need and notes about things you all do to get over certain situations so I'm definitely going into this with eyes wide open because of all of you. Plus, all of the reassurance on here makes me feel like I can do this and like many others I'm hoping my story will help others too.
So with a little under 5 weeks to go I will definitely be on here as much as possible to continue to feel the love and comfort from those of you who've already gone through it and came out on the other side a new you! Will keep you posted about my progress too.
Thanks for listening :)

Pre-Op Appt Complete

Had my pre-op appt today. Went well. I must say I'm flip flopping between nerves and 'Ok. I'm good' but for the most part I'm ready to go. 16 days and counting now...

1 Week To Go!

So now I'm 1 week away and have actually bought a few things for after the surgery making it even more real vs surreal. Hopefully I can get suggestions re 'must haves' for the surgery and things you found helpful.
Asked a question on here about size and was somewhat disappointed in the answers. Yes we know cup sizes vary and it goes by weight but I'm a bit taken back that they haven't translated this weight removal to cup sizes given that's how we ALL shop for a bra. I actually had a response to my question about what size to choose, by an MD who had nerve to tell me I wasn't an N cup but an EEE/F cup. If that was true that's what I'd be buying but that's not the case. So suffice it to say I'm not impressed.
I've pulled pictures from here to use to let my surgeon know where I'd like to be and not be but I'm still skeptical about my choices. If anyone has any advice or points of reference for sizing I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance :)

Down to the Wire!

Ok so I've been doing as much as I can to get ready. Made meals, lowered everything to waist height, cleaning/laundry, organized bedside table with items I'll need (ie meds, kleenex, lotion etc). Will be doing my last minute shopping too. Still rotating between anxiety and giddiness but having no 2nd thoughts which I think is good. As long as I'm busy today I'll probably be a little less anxious. I also had a bit of trouble sleeping last night and I've been teary...actually had an all out crying session Sunday night lol but as I said still moving forward. I know why I'm like this though...this is my chance at a new life, a new me and I just want to do myself and my maker proud. My fear is not getting that chance. I know I'll be ok but you still worry yes?! Anyhoo I'll definitely keep y'all posted and will update as soon as I can post surgery. Thanks for listening :)

I Made It!!!

Just wanted to do a quick update for all of you before I go to bed for the night. Had surgery today and besides a little rough patch with nausea and pain I'm good! Funny thing though is I couldn't wait to get out of there and home...nice, warm, and cozy...just what I ordered. Nausea was because I was given Percocet and those drugs always make me feel like crap physically and mentally. So I did what dabHHH (site member) did. If you can go without or get something less it might be better for those of you who are sensitive to those meds too. I took some Tylenol #1 which is less than #2 or 3 and helps with pain (which I felt starting up when I got to recovery). I was able to grin and bear it until I got home to do this. As for nausea, always love my Gravol for this. It works and it works quickly. FYI it's got a slight sedating effect but not heavy. Both are sold otc here but I'm not sure for my American sisters out there. Feel light and tight and super glad it's over. Will post pics if I can tomorrow. :)

So far so good :)

Just taking it easy. Resting as much as I can. I'm a go go go kinda person so I'm already restless believe it or not but doing small bits of things makes me tired so I go with how I feel. Still...I'm surprised how much I can move around.
Pain is way down! Using only extra strength Tylenol and definitely not frequently today. Used some ice packs yesterday because I was feeling some burning/warmth underneath and at the sides. It helped quite a bit. Pain mostly comes when I forget my arms can't do certain things or I do a fast jerking movement. I've actually had some itching happening in my armpit area where the incision is. I thought it's kinda early to have this. Anyone else? FYI if you use Benadryl for this for me it's very sedating so I'm going to just grin and bear the itchiness.
I also know where my nipples are because I think I'm also feeling 'something' there. Not really sure how to describe it. I've had to put a couple pads under the bra to provide some relief from the pressure and it's helped too. I'm still surprised I was able to be fitted into the sports bra I chose for post surgery. I'm in the Walmart Fruit of Loom one lots of you recommended. It was also cheap...just what my surgeon ordered. I think I'll be surprised for some time re things I fit into just like when I lost weight, which I'm still doing. Having less breast will definitely help with that too.
Other things I've noticed is how I was compensating so much for a huge chest. For instance, I'm getting used to normal breathing vs these little short breaths. I also would sit hunched forward so I seem to go into that position automatically but it doesn't feel comfortable anymore. My posture is something I'll definitely have to work on. I keep expecting my lower back to hurt or to round my shoulders back like I used to to get relief from upper back/neck strain but it isn't there. Overall just feeling so light.

1st Post-Op Appt Done.

Hope all of you are doing well! Had my 1st Post-op appt yesterday and so far so good. I feel really good too. I'm so happy with doing this! I smile huge with a giggle here and there whenever I look at myself in the mirror. PS said he removed! I've had my 1st shower which was awesome (such a little thing I take for granted). I used the dial antibacterial soap around the area and a small towel (separate from my body towel) to dry with, mostly as a precaution against infection. Starting to get the 'zaps' around my nipple area which is still sorta numb but I think I feel them a bit already, not sure. Still swollen so my left breast is slightly bigger than my right. I think I'll use ice a little more frequently to get it to come down. I'm also using Tylenol extra strength kinda here and there, depends on how much I try and do. I've been walking and increasing my time. I manage to do an hour yesterday. Still having issues with sleeping comfortable but I do get sleep so I'm ok with that.
Some questions I hope y'all can help me with though are:
*If you're into lots of workouts like me, what other exercise besides walking did you start to do and when? Just looking for ones to ease back into things.
*If you used Arnica gel, when and where did you use it?
*Once your initial tapes fell off, did you keep taping afterwards on your own?
*When did you change from a front closure bra to an over-the-head sports bra?
*When did you start using scar treatments on the incisions?
Thank you for listening! As usual, I look forward to hearing from you :)

2nd Post-Op Appt Complete.

So I've managed well so far. I don't have pain but I still have occasional soreness particularly along my incisions. I've used arnica gel in the areas surrounding them with some relief but not long lasting. I also bought some new sports bras today because although the Walmart ones I originally bought were okay they still had seams that bothered me quite a bit. I had also bought them bigger (now my swelling is going down) and with moving they may have caused irritation as well.
I've begun scar treatment and use Bio Oil. Had some hanging around from my last use so I thought I'd start with that before getting into scar sheets/silicone gel because they are not cheap here. I don't believe I have openings as I've seen in a lot of the pics on here but the spots look and feel more like my scabs have come off. Ps said They looked good and I think he was probably a little surprised at that. All the same I've applied a small dab of polysporin to them to make sure no infection gets in them.
Definitely getting the feeling back in my nipples and getting zapped is not fun but I'm glad I feel something. I've been sleeping on my back for the most part with a little turn to the side every so often. Can't stay there but it helps to ease my butt lol.
I've been doing a lot of walking, able to carry groceries but will use my cart if I'm getting a full load. My ps reassures me my body can take certain things. I guess I do have fear that they'll just fall apart :/ but I have to try to know. So I'm going to try and get on the bike at the gym this week. When I tried on bras today I tried the jump test but it was too sore so I know those types of exercises are still out. However, I was soooo giddy trying them on and probably looked like an idiot smiling to myself because I couldn't believe I was able to get into them AND they cost so little! I became teary at the cash because when my purchase was rung up I couldn't believe it and I wondered did he get that right?!
Anyway I love my boobs...scars an all...its been a long time coming. Thanks for listening :)

Steady gains...

Just started to be able to sleep on my side somewhat. Propping myself on the sides with pillows definitely helps. I'm wearing soft, seamless sports bras around the clock still but I wonder...when should I be thinking of buying 'regular' soft cup bras? I would love to grab some deals Boxing Day so any input here would be appreciated. I'm still bruised and sore on my incisions but I have to remind myself it's only been 4 weeks. I've gotten the go ahead to go to the gym and lift weights and run believe it or not but I'd have to double bra for that and if it doesn't feel good to stop. So I may try this week? Not sure. Worried about falling apart.
I'm recovering the feeling in my nipples but still quite painful when pressed on. Also, my right breast is dropping and soft vs my left breast which is bigger (still swollen?), hasn't dropped much and still moderately hard to touch. No hematoma just looks a little asymmetrical. I hope that will change with time. I'm thinking I'll add silicone gel to my Bio oil for scar treatment this week. My small spots have always been closed but we're pink in color and are starting to darken? Other than that all is good :)


Just wondering about a few things I see. You may not see it in the photos because I'm not the greatest with the whole selfie thing but it would be greatly appreciated if I could get some input.
For instance,
1/ my incisions are still sore, particularly under my arm and in between my breasts. When does it stop being sore all together?
2/ it looks as though I've still got bruising too. I've been using arnica cream around the incisions but not sure if it's really done anything.
3/ my incisions under the arm are starting to look 'ropey' I think? My ps said to call if they did but is it too soon to make the observation?
4/ my left breast although a little softer remains hard to touch along and around the Incision line under my arm. Also my left breast still looks a little bigger. I didn't have lipo but also have more weight to lose. So do you think it'll go down because it's fat in the are All? Or should see the hardness as something else? I know no one is symmetrical but I don't want to look too unbalanced.
5/ finally, still wearing sports bras. Should I start looking for regular soft cop bras? I think the irritation on the incisions under my breast is because of my bras riding up in that area and not sitting flat because of my belly. I also still sweat in that area. So any suggestions on bra info would be very welcome.
Other than that I hope all of you are healing well too and look forward to hearing from you. :)
Dr. Craig Fielding

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