32F/G to Amazing - Toronto, ON

Dr. Beber did a stunning reduction for a physician...

Dr. Beber did a stunning reduction for a physician friend's daughter... after poking around the internet, and finally meeting him... I knew he was right for me.
All the other reviews are correct... he's charming, thoughtful, patient, and professional.
Before my son I was very thin, 5'9", 115-120 lbs and a 30E... large chested for such a small person, but somehow it it was still cute.
After my son, my weight balanced out at a much healthier 135-140lbs... much nicer on my tall frame, but after 17 months of breast feeding (the largest bra I wore during g that time was a 32 M--which was horrifying) my breasts ended up settling into a 32F/G depending on the brand.

It wasn't pretty.

OHIP covered my procedure, with the exception of the liposuction portion under my arms. *thanks OHIP*

There were two horrible parts of this operation... and I say this as a healthy, 34 year old non smoker....
-The 14 days leading up to the surgery-- it was the most stressful, sleepless time I've had in years.
-The night of the surgery-- apparently anesthesia and I don't get along... so much vomiting... it lasted from around 4pm to 9pm.... then I felt normal.

That's it... I swear.
I had zero pain at the incision sights, and still don't... I really didn't need pain management at all.
My armpits and sides were tender... but oh well.
Woke up the following morning, and went for a walk, I felt so good.
When I came for my first follow up one week later to remove the bandages I was in awe.... what an amazing job.
I had very little bruising, everything was pretty high and hard... it was sort of funny how hard they felt.
Went for my 2 week checkup yesterday-- steri strip and suture removal. (3 sutures total... everything else on the inside)
**I freaking LOVE my new boobs**
I may have told Dr. Beber I love him... I may have proposed.

He is the absolute best.... I've seen A LOT of reduction pics... and I am in awe of his work.

I personally wanted to go as small as possible... he took into consideration all factors... where my natural crease is, what my build is like.... and he just knocked it out of the park.

My old boobs were heavy... no doubt. My back and shoulders were constantly tight; I work on my feet upwards of 10 hours a day, which only made the symptoms worse.... but I'd say the most incredible part of this whole journey is how I see myself now....
I feel beautiful... desirable...
I feel like myself again!
I cried a little bit when I got out of the shower this morning... I caught a glimpse of my new shape, and... ugh... (I'm tearing up now!!!) I just *feel* amazing.

If you are considering this op... find the best damn surgeon you can afford... better yet beg your family doctor for a referral to Dr. Beber... drive, train, fly in... boat?
He is THE guy.
And just do it... it's the best thing you'll EVER do for yourself.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Charming, thoughtful, patient, professional, timely and respectful. He is the absolute best. Please see procedure review for the Dr. Beber love-fest.

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