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I must say I was not like half the ladies on here...

I must say I was not like half the ladies on here that developed early. When I was in 8th grade everyone had Breasts, except me. After I started 9th grade and my Period came i started to bloom. What i hated most were the stretch marks. Ugh! But anyways im gonna fast forward this a bit. When I got pregnant my Breasts got bigger and never went down since. Now 4yrs later and I'm so over them! These things are so unattractive and uncomfortable :( to be honest I don't even know my cup size or anything like that. I just buy bras and if they fit it's all good lol. Now I remember my sister having a BR done back in 2004 but I didn't have any knowledge on it. I got fedup with my girls and decided I need a change and I called my sis and asked her a few things and she said Ohip might cover my surgery. I was super excited!! ???? I went to my family doctor and he recommend me to Dr.Daniel Martin. I got my appointment 3days after my doctors visit. Oct28th I saw my Surgeon. He was sooo nice. He said i might be covered under Ohip and it takes 4-6 weeks to get approved. Well I was approved on Dec 1. I'm so excited words can't even explain my feelings lol. So I have an appointment with my Surgeon on Dec 16th I guess to talk further about my expectations and all the details stuff and do some markings. Im not nervous.......yet. I will update soon :)

Pics :(

Surgery date booked!

So I went in yesterday to see my surgeon and my date is booked. February 19th!!! Omg it's so surreal to me. Im super excited but still not nervous yet.. Right now im so sick because I have the flu so I will post again sometime soon.. Xoxox

Having these BR nightmares

I have been getting nightmares almost everynight since I got approved for my BR :( I dreamt about doctors poking me with a big ass needle in my ear on the day of my surgery, dreaming of bending over and my breasts explodes!!?..... Waaiit, is that possible?? :/ Ugh! Anyone else having these dreams or had them because when i wake up from them i get really mad.

Happy New Years

Happy New Years everyone!! Yayyy! i have 6 more weeks to go woot woot :D

Long overdue update

I feel sooo bad for not updating anything lately. I feel like i missed out on a whole lot :(

So my surgery is next Thursday. Thuuuuurrrrsday!!! Lol excited much. I did my PATT testing last thursday on the 5 and everything went great. I told my Doc i wanted to be a B cup and he said he cant garantee the size but he will try his best. I swear i think i have the best surgeon... Atleast so far!

As for shopping and getting things done i havent done any yet. This weekend i should have everything i need though.
Im a bit nervous but nothing major and im hoping it stays that way. Im not sure if i posted my time for the surgery but its at 8am which i will have to be there 2hrs prior. Anyways ladies i gotta go now. Take care xoxox

Pics coming soon.....

4 days away!

NERVOUSLY excited!

Its starting to kick in now. I thought i wouldnt be nervous but geeeez. Im even having more nightmares about being over reduced to a 32A cup.. Yikeees!

8hrs away!

8hrs away! :-)
These are 2 pics i just took in my sports bra. Yes lord im getting rid of these monster twins lmao!! Hahahaha ..

Hopefully i can have my Doc take a few pics right before surgery with all the markings and stuff.

~Later~ xoxox

Yeess!! I made it over to the other side

Im over on the other side everyone! I really wish i can give a detailed update on my status right now but im soooo exhausted! :(
Everything went great, my girlies are looking cute from the top view but swollen. I havent seen them fully yet but i know they look gorgeous lol. I wish i could post pics right now but im so sore. Hopefully tomorrow i can get some taken for you all. Im going back to sleep now ladies.

Have a goodnight :-)

A few pics

Just a few pics because i know u guys cant wait to see them.

Im really glad with the out come so far. My incisions are nice. The incision underneat is killing me though :(

Maybe tomorrow i will feel more like myself to post a really good update

Oh btw, my surgeon has this nurse coming to my home to change my dressings for me. How nice :)

Post op details

So heres what happened to me since the day of my surgery.
Right before i went into surgery i met with my Anesthesiologist and i cracked a joke telling him if anything happens to go wrong that my 4yr old son will be coming after him lol.. Anyways soon after i was on the operating table being poked with a needle and 1 min after i was OUT!
Woke up a few hours with what felt like a burning feeling under my lower incisions. I asked the Doc for meds but she said not yet because she wants the anesthetic to wear off a bit first.
About an hour after I got 1 Oxyclone to take and i went right to sleep. I did vomit when i stood up to get dress and also on my way home in the car. But it wasn't anything major.
A few hours later i checked my package that i was sent home with from the hospital and only to find it without any meds :/ the docs were supposed to give me a few to take home to last me until the next day i get my prescription filled but NOTHING! So i went almost 24hrs without my medication. Luckily i had some extra strength Tylenol.

Post op day 1: I got my meds and everything went ok. I was really tired and exhausted which these feelings lasted 4 days.

Post op day 2-5: discomfort and soreness but everything seems great with the girls. On day 4 i was given the ok to shower which was soooo good!! I even fell asleep taking my bath lol.

Post op day 6: My surgeon did have me doing in home care for about 3 days and now I'm seeing a nurse every Thursday just so they can keep on eye on things.
I went yesterday and i saw my incision lines for the first time. I must say how much i love Dr.Martin!! He is a wizard with knives. I was so surprised when i saw my incisions and my potentially scarring. I cant even see any!! 1week! And i cant even notice. Hahahahaha!! Woooooo I'm so happy for that!

Post op day 7: woke up feeling great today! Im about to shower and just take it easy.

Im sure i left out a few things but those can be answered in your questions if you have any for me.

~later~ xoxox

Post op pics

Im really loving my incisions!! :) :)

2weeks post Op

So these are my pics at 2 weeks post Op. Looking great so far. Swelling is slowly going down. I have a needle size opening on my left breast but nothing to worry about.... Well at least for now. I saw my nurse today and they checked it out and did their thing. Everything is going well. Scarring is also soooo good!!


3 weeks post op

Pics of 3 weeks post op.

Everything is going great so far :-) swelling and tenderness are fading nicely.

P.s I bought a sexy bikini for my vacation trip to Jamaica in the next few weeks and i wanted to see what it looks like with the boobies :)

Im feeling GREAT!!!

Im so sorry for not updating my 1 month post op :)

Everything is going great! Im healing perfectly and so fast. The doctors are all saying how fast im healing and with minimal to no scars :) im so happy with my out come.
I have a few pics above. Enjoy!

P.s i still have a little bandage underneath my tits because of my compression bra that im still wearing. I find that this bra is so tight below and it squeezes into my buttom incisions so i keep it there until next week. My surgeon did tell me i can wear sports bra now but i wanted to wait until my 6 weeks mark to get into a normal bra.

Dr. Daniel Martin

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