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HI Everyone! First of all thank you all SO much...

HI Everyone!

First of all thank you all SO much for posting your stories here for the outside world to view. I was really worried about getting this procedure done, and after watching MANY youtube videos, I googled "breast reduction stories" and found this AMAZING site.

After reading peoples stories, I feel like I can relate to each and every one of you with issues of self esteem, weight problems, and insecurities because of the extra weight in the chest. A little about me: I am 24 years old, in college and I am 120-125 pounds, size 4, with a boob size of 30/32 G. I hope this review can encourage people, especially people around my age who have been told they are too young to go ahead with the surgery.

Background Story...
So I was a late bloomer with puberty and didn't start to develop until about grade 9 (14 years old). This was NOT a good thing, because after summer holidays of grade 8, I cam back to school with a 32/34 B cup which was pretty large for kids my age.... The next year in grade 10 I had developed into a C cup, which got the unwanted attention for older guys in grade 12. I was always a conservative type so this just made me feel SO uncomfortable. Once I got into grade 12 I had a 36 DD cup and thennnnn I had to try to find a prom dress that didn't look like I was flaunting "the girls". I just always remember buying clothes strictly on if it fit my chest or looked good on the chest. Its real sad because I've always thought I had a good sense of style but I could wear what I reallyyyy wanted. That was just a MINOR issue though compared to everything else.

Once i got out of highschool I attempted to try to control the size of my chest by loosing weight. I realized after that I couldn't do that, and the genetics just weren't in my favour. I tried everything to maintain my weight, and at one point i went down to 107 pounds, and my mom had to sit me down and discuss my eating issues. At that point I knew I had to get back on track and start loving myself no matter how I looked. I always felt weird going to the gym to work out becuase my chest would be bouncing around and I felt like people would stare at me... Not to mention i had to wear 2 bras in order to keep them from giving me whiplash lol. Fortunately, around the time of my weight problems, I met my boyfriend and he absolutely loved my chest, which really helped me feel good in my skin...He still to this day says he wants to spend some time with my "girls" because he is going to miss them lol... But he understands I need to get this surgery for ME. in the back of my mind I resented having those ta ta's and thats which I thought about breast reduction surgeries and started googling the procedures .

Finally going to the doctor..
So in January I finally got the courage to speak to my doctor (after 5 years of debating it). I felt like doctors would laugh at me, or tell me I was too young or something of that nature. Finally I just said it one day while I went in to get a refill on birth control... I told her that I wanted some more information about it and that I was thinking about it for the past 5 years. Her first words were "BUT YOU'RE SO YOUNG". I knew she (and others) would say that to me, but I explained to her about my insecurities, my constant back tension, and my shoulder pains, and she agreed to get me in for a consultation.

Soooo I waited until March before I got my consultation letter ONLY to find out that on the day of the appointment that it was MARCH 2016. I was devastated!!! I live in Canada so insurance covers this kind of procedure, which is a BLESSING butttt this means we have to wait forever for medical care because everyone has coverage so we a short doctors / nurses especially specialists. The next month I told my doctor about the 2 year wait, and turns out I had a breast exam that same day... First she kinda just said "she will see what she can do", but once she seen my breasts she said "I'm going to contact a doctor I know and see what I can do". When I got home, I had a message on my phone from the receptionist who told me I have a consultation with a doctor in 3 days. I was SO happy.

When I seen the surgeon he was very polite, and told me how the procedure works and everything... At the end he asked me if i had questions and of course I did! He asked me when I wanted the surgery, and I figured I would have to wait a year or more, but he told me I could do it NEXT WEEK. I told him August month would be best because I return to college in September and I wanted time to heal up before classes began. He booked me in for July 31st and I was so excited.

BUT... I got a call about a week ago and the doctor asked me if I could change my date until August 8th. They told me they had an emergency come up and someone needed surgery on that date. I agreed, and now I'm patiently waiting until August 8th before my big day!!
August 7th they do the markings and get me all ready, and then I go in on August 8th and get the surgery. Apparently I have to stay in the hospital over night, but after that they send me on my way.

Does anyone have any Pre- Operation advice, or things I should do before the surgery? :)

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have an questions, or advice! Im excited but obviously I have a few concerns since ive never had a surgery OR been put to sleep before!


So tomorrow I am getting the surgery! I had my pre-op appointment today and it went well...I never got to speak with my surgeon but I spoke with the nurse who was head of surgery and got my blood work done and I even Peed in a cup lol. Overall it was a LONG but great day...

I'm getting really worried about tomorrow because I think I misunderstood what procedure my surgeon is going to use on me. Today the nurse said he is making an incision under my nipple and another in the crease... Does this mean they aren't gonig to alter my nipple and make it smaller? I am so worried that they reduce my breast size, but not my nipple.... Does anyone know what the name of that procedure is called?

I spent the last hour reading peoples reviews and trying to find out the procedure that is going to be used tomorrow. ... The worst thing is, I only spoke with my doctor once which was during my consultation and now the surgery is tomorrow but I still feel like my questions aren't being answered :(
I also think its the mixture of all these emotions... anxiety, stress, excitement, and so much more.

I was told today that I have to be at the hospital for 6:30 and my surgery is at 8:00 am, the nurse said it was the first one of the day ! I went out after my appointment and picked up some things at the pharmacy vit e oil, sterile pads, and a scar treatment... so I think I'm set... WISH me luck tomorrow!! I hope it goes as perfectly as it could... and good luck to all that have surgeries soon!!

All done ...

So I'm currently at the hospital for my overnight stay after surgery and I can't sleep. You know the procedure went well when I'm complaining about not being able to sleep and NOT about my surgery. Lol.

Here's my day in a (not so) nutshell lol. I came in to the hospital at 630 am and didn't have any food or drink since 1130 am the previous night. I had a HUGE headache last night and it continued until about a half hour before surgery. I think this is common because it was stress related. So I went in and changed into my night gown and put on my little blue slippers. My boyfriend stay up until they put the iv in because he can't handle blood / needles. God love him though for stating until the last 10 minutes and holding my hand , kissing my forehead and being there for emotional / physical support. He is truly the best.
So I got my IV and the doc explained what was going to go down in the operating room. Turns out I was getting the anchor technique all along which worked great for me.
It's funny I pictured a Greys Anatomy type room with the theatre and the works but it was just your regular room with lots of equipment which put me at ease. :). Everyone was so pleasant and sweet and treated me with respect / care.

Once I was given the drugs to be put under a doctor told me to think of a beautiful vacation. So I thought of down south on a beach and then I was out

Next thing I remember I'm in a recovery room talking to some nurses about my procedure and they were giving me a bit of morphine for pain. I waited a half hour there and then I went to my room where my mom showed up and then my boyfriend about an hour after. I spent some quality time with my mom and I even got emotional at a couple of points because this surgery IS sooo very emotional.
I felt like I wasn't small enough and I didn't want to go through this for notjing only for them to be DD But my nurse assured me that it was only because I was swollen. I guess I will find out my size in a couple weeks :).

Either way let me give you all some advice...you WILL get emotional and sooky , you will have some pain, you will feel groggy and it WILL be life changing for you. For me this is an amazing experience and I'm feeling great thus far. Let's see how I feel tomorrow once these heavy meds wear off. :). Thanks for reading and I'll keep u posted.

Also IF I get brave I may post some pics but I'm very conservative and shy so I will see how I feel later. Take care all xo
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