20 Year Old University Student, 34FF (Hopefully) to a 34C - Toronto, ON

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I have been stalking this site for the past week...

I have been stalking this site for the past week and I'm starting to freak out. I don't see a lot of reviews here from people my age so I thought I'd add my story.

I've been thinking about getting a breast reduction for a while now and finally made an appointment to see my family doctor. She referred me to a plastic surgeon and I made an appointment! The first time seeing the PS, I was nervous but definitely more excited. I brought my mom for moral support and we spoke to the PS about the procedure, recovery time, pretty much basic surgery questions. He had me change and took a look at my breasts. As soon as he saw my breasts he told me I would be covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). He made some comments about my breasts (unevenness, my breasts being "pendulous"), took some measurements and sent me on my way. He told me they would be in touch in about six weeks after my surgery had been approved for coverage.

The PS finally called (way after six weeks) and I made a second appointment. By this time, still feeling pretty excited, excited to get out of this body I hate and start being a new me! I went in to see him again (bringing my mother again, I'm a wuss) and we talked more about recovery time (one of my biggest concerns) and size I'd like to be. I said I'd really like to be about a 34B, he said for my body a C would probably look better and be more proportionate (I'm 5'10, 145lbs). I changed, he took a picture of my breasts and I set a surgery date (December 16). I left his office feeling like I was going to throw up.

That feeling of wanting to throw up hasn't really gone away yet (that was a week ago). I think it's just setting in that this is real and really happening! I've read a lot of reviews on here and now my biggest concern is still being too big. I really don't want to be bigger than a C but some people have said they were told they'd be a C and they're actually a D or want to be a B and they're actually a C. I don't want to go through this whole ordeal just to still be too big and still be uncomfortable with my body! I think next time I see my PS, I'm going to be very adamant about not being bigger than a C.

I'm still excited, don't get me wrong but I also feel like I might start bawling my eyes out at any moment and won't stop for 3 months.

Post-Surgery Day 1

So my surgery was yesterday! I went in Monday for blood work (a pregnancy test) and a physical check up to make sure I was fit and healthy enough for the procedure (really a liability issue they told me).
Tuesday I went in for my surgery scheduled at 10 am. I arrived at 8 and they shuffled me around the hospital for a little bit from the waiting room to pre-op admission to pre-op getting me prepped for surgery. There was an emergency with another patient so my surgery was pushed back to 10:30, but not a huge deal. Before long I was in the operating room getting marked up and they put me to sleep.
Next thing I remember I woke up in the recovery room. When I woke up they told me I had been in there for about an hour. They gave me some pain medication but I told them I was feeling fine and they moved me pretty soon after out of recovery to my room upstairs. I do remember crying when I woke up. Not because I was even in any pain or because I was upset but I couldn't stop myself from crying. I did try and keep my tears in because I was embarrassed about crying for no reason but trying to hold it in was actually pretty painful so if you gotta cry just cry! It's better than causing yourself pain.
Upstairs I was pretty alert and awake, and pretty hungry! I did bring some crackers and stuff to eat which was nice because they didn't bring me any food for an hour or two after. I started to feel some pain so they gave me some medication through an IV that made me pretty tired and a little out of it. I did end up throwing up the first time I got up to go to the bathroom but I didn't feel that nauseous and didn't throw up again.
I stayed overnight in the hospital. The sleep kind of sucked but I didn't have any drains so that was a bonus. My PS came to see me in the morning, changed my bandage and tightened the band wrapped around my breasts. I'm not wearing a surgical bra, my PS said I would instead keep myself wrapped up with an elastic and gave me some extra bandages so I could change it at home. He said I should be able to wear a sports bra by Monday when I go in to see him again so he can check on my progress and change my tapes.
I've been home for almost 12 hours now and haven't taken any sort of pain medication since 9 this morning. They prescribed me T3s but told me to take them as needed. I'm not in a great deal of pain, I would describe it more as discomfort.
For now I feel pretty good, I'm not able to shower until tomorrow and didn't get a good look at my breasts when he changed my bandages so can't really update on that but I'm pretty happy/surprised at how good I'm feeling right now!
Will update as my healing continues!

Post-Op Day 5!!

Day 5 and I'm feeling great! Still haven't taken any sort of pain medications and I feel awesome. Sleeping has taken a bit of adjusting and getting used to, not the most comfortable. I woke up the first couple days with an extremely sore neck and back, with barely any sleep. I found that putting a pillow under my lower back helped a lot and I did some googling to see if it was safe to sleep on my side. Most information I found said listen to your body so I tried it and found that I didn't feel any pain or discomfort but I'm careful not to put too much pressure on my side when sleeping and don't stay on my side too long but I've been sleeping much better and no more back or neck pain!
The second day post-op I also woke up with the most painful headache I've ever had, probably because I was pumped so full of drugs at the hospital and hadn't taken any at home, I think my body was going through some sort of withdrawal. I just drank lots of water and laid down quite a bit and the next day my headache was gone.
I do sleep quite a bit but I think I'm starting to get some of my energy back. I went out yesterday and was pretty tired after just one store and got a bit moody because I wanted to leave but after a short drive and sitting down I was okay to take on another short trip to a different store. I'm trying to get my energy back and be more active but I also want to heal and listen to my body so if I'm pretty tired or my eyes feel heavy I usually don't fight it and just sleep.
I also took my first shower today! I had my mom wash my hair once and then also went to the salon once and had my hair washed and done but I hadn't washed my body/taken a shower until today (kind of gross, I know) because I think I was a little worried about it. I put a chair in the shower just in case I got tired/needed to sit/anything because I was nervous but... Showering was great!! I loved it, no need to be worried at all. I didn't use the chair and it was really refreshing. No pain/discomfort at all. I kept the temperature pretty mild and just used the rain head so the pressure was nice and low. The water felt amazing, I've been pretty itchy for the past few days and the water really really helped. I didn't really wash my incisions I just let the water and some soap run over them, I didn't want to muck around with anything and I didn't use my normal floral body wash I used a sensitive skin no-scent wash just in case any of it got on/near my incisions (which it did) just to be safe. I also used paper towels to pat my incisions dry after instead of a towel to help keep them clean. My PS told me to make sure my incisions were really dry before I bandaged myself back up to avoid infection so I pat them dry and then just kind of let them air dry while I brushed my hair and did my post-shower ritual before bandaging back up and getting dressed.
I do have some yellow discharge/oozing that I'm not really sure about. We called the hospital to check in with them and they said it could just be normal since it doesn't really have an odour and I don't have a fever or anything. I am seeing my PS tomorrow so he can check up on me and change my tapes so they said he could check then and really verify if it's an issue or not.
Other than that I feel great! I was feeling a bit down before and questioning if the surgery was really something that I needed, if this was what I should have done, etc, etc. but I'm feeling better and time is flying by!

Almost 5 weeks

Haven't updated in a while, nothing too exciting to post about. Everything is going great. I think I'm a C but I haven't had myself sized as I'm still wearing the sports bra most days and every night to bed.

I was having some hypersensitivity in one nipple that was pretty uncomfortable and a little painful (mostly in the shower) but it's gotten way better. I was kind of freaking out I would be stuck like that forever. I've also developed a little bit of acne around/on my chest and breasts that I've never had before (probably from being all bandaged up for a while and constantly in a sports bra) but I've been using cleanser and applying spot treatment and it seems to be going away.

Other than that everything is pretty good and I bought a bralette! I have dreamed about wearing a bralette for years, I can die happy now. Even my friends who have the same size breasts as me (no breast reduction) are jealous of my boobs! They are so perky and cute! A friend of mine is a C and can't even wear a bralette and she always tells me to stop bragging about my perfect boobs.

Almost 7 weeks post!!

Haven't updated in a while because nothing too interesting has been happening. Things seem to be healing really well!

I am wearing a bralette (no underwire) most days and the sports bra when I go to bed. Wearing the sports bra 24/7 was starting to hurt my back, the bralettes are more comfortable on a daily basis and they also make me feel more normal!

I have been enjoying the heck out of my new breasts! All my friends/family say I seem much happier and I honestly am! This is probably the best decision I've ever made.I feel much more confident, both in and out of my clothes.

The scarring isn't too bad, it hasn't even been a month and they look great! I'm pretty confident that in a year or so they will be faded and won't bother me at all.

No pain, the hypersensitivity seems to be gone for the most part. Sometimes I get little shocks (I think they're called "zingers") but they're not really painful. I've attached some pictures so everyone can see my cute little perky breasts now! On the side picture there is a black mark, it's just some residue from the tapes! Nothing icky!
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