Bilateral Mastectomy with Tissue Expanders and Radiation to Follow - Toronto, ON

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Hello ladies, I just had bilateral mastectomy 2...

Hello ladies,

I just had bilateral mastectomy 2 weeks ago and had 2 fills on expanders. 1 during surgery and 1 at follow up appt. My question is I want to hear some success stories with expanders and radiation!!!! I have a wonderful team of doctors from Princess Margaret Hospital Toronto who all are positive and confident in this technique and procedure. I am aware of the risks so I don't want you to think I'm naive to that!! Just want some pics and stories of other woman with similar procedures!!

Bad News????

During surgery they removed 3 lymph nodes. During surgery they said they were negative but after being sent to pathology 1 came back with micrometases of 1mm. I don't see surgeon until July.7th to go over the detailz and options. I'm thinking they will want to do a full lymph node removal ???? I'm so worried about the long term side effects of that!!! Please ladies some feed back from who has had them all removed!

Feeling defeated today!!!

Expanders to implants.....Concerns

I have 500cc's in each expander as you can see by the pics they are very lopsided and mis shaped. The left side has had 25 treatments of rads which actually didn't change the size shape or feeling of skin/ was always flatter with bad projection. My PS chose "gummy bear" implants and I don't know if they will look good and if there will be enough projection!! I'm very worried about the "flat look". Also wondering if anyone could post pics of their results with implants especially after radiation. PS said she will try to get them to match but because I had rads they will inevitability be different. But how different!?!?
I'm kind of panicking!!!!! Any feed back or pics info would help!!!!

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