Super Excited & Nervous****26 Yrs Old - 5ft 1, 120lbs- Breast Lift and Implants After Mod Weight Loss - Toronto, ON

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Hello I am a 26 year old female- I weigh 120...


I am a 26 year old female- I weigh 120 lbs, 5 Ft 1 ht. Currently I am a 34 B deflated. I was at one point a 36 DD- I have lost 44 pounds within the last 2 years. Since this my breasts have paid the toll.

I Just booked my BA and lift yesterday - for February 25th- I am super nervous and excited. I decided upon a 360 CC cohesive gel implant (gummy bear implants). I am getting them under the muscle - high profile as I prefer a rounder look.

I am nervous about the end result but I am confident in the surgeon I have chosen. I saw a few other surgeons who didn't listen to what I wanted and told me what they wanted to do.

I am really nervous that I have chosen too big an implant but most people who have implants have said they wish they went a little bigger..

any input would be great :)

still nervous more than excited...

I've always wanted fake breasts from ever since I can remember.

But now that I have booked my date and paid the deposit .. I feel like I am super anxious.

MY breasts before my weight loss were 36 DD they now are currently a 34 B or 32C.
I have added some pictures of my current breasts and the current state they are in after my weight loss.

Also if anyone has any tips on what items I should have and/or purchase before the surgery so I am prepared it would be greatly appreciated :)

ALSO -- what ointments or creams do ya'll recommend for the scars afterwards

XOXO thanks

Help... Need input on prep *

Hello Everyone-

I'm so thankful for everyones comments and input..

I have started making a list of what I would need to bring with me to my appt- I just got all the consent forms and lab work forms I'll needs to get done.

With my procedure I have a nights stay at the Fairmont Royal York hotel where my PS clinic is located. So far I've thought to bring :

-My best friend - who will be with me for 24 hrs after the operation
-Button down shirt + comfy pants + robe
- Bra (they will be supplying me with one)
-Bring my medication which they will be prescribing beforehand
-comfortable shoes
- Remove bio-gel nails


I'm planning on taking 6 weeks to 2 months off work , my PS recommended 6 weeks min- since I cant move a lot with the type of implants I'm getting. No overhead arm movements or sideway arm movements - very small limited range of motion with my arms for 6 weeks. - I explained to my friends; I will have the movement of a T-Rex with my arms for the next 6 weeks after the procedure.

Stop all blood thinner medications (aspirin, ibuprofen, advil, coumadin, warfarin, plavix) and supplements (omega-3, fish oil, garlic, vitamin E). Also no eating avocado - or alcohol consumption - two weeks prior to Procedure.

I've included some full body pics - Im still worried of going to big with the implants - they are estimating a 32 DD to DDD. what do you think?

Still looking into scar treatment creams ... I want to get the best available regardless of the cost since with the lift I will have more scars then with just an augmentation.

thanks for all the input loves! I feel like talking these things over with my friends and mom and bf gets annoying for them!. They all just are excited for me and would like to get a BA themselves or are not worried at all about anything :)


1 Month till the big day :)

Hey everyone :)

as the day draws closer - I'm getting more and more nervous -

I keep going back and forth - between happy- excited to anxious nervous - to do I really need them to I really want them... Some days I'm so positive and others I feel really uncertain

My main concerns are not going to big but also not going to small- I
I'm getting a lift along with my implants so I'm nervous they scars will be so horrendous I won't be as happy with my breast. Also I live at home still - so My mom knows about it but I'm so concerned with my father knowing..

Also I know the recovery process is not so great-

I know once Im on the other side- I will probably be happy I finally got them after wanting them for many years - but I cant help but have these thoughts swimming around in my head all day

Also tomrw I will be giving my notice at work - :o I hate confrontation -- ahh Wish me luck!!


2 weeks pre op - ahhhhhh

just paid for the whole surgery :o feels real now- its actually happening - super excited and nervous - giving over all that money was a surreal feeling lol but I'm hoping worth it !

everything is ready and set- just a waiting game now-
got a bunch of shirts that button down the front - my best friend has taken the day of and day after the surgery off to be with me -

I leave for florida in a week and I am there for a week- then I fly back and 2 days later its boobie day !

I'm getting a bra from the surgeon but not sure If I should have an extra one and where I should get one . any suggestions?

Also I was looking at pillows or props that will help me sleep upright ?

I have tons of books and movies and netflix to keep me occupied and less bored : )

can't wait - I've posted some pre op pics - really hate even looking or taking these pictures! can't wait for THE DAY!



Hey everyone - its about 2 weeks till the big day and I JUST STARTED FREAKING OUT!!

I think I'm going too big with my implant- Im a 34b/c and I've chose 365CC under the muscle HP silicone- with a lollipop lift.- ideally I only want to b a D - but I think Ill be more a DD OR DDD - I am afraid they are going to overpower me as I am really short.

Im really concerned about looking top heavy as I am only 5'1..

I messaged my nurse to ask her if possibly they can have a smaller implant available- like the size down from it or if I can retry on sizer...

Am I being silly. I just don't want the stripper look..especially being so small

any input would be great-

2 days :)

Hello Ladies ,

I'm not so nervous anymore- just want the day to get here and get err done :)

I went in to see Dr. Jugenburg today! He's awesome ! made me feel at ease and we spoke with my concerns to looking too TOP Heavy since I'm only 5'1 and concerns with my implant being too big for my desired outcome. He said that the implant I have chosen is perfect and matches the width of my actual breast tissue. He said If I go too small; the implant will be narrow and not the same as my natural breast tissue.

I decided with Kim one of the nurses and co-ordinators to go down one size. From 365 CC to 330 CC. She said that Im going to be getting one of the newer implants that natrelle has just come out with! they dont even have the sizers for them. Natrelle inspira??? they are cohesive gel- any one have these implants? thoughts?

I just picked up all my medications- a whopping $120.00 for everything ! ...

Can't wait - 2 more days ! wish me luck

On the other side :)

Hello ladies Just had my ba yesterday at 5pm - took about 2 hours my surgery - for the lift and implants - I loved the whole OR TEAM the a anesthesiologist was amazing and nurse put me at ease ! Dr jugenburg is amazing - I still have the compression bra on but from what I can tell the side and shape is exactly what I wanted .. I ended up with 330cc cohesive gel round inspira implants under the muscle . When I woke up I felt okay but then felt nauseous the nurse gave me some Gravol and that helped but after walking and moving - I threw up once when I got back to my room- I'm staying at the hotel here the plastic surgery clinic is located. My pain at this point is tolerable - But I've taken 2 percocets so far . So I'm not sure if the pain isn't a lot or if it's Cus of the Pain killers . I can't really move my arms much Cus I feel like my implant shifts or moves around - and I feel really tight and pressure on my chest. The nurse is coming to check on m soon and go over some stuff with my :) I will keep posting throughout recovery


Hey ladies

Just a quick update from this morning- I'm feeling really good actually- I have the lolipop incision lift with implants-

My boobs are really swollen in comparison to the picture I took last night - I believe this is normal- Ive been taking my percocets and my antibiotics today and I have to say I'm doing well - When the pain meds start to wear off I can def feel a lot more pain -

Right now my chest just feels extremely tight and I feel some tingling at certain points :)

I don't really have an appetite - I felt like I had one more so last night then I do now. I've also thrown up once more today - I think the pain meds are what did it ..

can't wait to see my boobs without all the dressings and the surgical bra

I've been doing the massages they showed me to do for now - just inbetween the breasts - up the sternum basically - feels like you can feel the air bubbles or something moving around - weird feeling and a bit tender - but I'm doing them every hour for 5 minutes as instructed



Just a picture of how swollen I am - been about 20 hrs since surgery

- I woke up like .,,

Today I woke up super naseaous - really swollen and with a lot tightness in my cheast.. I feel like I have franks boobies...

I have very little bruising ..

I just hate how naseaous I'm constantly feeling - it's worse then the pain ..

My chest seems a little red and warm to touch but I guess that comes with the swelling :)

Going to try not to take anymore perks just Tylenol 3 - don't think my stomach can handle them

Here's some pics of the inflammation today

Day 3

Day 3 and I'm feeling so great -

I'm no longer on Tylenol 3 now - I switched to them day 2 from the percocets and woah! What a diff - no nausea no drowsiness.. I felt a little more tender but I would rather that then constant vomiting.

Today I feel my breasts are more swollen then yesterday night - but I hear the swelling gets worse around the 3rd day :)

But I feel good - I'm only on extra strength Tylenol and it's day 3 - mind you I have a very high pain tolerance !!!

I also forgot to mention about the OR room with dr . Jugenburg - once you get into the room it's like nip/tuck I actually mentioned it to the anesthesiologist and he started laughing saying how they play all kinds of music - house edm you name it / it was moderately loud and I loved that ! Before being put to sleep they confirm everything again- implant size - smooth - if you've had anything to eat when was the last time - I love how they knew I was nervous being put to sleep and they reassured me not to worry they would b there looking after me the whole time and everything would be fine .

I asked my anesthesiologist if I was going to b intubated and he said no - they only do that for people with medical conditions and who need it - I would just have a laryngeal esophageal mask which sits at the base of my tongue to provide me with oxygen - my throat is and has been sore but not horribly just slightly.

They strap you into a bed like a Jesus cross - my arms are strapped side way and secured and my legs had some compression stuff around them- they loosened and tightened every so often- like a blood pressure cuff - the dr said it was to prevent blood clots in the legs- they also placed some sticky mats on my legs - on my right arm was the blood pressure cuff and on my left was the iv and the oximeter - the nurse gave me oxygen through a mask first and then when he administered the anaesthesia he warned me and I felt a weird cold tingly sensation all over the top half of my body - I remember telling them it feels so weird and then them saying well tlk to you soon and that was it - I remember walking up in post op with another nurse and feeling super naseaous .

I'm so happy with the team I went with ! I did a lot of research and I think dr. Jugenburg is an artist - I can't wait till they drop and fluff and the swelling goes down!

I've posted some pics of the boobies - a lot more swollen then last night !

I just want to thank all you ladies for the posts and messages and support - it's so lovely and helps so much especially in these first days ....


Day 4 - HELP :( no bm still ....

Hello ladies

Today I no longer took any pain meds - still taking it easy-

My main concern is I still have not had a bowel movement and I feel like I have to, but nothing coming out [i know it's gross ] Srry ;( lol it's actually a weird annoying feeling ? I've been taking stool softeners but still can't pass .:: any one take any laxatives or anything ?

Also today my boobs are a bit itchy but otherwise okay :)

Here's an updated pic - sorry for the bloaty stomach and undies -

Rosebud xo

Boobie blues :(

Hello ladies today is day 5 ... I feel like my boobs are still really big .. And I'm not sure if they are still swollen or if this is an approximate size they will end up being ... I'm kind of going back and forth between loving them and being content with my choice to get a ba and hating them and wishing I didn't .:: I know it's soul and early on--/ I told my ps I don't want to go too big or top heavy so I guess I just need to stick in there and trust him and let the results come..

I really hope they go down in size .. I know they are odly shaped now and will drop and fluff but I feel like they are huge !!!!

I have my follow up with my ps tomrw so going to see what he says as well ..::

Anyone else go through this ? I mean I want to b happy and excited and I am but can't help be a little dissapointed at this point anyways ;) trying to stay positive !!!

Thank you so much ladies for all your Input and words really helps !

Xo - here are the boobies today :)

6 day follow up :)

Hello everyone

Went for my follow up today with Dr.Jugenburg. He said everything looks great and to keep doing whatever I've been doing - he said he wants me back in two weeks to remove the stitches - he's great!! So happy I went with him - he has does such great work and I love his etiquette and how he interacts with patients !

He asked how I was feeling and touched and looked at my breasts - I'm still not feeling my nipples but I do have feeling around them... He says it should return slowly :)

I love the whole staff at the office- they make me want to go there everyweek ;)

Today was my first day actually out walking and commuting and boi did I feel it .::: my breast started to ache - not severely I just felt very uncomfortable -

Can't wait to see my boobies without the bandages ! 2 more weeks !!!

All I'm supposed to continue doing is massaging my sternum!

Here's some pics from today and some comparison from before the surgery



My boobies feel ....

Hello everyone

Just a quick update -

Everything's going well .... I just have a lot of tingling and pins and needles feeling ... It's just super annoying and uncomfortable - I take Tylenol but doesn't seem to help much ....

I know it's the nerves regenerating just annoying

I'm also looking into diff scar treatments for when I'm allowed to start using them
My ps staff suggested kelacot? Anyone else have any suggestions , anyone's use scar guard as well ??

Thanks ladies


2 weeks :)

Hello ladies

So today is my 2 week mark- everything feels great - boobies are still high and ones dropped a little more than the other !

I drove yesterday for the first time and making turns .. Wow.. Never thought it would b difficult or uncomfortable - but manageable !

1 more week till I get to see my nipples without bandages and stitches come out !!

Here's some updated pics of the girls today !


3 week follow up

hello ladies -

went in today for my followup - got the stitches removed and new bandages applied!
I finally saw my nipples- but they still look a little odd and scrunched which I hear is normal.

I bought a new sports bra today and the lady at VS measured me. she said I am a 32 DDD ... :o
I know it sounds huge - but they really dont feel or look as huge to me ..

My breasts are a bit more tender today especially the skin that was being covered by all those bandaids.

I will be back to see Dr. Jugenburg in 2 months -
I'm not doing any massages or any scar treatments yet.

Can't wait to workout - and get back to somewhat normal :)

xo Rosebud

Some pics

Hello everyone

So I got my bandages changed and can show you all the incision from my ba and breast life -

The vertical incision anyways - def not too bad for 3 weeks !!!

I feel like one of my breasts is smaller and has dropped and is fluffing better than the other ..

I just have to be patient - it just makes me nervous a little but I'm sure it's normal for 3 weeks post op :)

1 month

Hello everyone

So it's my one month mark :)

Feel like they are becoming more and more a part of me ..

I still have bandages on :( and don't really know what my nipples look like - but I love them:

One breast is larger than the other still -- but not by much but enough for it to b noticeable - Im so impressed with how my vertical scar is .:: I can't believe how great it looks already !!!

So happy with my decision to go with Dr jugenburg!

My next consult is in may- and I was instructed to start scar treatment at 6 weeks along with being able to workout at 6 weeks !!!

Ya can't wait to be able to workout! Really taking its toll on my emotionally!!!

Here are some pics !

I also got some free latisse (eyelash treatment) and Botox units wih my surgery! Will b trying that out next week hopefully - will post how that goes :)


Better pics of Mastopexy lollipop scar

Dr jugenburg is amazing and a true artist !!!

I keep breaking out ...

Hey ladies how's everyone doing --

For some odd reason past 2 weeks I keep breaking out on my chest - anyone else have this issue - I never get acne and I try to exfoliate and clean area best I can..

Help ?!!

Here are some updated pics as well :) I love them more and more everyday !

6 weeks

Hey ladies

This week makes 6 weeks I've removed the bandages and am going to start scar treatment with the kelacote gel :) hopefully this works

I still have some of the stitches present but they seem to all b falling off-

My vertical incision looks great but my nipples look a little off the incision -- hopefully now that the bandages are off and with the gel they will keep improving

Also yay for being able to workout this week

-any other tips ladies ?!

Here are some updated pics -

7 weeks :)

Hello ladies !

So some of you have been asking for me to update my review -

My scars are coming along - I think - I'm using kelacote every morning and night -

I'm back to working out - feel not back to my usual self - it's so hard getting back into my routine ... It's hard to do upper body weights - I've been taking it easy and trying to strengthen everything...

My boobs seem to be fluffing and dropping nicely - I love them - they are still different sizes - but my boobs were diff sizes to begin with - not by a lot but slightly - I feel it's a little more noticeable now but I will take this up with my Dr when I have my next follow up in my ...

I noticed today when I lift my arms - I guess the muscle contracts and it makes a slightly weird shape on the lower half of my boob- barely noticable and only when I really reach high above my head - I guess since my implants are unders it's the muscle moving them..: it happens right where my vertical scar is !

Any other movement etc they look great no rippling now depressions nothing !

I still get tiny little pings and little pains but nothing serious .. I have my feeling in my nipples back - one side is way more sensitive than the other but I do have feeling in both :)

Here are some updated pics - if any other questions let me know :)

Hope this helps

2 months :)

Hello everyone - some of you ladies have been asking for an update !

So the girls are great they seem to have really settled well and the scars are looking great - I can't even explain how happy I with them!

One boob is slightly larger but not very noticeable anymore -

Like I've been told they are sisters not twins :)

Here are some updated pics - I'm in to see Dr jugenburg in 3 weeks !

Been working out a lot and my body feels better and it's not so painful anymore working out my upper body and arms


Right boobie incision :)

2 months out :)

Weight loss

So some of you fine ladies have asked for me to post some pictures of me before my weight loss -- so here goes - these pictures really bother me to be honest but they are motivating and I'm happy to share with others - I changed my whole lifestyle and diet and it's become a part of who I am now :)

Back to the fitness routine

So as many of you have or will experience not being able to workout for 6 weeks was so hard ..

Really felt like I was going crazy

It was so hard getting back into it everything felt so stiff and weak when I started up again - I've now been back to the gym for 3 weeks !

Starting to see my definition coming back still not at my end goal but trying to stick with it and push myself -

Doing upper body workouts with the new boobies was def hard I would get pains when doing any upper body weights .. Now I feel good but initially was tender and sore and very week

Here are some new pics taken this week

Happy healing ladies and happy Mother's Day to all :) xo

1 year update

Hey ladies

Been a while since I posted - the girls are looking and feeling better than ever really settled .

I'll post some more pics recent ones and some fitness update pics too

:) xo
Dr. Martin Jugenburg

Dr. Jugenburg and his staff are amazing ! Everyone makes you feel super confident in your decisions and they answer all my concerns promptly . The ladies are all lovely and helpful! Wait times are great!!! Office is gorgeous. Dr jugenburg is a true artist - for someone who was super nervous about my outcome; I really shouldn't have been! He outperformed and exceeded all my expectations! Will definitely only go to Dr. J for any future work and recommend him to anyone looking for any work to be done ! Thanks Dr. Jugenburg and the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute ladies !!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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