Anchor Lift with 320cc Low Profile Round Silicon Implants 13cm Breast Width - Toronto, ON

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I've never felt satisfied with my breasts as they...

I've never felt satisfied with my breasts as they developed since their shape wasn't round & perky

After having 2 children, the shape improved; however they were quite empty after breast feeding & the areola was stretched ovular instead of round. I am a 32b(long;)

I am in my 20's but had the chest of an aging woman. I was tired of compromising my style because of the limitation of having sagging breasts & no cleavage.

Over a 1.5 yr period I consulted with 6 doctors in Canada & the US. A close friend suggested I visit her Dr. & upon meeting him I knew he was the one.

I'll admit that I was becoming more experienced & knew the right questions to ask; but Dr. Tong offered options & wasn't attempting to force his opinions on me.
Some other surgeons had the gall to insinuate that any cosmetic work would be an improvement. Sure, I know my breast weren't in the best shape to start, but if I'm going to spend $10,000-$15,000 on a surgery I want them to look great!
In terms of price I received quotes as low as $8000 to as high as $15,000. Price wasn't a factor in my decision making process.
Dr. Tong preformed a breast lift (anchor scar) with a 320 cc low profile implant. My breast width was 13cm & I have a very wide sternum so we selected a silicon implant of 13.5cm diameter to bring in the gap between my breasts slightly. We chose the smallest implant for the largest diameter so the cc'd & projection are lower then Dr. tongs recommendation ( which was 400cc)
Dr Tong decreased the size of my areoles, repositioned them to be higher & more centered.
He also make the breast pocket a little lower/deeper on my right side since that breast's fold was higher.
Immediately after surgery he was very pleased with the results ( I took his word for it) I was quite swollen & coming off the anaesthetic.
My breast have never been so close together, nor have I ever had cleavage. This will be temporary, as the implants need to drop & fluff.
Anyhow I am anxiously awaiting this as the lowest part of my breast need to fill in. I hope my nipples with rise as the implant drops & that the sensation to my nipples improve as the healing gets better.
Other then that, I think the size is perfect as my breast will not be large and I will likely fit into most of my new clothes as my silhouette won't differ too much from pre-surgery( with a bra on of course)

1 month post op

It has been a month since my breast lift with implants (320cc low profile round silicon).
I thought the implants were starting to drop; but I think it's just all the swelling that has gone away.
The implants are still pretty high.
Looking forward to their dropping to fill & rounds out the bottom of my breast.
I'm restricted to wearing bras without underwire. I had such an easy time shopping! Every one I put on fit -Usually my breasts would just hang over the band if there weren't additional support.
Still getting used to the way my clothing fits as I'm much wider across my chest & my usually crew necks need to be replaced with v-necks which are much more flattering.
I've got 2 painfully tight veins under each breast. I've been told that this will go away 3-4weeks & have already noticed improvements to my mobility & reach.
There are also several dissolvable sutures poking out at the base of my areolas & also in the crease of my breast. Unfortunately, it's too difficult to see in pictures.
I see my surgeon in 2weeks (total of 6weeks since surgery) I hope he will be able to evaluate the progress. I have concerns some which I want to speak to him about
Also looking for the okay to wear underwire bras & get back to the gym!

1yr later

Dr. Tong is an excellent surgeon. He was very knowledgeable & patient during our consultation. He took the time to work through my questions & made recommendations based on his experience. Dr. Tong has a 3D imaging machine which we used on my 2nd visit (pre-surgery visit: when selecting implant size) to give me a visual of the proposed outcome on my surgery. Unfortunately, I couldn't give Dr. Tong a perfect score because I was treated by a nurse on the surgical floor for my aftercare because he was away on vacation the week after my surgery. I have no doubt that he would have done a n excellent job if he had been available. Dr. Tongs staff are friendly & courteous. Janelle is exceptionally polite over the phone and in person to greet & arrange/confirm appointments. Jeanne(sp.) was very personable, discussed her own experience with plastic surgery with me, provided me with a direct line to call if I had any concerns, reminded me of the small things to remember/ prepare for after surgery (keep all toiletries at counter height as you cannot reach up high for a while) I paid in full at my second visit prior to booking a surgery date. I was still treated with the utmost care & was offered multiple options when I decided to pick a date. The whole team was very accommodating. The facilities are clean & organized. I arrived in the morning of my surgery & the surgical floor in their office suite were calm, comfortable & efficient. I have never had a hospital experience; however I expect it to be a lot more chaotic?!? Although visually I was not 100% satisfied with the results. I understand completely that this procedure takes time to settle within the body & I have no doubts that Dr, Tong will do everything in his power to adequately assist me with a resolution if required. I would recommend to Dr. Tong to have more resources available in his office for aftercare such as silicon sheeting for scars & front clasp bras post surgery.

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