26 Years Old - Mom of 2 - Breastfed for 3yrs - Left with Sad, Saggy Boobs - Toronto, ON

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After two pregnancies and breastfeeding for a...

After two pregnancies and breastfeeding for a combined total of a little over 3 years, I was left with sad, saggy boobs that look like they belong to a 90 yr old! I can’t even wear a bra without them falling out when I move around so I have to wear a bandeau over the bra just so they stay put! *sigh* I’m also not happy with the size I am now left with so I will be having a staged augmentation & lift (breast lift 1st and then a breast augmentation after 6 months) I had my pre op appointment yesterday (signed paperwork, went over instructions, took before photos, paid the balance, and purchased the recommenced post op healing products) My surgery date is June 16th and the type of lift I will be getting is the anchor lift. The cost for the lift was $11,354.80 Canadian (taxes included) I couldn’t be any more excited! I am so over these boobs!!

3 more days & wish pics

Just 3 more days woohoo!! Here are some of my “wish pics” I’m hoping my results come out just as good as these ones :) I am pretty much set and all I need to get is a post op bra. I was told to bring in an old bra and to cut out the wires if it has any...all I’ve seen online is people wearing front closure compression bras after their breast lifts so I’ve been trying to find something like that as I don’t think the old regular bras I have will fit nice and provide any compression which I’ve read is very important. I ordered one online from the states a few days ago but it doesn’t look like it will get here until Friday...I’ve also looked into getting a sports bra but the only front zip ones I’ve found come in cup sizes and I have no idea what cup size I’ll be afterwards :S Hopefully I find one soon!

Surgery is done!

Got to the hospital at around 9:15 am and left around 5:45 pm...the surgery itself was about 3hrs long. Dr E and the staff at the hospital were all wonderful! The hospital which was the new Humber River hospital was very cool as well, it's the 1st fully digital medical facility in North America! Pain level has been very low which I am very happy about! It's almost 11:30pm right now and I haven't touched the pain medicine yet. I took a sneak peak at my right boob when I got home and I love, love, love it so much!! I started crying like a big baby because I was just so darn happy LOL! I get to shower on Sunday so I will get a better look then. I've was soooo emotional from around 8pm - 10pm (was crying for no reason!) I did read that it was a side affect of anesthesia I did not get any nausea or vomiting so if crying is the only side affect for me then I guess that is ok ha ha I will attach some photos of what my situation is looking like now (nothing too interesting) and the automated text messages my hubby got on his phone while he was waiting around so you have an idea of how things went. I guess that's it for now :)

3 days post op!

I'm 3 days post op today and I was finally able to shower! Thank goodness!! A steri strip from the left side ended up falling off and I was too scared to remove the mesh from the right side as I feel the steri strips on the bottom will come off if I touch it and I don't want anything to get exposed so I am leaving it for now... I feel pretty good and recovery hasn't been bad at all! I got to finally get a good look at the boobs and I'm happy with them so far...the right side is a bit higher then the left side though...I guess it has settled quicker then the right..not sure? I like the right side a lot better lol I just hope the left doesn't get any lower.

1 week post op

The 1st week went by very fast! I had my 1st post op appt on the 21st and got some of the strips changed. I am no longer sleeping inclined and the only thing I am taking is Arnica. Aunt flow has showed up 2.5 weeks early and in full force! I did read that this is normal after surgery so besides that the only other thing I am experiencing is decrease in appetite which I've read is normal too. I do have a love/hate relationship with the left side...love the right side a lot better :) The right side does wrinkle when I lay to the side which had me freaking out for a bit so I emailed the nurse and she says it's normal. Overall I'm happy! My boobs look a lot better than before & don't point south anymore :)

2 weeks post op

Got the ends of the sutures cut and the steri strips changed on Wednesday & I can remove the strips and begin scar treatment when they start to loosen up.

The nurse said the incisions look really good so I'm really looking forward to seeing them as I haven’t yet.

The wrinkling I was experiencing got slightly worse (I guess because swelling went down ?) so I asked about that and showed him & he says it’s fine so I will try to stop freaking out about it lol..apart from that there haven’t been any major changes.

My next follow up appt will be at the 2 month mark with the nurse and then I will see the surgeon again at 6 months post op.
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