26 y/o 450CC HP Natrelle Allergen Submuscular

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Hi Ladies, I have been wanting breast implants...

Hi Ladies,

I have been wanting breast implants since highschool and now I am 26 years old and finally take the steps to get my new set of girls. Like most mothers, during nursing periods our boobs are engorged, full, and great. The aftermath of breastfeeding takes a toll on your boobies. So Ive decided to just do it :) I've always had self esteem and confidence issue and I barely look at my own body in the mirror. Do some of you ladies feel like that? Nonetheless, I am nervous, anxious, and excited for my consultation. I am having it with Dr Jerome Edelstein and it is on Jan 23. I have prepared a list of questions.

I am going into this consultation with a pre-idea of what I want. I want somewhere between 425cc-480cc. I need to try on the sizers to see what I like. I would love a full look (between full D-DD)with upper pole fullness and minimum side boob action. Since I have a narrower chest, MP would give me too much side boob. But I will try them on and ask what his recommendations are.

I read through numerous forums and the majority of the ladies mention that they wish they had gone bigger and I definitely don't want that though at the end.

I will update this once I attended my consultation. Wish my luck RS ladies :)


3 more day till 1st consultation

I am so nervous and excited to go to my first consultation. My birthday is on Jan 22nd and the consultation is on te 23rd :) I got a phone call yesterday from the office and the girl was so sweet. I asked her what I should bring and she said your favorite shirt bc we will give you a bra. She also said bring all my questions, pictures, papers and pens as the consultation will contain a heavy load of information. I have a list of questions typed and ready to go! I just can't wait to try on the sizers to see what it actually looks like. I'm going for a full breast look meaning a lot of upper pole fullness. I want to go big but not too big but who knows after the consultation I will change my mind lol. Yayyyyy! Do you ladies have any suggestions as to what I should ask? Just so I can see if I missed something. I'm going to add some wish boob pics along with my itty bitty girls. Xoxo

p.s I am 5"2 115 pounds

Consultation was Great!

I went for my consultation on jan 23 and it went really well. I felt super comfortable with my doctor as he explained throughly what my risks and complications were, his procedures, his recommendations on which implants and his thoughts on my incisions and where to place the implants. I just got a really good vibe from him the moment I walked in. He's goofy, charming, and most of all ANAL about his work and I'm using that term word verbatim. Hahaha. I brought in 3 sheets of questions and I didn't use any because he answered most if not all when he was speaking to me. Like most ladies, I've done my research and I was looking for a doctor who is knowledgeable and board certified with hospital rights. He gave me the option to do it at his clinic or at the exact same hospital I gave birth to my daughter at :) My main concerns was bottoming out, capsular contracture and symmastia and how much it would cost to repair my boobs if that occurred and he said no worries that those rarely happen under his work probably less than 1% and if it did he would have no problem redoing it at no cost.

I showed him a lot of my wish boobs and he smiled and said he knew exactly what I wanted and that his recommendations will get me to that. This doctor prefers allergen with 5 types of projection he gave me 415,450 high profiles and 470,490 extra high profile for more projection. I really like the projection of 470 but the nurse said to go up bc I'll lose 25 cc under the muscle. My choice is between 500 but am I being too boob greedy??????? Let me know ladies.

Surgery Day Booked! Aahhhhhhh

So today I took the plunge and booked my surgery day with a deposit down. I really can't believe I did it. I was on the phone and felt so nervous like a kid on a roller coaster. My pre-op is set for feb 26 and I will be signing consent forms and finalizing my sizes.
I feel so anxious for the last weeks about sizing, did any of you ladies kept going back and fourth? I want to be "full" but not too top heavy Bc I'm 5"3 and 115 pounds so maybe 500cc will be too big? I've seen some girls on here and 400-450 was big. Should I go bigger and go with 475cc which will bring me down to 450cc?????! My surgery date is on March 19th so soon! :) any advise??

Surgery date set and confirmed!

I am excited and nervous about this as there are 18 days left till my surgery!!!! I went in two days ago for my final sizing and I am still indecisive about things. I think I am thinking too much about it and it's driving me nuts! Did this happen to you ladies? I am set on 450cc but I don't want to go too large or top heavy I am inbetween 415cc and 450cc . My surgery date is March 19 at 9:30am! ahhhh! It's happening! My patient coordinator was great at explaining everything , her experience (she wish she gone 450cc instead of 380cc) and her expertise on sizes that fit the look I wanted. She said 450cc will be perfect! Please let me know what you Girls think :)

All set and paid in full!

So I paid everything yesterday and driving up there I was so nervous! I really can't believe I'm going through with this. My patient cordinator was there and asked me how I was feeling as I'm only 13 days from my surgery. All I could say was anxious and excited. She assured me that everything will be great and just forget about the sizes (since I've been going back and fourth and finally I decided on 450cc) and relax. Let the count down begin :) Any advice on two weeks pre-op in what to buy? I'm not sure if I should invest in one or two front Zip up bras or just keep my post operative bra?? Let me know what you ladies think!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how nervous and excited I am! Tomorrow at 9:30am is my surgery at his private clinic. I cleaned my room, made a little side table with all the essentials for tomorrow. I really can't believe after 10 years I am finally getting it done it's really happening! I bought food for the next week or so. I usually meal prep but thanks to my mom she will be here helping me take care of my daughter during the week and she's with her dad on the weekend... I couldn't sleep yesterday and for sure I won't sleep tonight! Wish me luck ladies and I will update this once I am done. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I will post some pre op boobies.

Pre op Pictures

Surgery day!

I literally went to bed at 4am and woke up at 6:30am to get ready and leave. I am sitting in my room waiting for dr e to come in and mark me up! I am sooooo nervous but really excited. In about 30mins I'm going get new boobs ahhhh! Wish me luck! Goodbye 34B and hello new D's!!!!!! :)

Hello new boobies!

So I did it got it done. I arrived late as there was a delay on the highway but I made it. I can't believe it. Firstly, dr E was so funny and reassuring as he was marking me, I had asked about cleavage as an important thing to me and he said "don't your worry linda I'll make that my priority". He made me feel at ease about everything. Fast forward I went to sleep and woke up in the recovery room in PAIN! I told the nurse who was soooo nice to drug me up again which she did lol. I had the worst migraine and putting on my clothes was impossible so the nurse helped me. Dr E walked by 3 times to let me know it went great and cleavage was on point lol.Got home, took my meds and was knocked out. Kept waking in up in pain, but the worst thing was getting up to use the washroom and throwing up everytime I did. I just couldn't keep no food down and was extremely nauseated. I slept fine, iced my boobs the whole night and with the help of my mom (who I greatly appreciate and love) I was able to pull through. My boobs are square like which I knew but I can't wait to see the drop and fluff. I really can't move much but I got to take a few pics and here there are.

Post op day 1

Here are pics taking the day of surgery.

3 Days Post Op

I am 3 days post op and so far recovery has been painful the first two days. I just felt my chest was super heavy when I get out of bed. But today is a lot better. I can't believe the difference 3 days can make. I started using bio oil bc I am prone to stretch marks since I have a few from BF hopefully it works.

As for my incisions, they are quiet small. Smaller then I thought. I really can't wait to see the D&F!! Common boobies!

5 Day post op

I am 5 days post of today and the pain is finally slowly subsiding. Yesterday I had the worst back pains ever. I'm assuming it's all the hunching forward I am doing. I swear sometimes i feel like my implants might fall out so im always holding on to them so tight when I get up lol.

The tensor bandage I have to wear is very irritating as it is so itchy. I take it off once a while for 2 mins or so to feel free haha. Here are some pics. Loving them so far :)

Loving how they are looking now!

I love how they look in white tanks!

9day post op

I don't know why but I have really back pains :( this is probably the worst part of healing.. My boobs are still swollen especially my right boob is sitting really high. I really couldn't help it but went to Victoria secret to try on bras hahha. The sports bra are so comfy! Happy 1 week + to my new girls which I loveeeeee!

12 day post op!

So today I am 12 days post op. What's new? they are slowly dropping. I love love how they are looking now. I mean not the shape but the fullness. I can only imagine once it drops and fluff how natural and full they will be.

Righty seems to take forever to drop and I think it's bc I'm left handed and do everything with my left..

I still feel a heavy chest tightness and pain when I lay down more then standing/sitting/walking. Sometimes I feel like I have to catch my breath! My incisions been painful as well so weird! I called my cordinator and she said it was normal to have random pains everywhere for a month or so.

I don't know if it's me but I'm scared to touch them lol I don't know whyyyy! But I guess bc it's a "foreign" object I feel like they might shift or become displaced when I touch them. Hahaha!

Happy two weeks boobies!

I hit the two weeks 1 day mark and I can't believe how much it's changed from the first day (looking like pecs lol). I love them more and more each day. Whats new? As usual lefty is dropping more than the right one. The pain is slowly going away but my nipples burn!!! They are so sensitive. Did this happen to anyone? My back got better but when I sleep and wake up my breast feels super engorged and painful I don't know why... I'm going to see my surgeon for a two weeks post op check up so I'll ask him. Here are my boobs two weeks post op! :)

First post op appointment

Hey ladies, today I met up with my doctor at the hospital for my first post op check and everything is looking fantastic. I didn't have CC, no hematoma,and no bruising yay! His bedside mannerism is so awesome. I have a raised scar at the edge of my left incision (which I have be suspecting) but he said it will flatten out.

He also put on some new sterile strips and even gave me extras!! Nothings new from my last post other than still swollen on my right boob and when I raise my arm it still hurts...

I got the green light to gym again yay!! But I can only do light cardio and legs which is what I always do anyways!

Here are the girls!

1 month post op!

Wow I can't believe its been one month already! What's new? I'm actually experiencing some side pains in my left Breast. I can't explain it but it feels uncomfortable I am going to call my doc to let him know. Aside from this, I am loving my result. They are taking long to drop especially my right but they look exactly how I pictured it especially in bikinis . People talk a lot about boob greed but I am the opposite. I'm not too sure if I went to big for my body frame lol. I love big boobs but they seem bigger as they are dropping... Maybe it's me? Did any of you ladies feel like that? Nonetheless Happy one month boobie!

6 weeks update

Hi ladies, this upcoming Thursday will be my 6 weeks post op.

New? The pain in my left boobie is gone yay! both boobs have went down a lot from the swelling (still think there's more to go but I love my size still).

Gym: I gym 3-4 times a week no upper weight training strictly legs and cardio. What I did notice is when I'm running my left boobs feels contracted and gets hard. Did anyone feel like this?! The swelling or hardness subsides after I stop but running is uncomfortable and I love running pre op. I spoke to my rn cordinator and she assured me it was normal and can last till two months. Fingers cross it goes away and I feel normal lol.

I am still measured at 32 DD at both vs and Lazensa.

They are definitely squishy but can be more softer hahaha.

I started my scar treatment 3 days ago using the silicone sheet gel by retouch! I can't wait to see the results. My ps told me because I'm Asian I tend to scar more darker so the gel sheets is a bit "stronger" then liquid gel. My incision scars aren't bad but I know it takes time.

Other than that happy 6 weeks boobies!!!


8 weeks update

Hey ladies, tomorrow will mark my 8 weeks yay! I have my check up next week. But my boobs are slowly dropping more and more everyday. My "main concern" is my nipples are not centered lol it's really low but it doesn't bother me as much however, I can't help but wish they were higher. Hopefully in a few months it would shift up :)

I am so in love with my girls and feel so much more comfortable and sexy in clothes. My scars feel a bit bumpy but I'm going to ask my cordinator if they are keloids..

Here are some pictures! Happy 8 weeks boobies! P.S I'm not wearing a bra in my dress or the two piece outfit. Love love love the size!

3 months post op

Hi ladies,
I hit the 4 months mark recently. Ahh how time flies. What's new? my Breast are seriously slowly dropping. I know it will take sometime but I'm so impatient lol. My boobs feel really soft and bouncy.
My incision scars are a bit darker I have been massaging them as suggested by my cordinator. At 4 months them seem fairly perky still and I am happy with that.
I love how I can rock a bathing suit and feel so much better.
My only downside is shopping for DD bras. They are too wide on me which I hate. But hey that's what you get when you get big boobies. Haha. Otherwise I feel great! Happy 3 months boobies!!

Xo L

Over a year update

Hello ladies, I can't believe it's been over a year since I got them done :) What's new? I love my breast I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. My boobs are exactly how I imagined them to be. My nipples have always been low so that doesn't bother me anymore... They feel great, they look good in clothes and I feel like I'm myself after all these times of hating my itty bitty titties. My only issue is my left breast started to feel pain I've always felt that way from day one but dr said its not capsular contracture. However, I'm starting to psych myself out again. I will contact dr E this week to see what he says it Heather. I promise I'll post more pics. Xoxo L

2 years post op pics

Hi ladies, I can't believe it's been two years since I got my breast augmentation done. I am still as happy as I was the moment I decided to get them :) nothing has really changed from the post a year ago. My breasts remains soft, no cc and most importantly I love how they look in almost anything!!!! Here are some updated pics. Xo
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