25 Years Old. 5'1", 105lbs, No Kids. 220cc Breast Augmentation! - Toronto, ON

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Hello, lovelies! I've had my first consultation...

Hello, lovelies!
I've had my first consultation with Dr.Beber and have officially booked March 10th for my surgery. I had a consultation with another doctor about a year ago and it went horribly, his office was gross and he made me feel super uncomfortable, and it put me off of the whole idea until recently. I've wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember, and I finally decided to try another doctor. The consultation with Dr.Beber was amazing, good vibes from beginning to end. He was really thorough and there wasn't a moment I didn't feel totally comfortable. His assistants Serin & Tina are also super lovely! I knew right away that he was the Dr for me.
I am so super excited!! Here are some before pics and pictures with the sizers, too.


Moderate profile sizers.


Moderate profile. I like this diameter, too.

trying again..

For some reason pics aren't uploading. Trying again from my laptop instead of my phone. I'm planning on going with this diametre & projection but originally wanted a little bit less volume in order to look as natural as possible. Nothing against the "fake boob" look! I'm pretty flat so I know they will probably look fake no matter what, I just personally don't really dig the look of that "upper ridge" that comes with HP, if that makes sense. It can be hot, for sure, just not for me! After looking at the side view of these sizers, I'm thinking if I go with less volume there won't be much of a difference, so maybe I'll stick with these! Around 215ccs.

night before surgery!

So I went for my pre-op on the 29th and decided on the bigger option- 220cc. Tomorrow is the big day! I have to be at the hospital at 6am, starting to feel a little nervous. Here's a pic with the 220cc sizers! See ya on the other side!


Yesterday morning was my surgery. Everything went really smoothly. Got to the hospital at 6am, registered and got changed and had an IV put in by 7am, then was told surgery would be at 8am. Around that time Dr.Beber's assistant (I forget her name, she was very nice and made me really comfortable!) came to the waiting room and brought me to the OR where Dr.Beber was. We chatted as he marked me up, I laid down and it felt like right away I was coming-to, being wheeled down a hallway, feeling very groggy. There was a pretty significant weight on my chest, and as the anaesthetic wore off in the recovery room the pain increased and I found it difficult to move my arms. After a nap Dr.Beber came and arranged for painkillers (just T3's) and I was free to go! The ride home was really uncomfortable, every little movement hurt. I've been in bed since. I can move my arms a little but I need help getting up from lying down! Also I've been hearing/feeling little sloshy/squishy noises in my chest from certain movements and it's really grossing me out, haha! Such an uncomfortable sensation, it makes me nauseous! Otherwise I'm feeling good, and my boobs look great! High up and swollen and far apart right now of course, but that's expected for the first little while. The size is perfect. I'm writing this from my phone so I will upload pictures sometime later today!

post-op pics!

Already noticing a difference! Pics are from same-day and 1 day post-op.

3 days post-op

Feeling a little lopsided. My right boob has been having little spasms, weird little vibrations and squishes. This is normal, right? Also am I the only one who sees a difference in colour, am I being paranoid?
Starting to feel a little antsy. My first post-op appointment is tomorrow morning, it will be good to get out of the house!

Day 4!

Woke up feeling pretty good today! I'm able to get in and out of bed on my own and the pain isn't too bad. Mostly it just feels like weight/pressure on my chest. I can move my arms easily, though my shoulders and back are a bit sore. My boobs are starting to feel itchy! The entire surface of them, plus around my armpits. I mixed up my days and my post-op appointment is actually tomorrow, curious to get these bandages off and see the incisions.
Also- I have not pooped ONCE since surgery.. I've been sleeping in my mom's bed so she can help me get up if I need to in the night. She said my stomach rumbling kept her up last night! I'm so bloated it feels like I'm preggers. I'm taking meds to help, but no luck so far. Anyone else have this experience?

day 5

Ventured out of the house for the first time today for my post-op. Was planning on taking an Uber downtown but I was feeling good so I took public transit. I got the hiccups and started feeling nauseous on the bus and regretted that decision! I napped for 20 minutes on the train and felt better, though. Dr. Beber says I'm healing perfectly! I mentioned the bubbly/squishy noises and he said that they're just air bubbles dissipating and nothing to be concerned about. He took off the bandages- they were totally clean, no blood or fluid or anything! He gave me the okay to shower normally, and to wean off the painkillers and switch to Advil. I scheduled an appointment for two weeks from today to take off the final little bandages, if they haven't already come off in the shower, and to deal with the sutures! Feeling pretty good! Chest is feeling tight and itchy and awkward but arms are totally mobile. Still feeling pain when I exert any kind of pushing or pulling motions. Slept most of the day away, maybe because I stopped taking the painkillers.
Here's a pic from when I got home from my post-op! Looking a little lopsided but it's normal for boobs to not heal at the exact same rate. Really pleased with how they're looking!

day 6

Sleep last night was a little difficult- moving around feels more comfortable but if I stretch too much I have sharp pains in my incisions. Feeling really itchy & like I've got two rock hard boulders on my chest. Picture from this morning- finally feeling a little less bloated.

day 7

Feeling great! Went out for dinner last night and felt really tired really fast, lots of tightness and some heat in the incisions, but otherwise doing well. Here's a picture that illustrates proportions a little clearer! Bigger than I anticipated but I'm so glad, I love the size, I think they're perf!

day 8

Feeling really tight and sore. I need to buy more Advil, so I haven't been taking anything for almost a day now. Love the way they look, but they are really hard! I think thats normal for the first little bit. Dr.Beber does not recommend massaging them- like ever. I've been researching and some doctors think its important, while others don't. Does massaging them make them softer? Has anyone not massaged and still had soft squishy results?

day 12

Incisions have been on fire! Sometimes it will fade, but now that I'm out and about, back to school and work, after a long day of moving around my incisions really start hurting. I've started sleeping on my side for little periods at a time. My boobs are looking really fake. Very round, particularly in the inner cleavage area. Trying not to panic just yet as it's only day 12- is this normal? Will they look like that forever or will they become more "natural" looking? Anybody have this experience? Thanks!

photo dump!

It's been a while! Here are some progress pics from the last three months.

Today! 3 months out.

Healing has gone perfectly! Dr Beber has been amazing and lovely, any time I have a question I call the office and Serin has been helpful. I was back at the gym in about three weeks (not recommended but I was feeling restless.) I listened to my body- working out my arms or back or chest was out of the question until about a month and I took it very slowly. At 6 weeks I was able to do light upper body work outs comfortably. I am a pole-dancer which is hugely upper-body based, I could not do so comfortably until about nine weeks and even today I'm not quite where I want to be but I'm slowly building my strength back. My boobs look totally fantastic, I couldn't be happier! I have loss of nipple sensation but it's gotten better over the last little while. I'm still numb but not a severely as before. Sometimes my nipples feel like pins and needles. One weird thing is that I've lost sensation in a small patch on my upper right arm! Dr Beber said any feeling loss should return to normal but if it hasn't in a year I should expect that it will not come back, fingers crossed! They're feeling soft and bouncy now. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Also for more pictures I post a ton on instagram. @taishev
This picture was taken about two weeks ago.

One year later!

Fully healed and settled! Perfect results, super happy.

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