(20 Years Old, 105lbs, 5'2 I Wear 32aa Bra) 255 Cc Allegran Gel Round Implants - Toronto, ON

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I've had 2 apt's with my doctor so far... so first...

I've had 2 apt's with my doctor so far... so first time he suggested 190-200cc for me but after reading so many other reviews I freaked out because it seems to small! (Most reviews have 300cc+) I went back again and he suggested 240cc to look natural but I pushed for 255cc. The only issue is the width of my chest -I measure 10cm and he suggested to stay under that to look natural. 255cc is about 11.5 cm wide so I'm sure 1.5 cm won't be "too big"

I'm still freaking out a bit because I keep looking at other reviews and 255 cc doesn't seem that big on others!!!! Am I going big enough?? Am I panicking for no reason?? Maybe others aren't as short and tiny as me and they look smaller on them? I just don't want to go through all of this to be a small B cup. I currently wear 32aa (I basically have nothing) Any suggestions from smaller framed girls??

My surgery is July 20th And I'll be posting pictures within this week.
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