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I haven't been active on this board even though i...

i haven't been active on this board even though i have been checking it regularly for years. I read the stories on here when i start feeling nervous about things. I have had my implants for about 11 years. They no longer suit my lifestyle and I feel extremely self conscious about them. After years of thinking about it, complaining about it, I booked my appointment on June 28th. I just booked the time off work, and am filling out my surgery forms for the clinic I choose in Toronto. Im excited. And nervous. The surgery forms i just filled out, gave me a bit of a scare.....mainly the scar, but coming on here has reminded me why I'm doing this.... i can't wait to have small breasts. And wear normal clothes. I have a really small frame, small waist...nothing fits my body. Im excited to wear tank tops and not feel self conscious about everyone starring at my breasts. I decided to get a lift as well. I was a saggy B cup before my implants. I am now a somewhat saggy (natural) D cup. Most people don't even know I have implants, just huge breasts. Which has been awesome. However, taking them out, will cause a saggy pancake effect with my loose skin. So I opted for a lift, even with the scars. I read some recent posts discussing lifts, and i don't think they are necessary for everyone, but in my case, it is necessary. Anyway, thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences here. I'm excited to be me again.


i don't even have any pre implant pictures to share with you!! and i just remembered going to my surgeon years after getting my implants, and i wanted them out.... probably 6 years ago......... 2 more weeks!


I'm starting to feel nervous about the actual surgery..... I'm nervous everyone will notice a huge nervous about what they will end up looking nervous about going under and the pain. one week. i wish i was on the other side....

tomorrow is the day

im terrified. don't know what it will be like not having gigantic boobs. i catch myself staring at girls boobs all the time, small boobs especially..... I'm really just nervous about it all. I've had them 11 years........its weird feeling. weirder tan putting them in.

day 3 post explant

its nice to be on the other side, but I'm still all bandaged and I'm still in bed. i see my doctor on wednesday to get the bandages off. the funny ting, with the bandages, they still feel so big! When i was waking up from surgery, i heard someone say 'this one did an implant exchange' and i started to panic. i couldn't let it go. my fiancé kept reassuring me that that wasn't the case, and that they are way still not sure about anything in this moment, except that i feel relieved to be on the other side. i spent years thinking about it. thanks for all your support.

little boobs

5 days post op. explant and a breast lift.

changed the tape........

everyone said i was healing extremely well. i snapped a quick picture before they cleaned it and put the new tape on.

i feel AMAZING!

i love being implant free. i feel light...i can't believe i kept them for so long.

3 months post op (implant removal and breast lift)

scars are healing nicely.
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