Really Scared of my End Result

Hi ladies, I am 50 years old and currently have...

Hi ladies,
I am 50 years old and currently have saline implants( they have been in for 14yrs.) I had double lumina implants prior they were in front of the muscle(they were in for 12yrs). My currant implants are behind the muscle and I had a breast lift done at the same time .
I now have one very ruptured implant and the other is leaking. Both implant have bottomed out. I have been wearing a sports bra to bed for 2 yrs because of the shift of the implant is so uncomfortable. I also have had a lumpectomy done on one breast. It healed fine and that is not the implant that is ruptured.
I have seen a new plastic surgeon and went over my options.
I'm so tired of complexions and surgery so I think it is time to get rid of them all together.
I'm also concerned with health issues. I have ongoing issues with enlarged lymph nodes under my arm.
My concerns, first I have lost a great deal of weight and have no fat. I'm 95lbs and I am 5'6" I'm hoping to gain weight before I have surgery .
The surgeon says that the height of my breasts is good and that they will fluff up in time.
My one breast that is ruptured looks just awful. I can only feel the implants and skin in both breasts.
I will post pictures soon, I'm just really nervous.
I'm hoping that some of you ahve had similar issues.



Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone has used acupuncture after explanation to help with restoring blood flow and recovery?

Cost of explant in Ontario Canada

So, I saw the PS last week. He told me that OHIP does not cover ( our provisional health plan) At my first consultation he said explanting is covered but must be approved first. At the first appointment he went over my options, explanting or replacing with smaller implants. I would never put saline implants back in . I never been happy with how they feel. They are behind the muscle but have bottomed out. If I replaced I'm concerned with them bottoming out again. My first implant were in front of the muscle, I like how they felt but, I kept getting capsuler contractions .

I also have a muscle disease that causes atrophy. Apparently that is not a good enough reason for it to be covered.

The cost to replace is $10,000 , I just can't justify that amount of money.
I have great concern with how I will look after only because of my weight. I am only 95 lbs and I am 5'6". I have been going through the most stressful year of my life. I have lost 30lbs this year.

My breast is so uncomfortable or I would just live with it . So now I'm really unsure as to what to do. I have had implants since I was 23.

Deflation continues

So, this is an updated picture as you can see the left implant continues to deflate. I have ripping in both implants. I get a lot of muscle aches in both breasts more so in the left. I am so tired of issues with these things!
The right is also leaking but at a slower rate. My weight does not help either but, I have managed to gain 3 lbs ( I went down to 93lbs ) My goal is to be a least 115lbs before I have surgery. I'm going to look into getting a 3rd opinion if I don't feel completely comfortable with this next surgeon. I am prepared to wait. I want to do this with my best interest and no one else. I am now 96lbs 9lbs to go!!! My goal weight is at least 125 - 135 but I can do that after surgery.
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