50 year old with leaking implants and very under weight.

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Hi ladies, I am 50 years old and currently have...

Hi ladies,
I am 50 years old and currently have saline implants( they have been in for 14yrs.) I had double lumina implants prior they were in front of the muscle(they were in for 12yrs). My currant implants are behind the muscle and I had a breast lift done at the same time .
I now have one very ruptured implant and the other is leaking. Both implant have bottomed out. I have been wearing a sports bra to bed for 2 yrs because of the shift of the implant is so uncomfortable. I also have had a lumpectomy done on one breast. It healed fine and that is not the implant that is ruptured.
I have seen a new plastic surgeon and went over my options.
I'm so tired of complexions and surgery so I think it is time to get rid of them all together.
I'm also concerned with health issues. I have ongoing issues with enlarged lymph nodes under my arm.
My concerns, first I have lost a great deal of weight and have no fat. I'm 95lbs and I am 5'6" I'm hoping to gain weight before I have surgery .
The surgeon says that the height of my breasts is good and that they will fluff up in time.
My one breast that is ruptured looks just awful. I can only feel the implants and skin in both breasts.
I will post pictures soon, I'm just really nervous.
I'm hoping that some of you ahve had similar issues.



Hi ladies, I was wondering if anyone has used acupuncture after explanation to help with restoring blood flow and recovery?

Cost of explant in Ontario Canada

So, I saw the PS last week. He told me that OHIP does not cover ( our provisional health plan) At my first consultation he said explanting is covered but must be approved first. At the first appointment he went over my options, explanting or replacing with smaller implants. I would never put saline implants back in . I never been happy with how they feel. They are behind the muscle but have bottomed out. If I replaced I'm concerned with them bottoming out again. My first implant were in front of the muscle, I like how they felt but, I kept getting capsuler contractions .

I also have a muscle disease that causes atrophy. Apparently that is not a good enough reason for it to be covered.

The cost to replace is $10,000 , I just can't justify that amount of money.
I have great concern with how I will look after only because of my weight. I am only 95 lbs and I am 5'6". I have been going through the most stressful year of my life. I have lost 30lbs this year.

My breast is so uncomfortable or I would just live with it . So now I'm really unsure as to what to do. I have had implants since I was 23.

Deflation continues

So, this is an updated picture as you can see the left implant continues to deflate. I have ripping in both implants. I get a lot of muscle aches in both breasts more so in the left. I am so tired of issues with these things!
The right is also leaking but at a slower rate. My weight does not help either but, I have managed to gain 3 lbs ( I went down to 93lbs ) My goal is to be a least 115lbs before I have surgery. I'm going to look into getting a 3rd opinion if I don't feel completely comfortable with this next surgeon. I am prepared to wait. I want to do this with my best interest and no one else. I am now 96lbs 9lbs to go!!! My goal weight is at least 125 - 135 but I can do that after surgery.

I saw the second plastic surgeon

So today I had a fantastic appointment with a new plastic surgeon. This appointment was so much better than the last doctor. She did a very thorough examination and reviewed my health issues. She said that based on my current health issues she would not want to put me under general anesthesia and also she said that she was concerned about removing breast tissue as I am so thin.
The PS said that in my situation she would like to be very conservative and do it with local anesthetic with the smallest possible incision . I have just developed a blood clot in my inner thigh/ groin. She has also said that she thinks in my case it better to leave the capsules, less tissue loss and less surgical time.

The doctor was very good at explaining the different approaches and why this approach is best for me and not necessarily for all her patients. She was very clear with risks and complications. The main complication she thinks I may have is fluid building in the cavity. This will be addressed by first binding and if fluid builds then I'm to come in and she will just drain it. I'm fine with that.

I will be scheduled in the new year, I don't have a date yet. I need time to deal with my blood clot and hopefully put on a little weight. I'm 94lbs as of today. Oh and the procedure is fully covered by OHIP, nothing out of pocket! So, worth getting a second opinion and what a difference. I feel so much more confident with my decision and certain I found the right doctor for me.

I got my surgery date

So, I called my surgeons office today and was given a surgery date of February 28th. I was hoping it could be done sooner but no such luck. I asked to be put on the cancellation list but, it is unlikely I will get in any sooner because of my OR time is a little longer then the average procedure.

I'm going to take the time between now and then to continue to work on gaining weight and working on my health. I was told that I need to be off my blood thinners for 3 weeks prior to surgury and it has only been a few weeks since my blood clot. So the timing is reasonable. I will just be glad to have these things out! I know they cannot be helping with my health issues. As of today I'm 97lbs!!!

I will continue to post pictures of the deflating implants. ( I hope it helps anyone else going through this process)

Updated pictures

Updated photo

Just over a month before my surgery

Well, I'm now counting down to having my implants removed. I'm less nervous then I thought but, I'm sure this will change the closer I get.
My weight has not improved but, I think that mentally I'm in a better place. I am working on my health and trying to be realistic with my progress. The stress in my life is getting better, I am focusing more on my own needs first. I truly believe that mind and body and soul, need to be addressed for success.

I saw one of my specialties last week and got some good news, my tests were stable. Considering I have lost 30lbs in less then a year it's a win. I see my neurologist this week and I hope we can come up with a plan.
I'm certain that removing the implants can only help long term for my health.

I have been following so many of you ladies and have seen some remarkable results. I am less optimistic as I'm so thin. I have 0 body fat. My ass is just hanging skin, I expect my breast will be similar. I'm hoping that working with my acupuncturist it will help with skin retraction.
I have not had natural breasts in 27+ years so, it will be interesting to see what is there! Lol
I was a b/c before implants and about 110lbs and now I'm 95lbs so I'm thinking maybe an a cup at best! ????

I will post pictures just before surgery and then after.
Thank each and everyone that has shared there journeys. It does help!

I need to now be declared fit for surgery ????

So, I got a call from the hospital today. I need go in for a pre op on Tuesday. I was told at first I did not need it but since then and after looking at my file it is necessary. I need to checked to see if I'm fit for surgery . I'm a bit worried due to my weight. I have lost a couple pounds since I met with the surgeon. My platelets are a bit off. I have also just had a pulmonary function done last month and it was unchanged from my last one,. So, that is stable.(some good news)

I'm afraid they will take one look at me and say , "not a chance, your to thin. " I am eating and also consuming meal replacement drinks over and above but, I am going down not up. I know that something is going on and want to fight it without any foreign or toxic bags in my body.
My health has continued to decline and I just want them out. I don't think they are they are the cause but, I don't think they are doing any good. The fact that they are leaking concerns me.

I am having a bunch of tests run and the results will be in the week of my surgery. My family doctor and my other doctors support my decision to have them removed.
My family doctor is now consulting with an oncologist and it looks like I will need a bone marrow biopsy. So the sooner these implants are gone the better.
My surgeon plans on doing the surgery with a local anesthetic and sedition but, also wants to have the option of switching to a general anesthetic.

I have read so many of your stories and they are so helpful.I thank each of you I'm prepared. I'm just more frightened of my next battle .

I will post some updated photos soon.

Thank you all once again for your support.

Surgery is a go

So, I had my pre op today and I was given the ok. The doctors are concerned with my weight but ,agree it is best to remove them. I'm now 90lbs! They are going to keep me in hospital if I have any complications. They are also going to ensure that the operating table has additional padding for me. The anesthesiologist has some concern with removing with a local, he is going to put me under if he feels that I'm at all uncomfortable . He also has concerns that given my size that I may be a little more painful for me but, he says I will need just a small amount of anesthetic if it is needed.
I will post pictures tomorrow.
Once again thank you all for your support

Last pictures before I explant

So, I just took some new pictures, things look terrible. I will be happy to see them go!!
I will see you ladies on the other side in just 6 days!!!

Removal Day

So, they are out!!!!! Today has been an adventure. I ended up having general anesthesia. The doctors and nurses were absolutely fantastic..... I could not ask for better care.
I was in the OR for about an hour, that was what was scheduled.
When I woke up I had some issues with my blood pressure. They kept me for a couple of extra hours. I am completely wrapped in bandages and I am to keep them on for the next week. No shower or bath..... it's going to be a long week. I'm sending hubby out to get the dry shampoo tomorrow.

The surgeon went in through the old incisions from my breast lift. She said the scars were wide and could use a "clean up". I cannot look because of the bandages. I did notice that I'm not completely flat. I know that will probably change.

So, on our way home from the hospital we were hit from behind. My head neck and shoulder are hurting but, my real concern is my left breast. It has swollen bigger than it was with implants!! I will call the surgeon in the morning. I live an hour away from the hospital and and the weather is just awful tonight. If it gets to worse I will go to our local hospital... it is just a small community hospital with very limited resources.
I expect I will need the fluid drained but, I would like my surgeon to do it. As for pain everything hurts, so I don't know what to blame!!!

I can say I'm really happy they are out. I will post pictures soon. I'm feeling a little to rough to do it tonight.
Thanks for all the support

Looks like I'm going back in for surgery

Hello ladies,
I called the surgeon's office this morning and talked to the receptionist. I told her about my accident, I did tell her that I thought I was not as swollen as I was yesterday, she asked me if was warm. I do not think it was, she told me to let them know if it gets worse.
The receptionist left a message before they closed for the day to ask how I was. I called back just to let them know that things seem the same.
My surgeon answered the phone! She asked what happened and I explained, she was really concerned so, it looks like I'm going back to the hospital. She thinks I have a bleed.
I'm not going to post any photos until this is under control as I don't think it makes sense since I'm recovering from two things now.

I will post once I'm just dealing with the recovery of the implant removal.

The reveal and it's not good!

So, I'm ok from the car accident and I had my bandages removed today. The only thing I can say is I feel awful. I was expecting it to look terrible but, when it happens it is like a punch in the gut.
The logical side of my brain says of course it will be bad I'm 92lbs, how could it not? That however does not make me feel not one bit better.
My right breast is smaller how that's even possible without being inverted I'm not sure! Lol The reality is I had a lumpectomy several years ago and the removed a fair amount of breast tissue also the left breast has has a deflated implant for months. I'm thinking it may have have retracted some.
I tired on some clothes and just want to curl up and hide. I'm smaller than I have ever been. I believe, I'm about to go into full blown pity party!!!!!
I am going to post pictures because regardless of how I feel, I do believe that sharing this will I hope help someone else. I can been the extreme case!!!
I can honestly say, I feel like shit today, I want to just cry, but first I will shower and get all the adhesive off. (It burns)

I will post again next week see if I have an improvement........we can hope!

2 week update

Ok, so it's been 2 weeks since I explanted. I'm physically feeling good, I have no pain, I can feel some tweeks and some sensations. I think it's just things healing. My nipples seem to have sensation, they do react to cold! Lol. After my revision/lift 15 years ago I found my nipples were less sensitive, I think I'm getting more sensation back. At least , I hope.

Mentally, I have found that I'm having the most trouble with my straight figure. I'm so thin, and wearing a tight sports bra flattens me even more. I honestly did not think it is possible but, it is! Lol I have been wearing a sports bra for so long, I just hate it. I find them to be about the least feminine thing I could wear. Clothes do not fit the same and really highlights how thin I am. My shoulders stand out more. I did get some new tops that fit better but the the sports bra, aka " the bulletproof vest" shows with all of my tops. I have tank tops to put over it but it still shows....so, now I'm just do my best not to look. I like mirrors that are from the neck up! Haha

I have been wearing sports bras for the past year 24/7 (leaking and moving implant) and at night for 3 years, my left implant was moving in the pocket and would drop when I laid down so, the only way I could keep it in place without it hurting, was to wear a sports bra to bed.

I have had no fluid build up so my bra is doing its job. I know I need to be patient.
I have not been looking so, the pictures I took today will be my first real look in a week. I shower, oil and the put the bulletproof vest right back on. I find I'm happier with just bra on without a top. I know once I can dress in clothes that I feel good in will help.
I still have the tape on the incisions, they are holding up my tiny boobs up!

I have also noticed that my hair is falling out less! That has been an issue for me since I first got implants in 1989. I found that my hair fell out similar to the way it did after having my children. I will know for certain over the next few months. I'm going to measure the thickness of my ponytail. I can see it I'm my brush but, I want proof. I don't want to think it's wishful thinking.

I have also noticed that my perspiration is different, the implants seemed to go into the armpit area. I found that my perspiration had an odour to it after the last implants were put in. That seems to have stopped now.

The skin retraction I am certain, is going to take a while, I am happy that it is not as bad as what I thought it would be. I can see looking at the pictures that I have lose skin under the arms.
My right breast is definitely smaller than the right .. so we will see what time brings on the that front. I thought that both breast would like the right so the left is a pleasant surprise.

I have to say thank you to all you amazing women, your support suggestions and your journeys have given me more than I could ever imagine. What a force, thank you once again. I can't imagine doing this without all of you!
I hope by posting weekly I can pay it forward. I also feel more empowered each day. I can say this has been a good week!

Much love,

3 weeks

Well, I'm now at the 3 week mark. I'm not in any pain, I can still feel the odd twinge mainly in the left breast.
My tape is still on and I don't see the surgeon for a couple weeks. I pushed it back because I have some tests regrading my weight loss. I'm focusing on at the moment. I read that, the longer I leave them on the better. I think if they have not come off by next week I will take them off.
I'm wearing my sports bra 24/7.

I bought some new clothes last week and some bras. I am wearing extra small in everything!! It does feel better to be in clothes that fit better. I also went out on Saturday to meet up with some old friends. I have come to the conclusion that almost all women over 50 have huge boobs!!! Lol I was more self conscious about how thin I am then my boob size. I think that you ladies are correct about big boobs and aging. They do add age to many women although some wear them beautifully.
I do not regret removing my implants. I feel like I'm just in my own skin and it's a good thing. I think when my health improves, I will be better able to appreciate it.

I went for acupuncture on Monday to help with healing and skin retraction. Time will tell, I have to have more treatments. It just a matter of juggling everything I have a lot going on. I certainly felt some twinges and tweeks after, I also had a bit of a burning sensation, more so in the left breast. I think the right breast is still sleeping!! Lol

I don't see much change since last week but, I think this is going to take a while. I'm not really worried at this point since, they will be whatever they will be. I am not going to worry about something I have little control over.
Much love beautiful ladies

1 month

So, tomorrow is one month since I explanted. My tape is off and I definitely still have some healing to do. I'm wearing my sports bra 24/7. I find I'm getting use to the small boobs. I don't regret removing them. My body looks appropriate in size now. I'm dealing with my health issues, I don't think it has anything to do with the implants but, I'm certain my body was wasting valuable energy fighting them.
I have had implants a longtime so expect it will be a rather lengthy recovery. I have no pain. I just feel the odd twinge, I forget that I had surgery until I look at them. I will be glad to wear a normal bra. I'm also adjusting to the way tops fit and the style of top that looks flattering.

My right breast is completely different then the left due to my lumpectomy. I have no idea what it will eventually look like. I'm not overly concerned since breast cancer is much more devastating then a smaller breast. Breast cancer runs in my family so, I had calcifications removed several years ago.

My weight is still extremely low, I'm just over 90 lbs and I'm 5ft 7". I am going to continue with acupuncture and work with my doctors on my health issues. I will post another picture at 2 months and hopefully there will be continued improvements.
Wishing all you beautiful ladies, much love xo

Mepiform (treatment for the scars)

Hi ladies,
I saw my surgeon this past week she recommended that I get a product called Mepiform to help with the healing of my incisions. I had to get from the pharmacist surprisingly it was inexpensive, $14.00 Canadian.
I will add a copy of my instructions. I'm going to use it for the next several weeks.
The really interesting thing is it can be used for several days before you replace the strips. They are to be worn 24/7 with the exception of showering. The pharmacist told me to keep using the strip until it loses its adhesive effect. I have started using them on Wednesday and have removed and put them back on each day with no problems so far.

Hair growth

Ok, I'm so happy to report that I have new hair growing. I have been checking my brush weekly for hair loss improvements. Which I have had but, today I noticed that I have new hair growth. It is a really noticeable around my hair line around my face. It looks to be about 5 weeks growth it is a couple of inches.
I have thought since I got my implants that my hair was thinning and now I know for a fact, it was!

2 months

So, I'm just over 2 months. My health is still a huge issue and my weight is only 93lbs. I'm eating and following doctors orders, still more tests. I have had a few set backs but, as for my implant removal I think that is going ok. I can feel that things are still changing. I'm still using the tape for scars. I have no idea if it is making a difference since, I'm using it everyday.
I know that my body is not healing quickly but, I think it goes with all the other issues.
Looking at my breasts I am ok with the results so far. I have noticed many other women on the site have had a better result but at my weight I cannot expect much. I am wearing a small in bras, I have not bothered to look for anything in a cup size. I would think that I would be a AA. The right breast has so little to it that I'm never sure if my bra is going to move to the middle of it! The crease line is really unclear. I hope in time it fills in a bit. I'm sure if / when I gain some weight my result will improve.
Sending all you beautiful ladies lots of love xo
Dr Sandra Voice

Very friendly, clear and well informed. She seems to genuinely care, she took her time and was very through.

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