Toronto, ON 32 yrs 400cc under the muscle 12rs ago

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It's finally almost that time I'm three days away...

It's finally almost that time I'm three days away from surgery and I'm nervous and. Incredibly anxious surgery was booked one months ago and I've been obsessing and looking a pictures all day everyday. Currently a 34c ( 400cc under the muscle) was 34a before implants my surgeon says I don't have much breast tissue so I'm expecting to return to my original size or less because I do workout quite a bit. I'm mostly anxious about returning to my training my surgeon has told me that I shouldn't lift weights for a period of two months . I'm not sure if I'm getting my capsule removed we decided together that she will make a judgement call during the operation and I will not getting any drains. I will post more pics once it's done!!

2 days left!!!

14 hours way from breast implant removal

After a long day of traveling I'm finally here in Toronto! Strangely not stressed out or anxious just really tired and ready to get it over with so I can find new th s to endlessly worry about ????

It's done!

They te out! I'm feeling a bit loopy and nauseous but happy it's over, my Surgeon told me that my right implant was ruptured which lets me know that I've made the right decision, parts of the capsules were removed mostly at the bottom she said that the top part was very thin and high up on my chest and into my armpits. I trust my surgeon and im confident in her judgment .

Thank you!

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone single one of you ladies for taking the time to answer my questions and for your kind encouraging words. It's feels great to know that I'm not alone in this. Thank you!

Day 1

I woke up in some pain and exuded to take a Tylenol 3 hadn't taken anything since the hospital my dr advised me to. To take them if I didn't need to because they were highly constipating (so I got some Metamucil to take) and she recommended I take on with an Advil I slept pretty well on back which is not normal for me normally I sleep on my sides and stomach but over all I'm doing as expected a bit stiff and slow but good!


As you can see one of the Incisions is bleeding more than the other. The right one... during my first BA I had trouble with the left one

Day 2

I finally got to shower today! I had to be very careful I. Still feeling very stiff and restricted in my movement I also get to wear a sports bra under my wrap and I have to wear it like that for the next two months!!! I feel the most pain when I get up in the morning , my stitches feel itchy but over all I'm doing ok, no noticeable. Ha he's in the way my breast look..

Day 3

The pain has subsided no need for painkillers today


Before and after

Day 4

Feeling much better decided to go outside today and do to a kids fair, it was a bit overwhelming and I was feeling some pain but I hung in there! I stopped taking my prescribed Tylenol 3 yesterday which I was pairing with an Advil (as instructed by my surgeon) but with that said can we talk about the bloating and constipation which has been the worst thing about my recovery so far I've been taking Metamucil daily (didn't really work) my surgeon did in fact warn me about this repeatedly. I ended up going to the pharmacy and getting a stool softener which helped a little I'm going to try a laxative because I hate this feeling and I want my stomach back!

Day 5 & 6

Still not noticing any extreme changes I stopped taking all pain relievers , I'm experiencing some pain and swelling on either sides of my chest next to my breast as well as inside my chest it feels like also my Incisions are itchy! I'm supposed to lift my breast under my sports bra then wrap myself, I have been dong that but the compression is causing me pain as well, specially at night i'I've been waking up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain and itchiness as well. I took two Advil today but I think I might have go back to the Tylenol 3s the constant pain is causing me to be. Cranky.


I wanted to let Canadian residents know that if they live in Ontario or any province covered by OHIP That the surgery is free. I had been wanting to explant for two years now but didn't think I could afford it then I found this website and came across a thread where T someone mentioned it . My surgeon requires a a referral from my family dr in order to book a consult and surgery. I went to see my Dr in July my consult wast booked for October and my surgery in November took a few months but was definitely worth the wait, so before you pay thousands of dollars try to find a surgeon in your area that will do it free of cost through the insurance. Maybe your I Tikal surgeon can remove them free of charge mine wouldn't.

Update ( seroma)

I had my first op appointment today and as I suspected I had fluid in both my breast most of it was removed there's still a bit more on the right side, I had a feeling my results were a bit pre autre my breast were so much larger than before at least a cup! I'm not upset I don't care what I look like right now I care more about going back to my physical activities and lifestyle.

3 weeks post op

I had to get fluid drained out twice In each breast, which deflated them even more, now all I can do is wait and heal, I'm still happy I did it I feel and look better with smaller breast even more feminine then before, I also noticed my head looks bigger now that I have small boobs lol
Dr Petra Schiller

So far so good, she's straight forward which I like, other consults went well and I'm confident I made the right choice and also very happy she's takes on these kinds of procedures which is covered under Ohip my original surgeon won't even do It that way because they don't get paid enough so for that thank you Dr Schiller!

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