Tuberous breast deformity 335cc over the muscle mastopexy

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Growing up I always thought my boobs would...

Growing up I always thought my boobs would eventually fill out. My sisters and mom all have C's and D's... I had tiny A's .. maybe even AA's. I didn't fully realize they weren't normal. Being small never really bothered me until until a trip to the beach after grad. I heard a bunch of boys from school talking about how flat I was, it made me feel awful! Doing some research I soon realized I had tuberous breasts (thanks to google) .. I couldn't be in denial, so many pictures looked exactly like mine and explained how mine wouldn't grow. I couldn't stop crying, from that point on I tried to do anything I could to make them grow and hope they'd be okay... I spent $300 on pills that claimed to make your boobs grow (they dont work.. but i got refunded dont worry lol), I started doing insane amounts of chest workouts (grew pecs so a least I have the illusion of cleavage lol) and even tried eating certain foods. The last few years I've been saving up in the back of my mind to get surgery. It wasn't until I came into some money that this got serious and I booked a consolation this year.

I booked in April and it wasn't for over 3 months .. I called the place one day to get some questions answered and got pushed all the way up to only a few weeks after I called the first time, so may 1st !

I was terrified I'd hear all sorts of bad things, that my boobs would never be perfect, that they'd cost a ton more than the $8000 the website averagely quoted..
I did hear I could achieve good results .. which relieved me but after going through exactly what needed to be done the cost quickly came to 10,800 with taxes sadly.
I cannot wait any longer, I Booked the day of my consolation and now my surgey is july 23rd ! I couldn't be more anxious or excited !
I am getting 355CC high profile silicone implants through the areola and another incision might have to be made underneath the breast as well. These are going under the muscle although my surgeon has been on the fence about over or under as I lack serious breast tissue and have an abnormal shape!

I will be updating constantly, I really want to show my journey and hopefully have beautiful results to share with anyone reading that is going through the same problem!
(Pics on original question if you look at my profile)

Nervous and excited! Pre op tuberous breast pictures

Less than one month until I hopefully fix these stupid boobs.. shape, size and all. Today I mailed my money order to the cosmetic center ... was kinda sad seeing so much money come out of my account all in one day... but hopefully its worth it! If I am happy with my results it'll be worth all the time, money, and planning to finally feel comfortable. I did all the paper work for the portion I'm financing (just under half) and that should have been released to the center as well now. Still waiting on the place to send me a document (which i requested) stating exactly where the incision, size, shape etc will be... I already know its supposed to be 355cc high profile round silicone under the muscle and done through the nipple but in case anything has changed which I was told it might. Super nervous that I won't like my results but seeing great results from women just like me is making me feel better ! I am posting more pre op pictures as well

Over the muscle?

Today I was notified by my surgeon he wants to go over the muscle .. I am mortified. Everyone's reviews I've seen so far have been under. I DO NOT want fake porn star boobs... seriously heart broken. Apparently going under won't fix the shape of my breasts which makes no sense to me considering how many similar looking breasts I've seen be fixed with under the muscle. Has anyone seen a good result with over the muscle? Seriously considering canceling the whole thing :(

Becoming paranoid and anxious :(

Starting to get concerned as I wait for my surgery august 13th. At first I was told july 23rd which was moved to august 13th as the head surgeon would be operating on me, probably because the difficulty of my surgery. Yesterday i took off work to go to a 3rd visit to the clinic to meet this surgeon. This clinic is about a 2 hr drive away, while I had already gotten into the city the clinic meeting was then booked for next friday ... I was called AGAIN today to have me go in tomorrow, more time off work where I've had to lie and of course loose wages (every penny counts when your a kid paying for surgery yourself!). This place is starting to make me feel like I'm of less importance or something or that tomorrow i'll just hear my surgery is moved back again :( Sorry for the rant, I literally feel better typing this out.. hoping for something positive tomorrow morning.

Final appointment

So after my final appt in wed was canceled and rescheduled for the next friday... i got a call on thursday telling me to go THIS FRIDAY (that just passed). Once again I had to make an excuse at work and make a dreadfully long trip to Toronto for a half hour chat. Right now the two surgeons just need to debate and might not know until an implant is placed if a mastopexy is necessary or not. But the clinic also told me theres a chance my surgery will be moved back AGAIN 10 days .. ugh I just want to get his over with :(

cant wait to change these

MY SURGERY IS WED! I thought I should start taking more pics before I hopefully never see these nubs again. I also realized my review isn't that helpful without more pics lol. Everyone on here with tubey boobies has been so inspirational! I haven't seen one bad result so I am truly optimistic now. I want to feel uplifted and comfortable.

omg less than 4 hours!

Just writing my last update before surgery. I'm all ready to go. Leaving for the clinic in a little. My surgery is at 8. Here is a pic of me in a triple pushup bra ... Fail lmao. Just wearing it until I get to the place so u don't see how freaky my boobs are lol. I am so thirsty right now lol I can't wait to drink water after ughhh haha. I just stared at my boobs in the mirror for a while.. Not sure if I'll miss them! Hope not. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here! Other people like me sharing their results and stories are a huge factor in me getting this surgery! Time for 335 cc over the muscle implants!


So its finally over. Cannot believe how different my boobs look, you'd never know i had tuberous breasts, I cant stop feeling under them or the sides because there was never anything there lol! I must say though... its alot more pain than I expected. Perhaps I didn't read into how much it would hurt but I was in rough shape when I wokeup. The anesthesia made me keep throwing up.. or at least trying too.. I had nothing inside me so that hurt lol. Im also very suprised at how limited my motion is. Things I couldnt do today psychically .. cut an apple, open my fridge, prop myself up, open a water.. lmao the list goes on. The boobs look good, very round though and hard, the size might actually be a little too big .. hoping they go down in a few days and that its just swelling & my body getting used to them. I hope the shape gets more natural but I am in a MUCH BETTER place. Haven't seen them without my nipple tape lol, nervous to see those as thats where the incision was made. Also, they drew me up for a minor mastopexy so Im not sure if that even happened. When I wokeup the surgeons were gone, I was out for several hours after surgery. I've slept a ton on and off, in a lot of pain though. PICS TO COME TM I PROMISE

post op pics!!!

Still in a lot of pain but the perks are helping. Here are about 24 hours post op. I'm happy. I know they will change and only get better from here. One isn't bigger than the other if it looks that way lol I couldnt take the bra off.. Arms top sore. It looks like it covers half a boob!

day 3 post op pics!

My surgery was Wednesday morning. It is now Friday. Here are note post op pics. I am in a lot of pain anytime the percs wear off. I can't wait to see these drop!

feeling fat, am I crazy?

I thought getting boobs would make me look like I had a smaller waist, or just make me feel thinner because I had nothing to balance out my lower half. Is it just swelling on the sides of me? My boobs feel they extend past me at the sides almost into my armpits. It hurts If I touch it so i hope its swelling. When I've been trying on all my clothes I'm getting really upset that things look weird.. I feel top heavy and just wide. I dont even think my boobs are far apart but it feels like they extend so much to the sides that im literally just a fatter wider rectangle or something than before :'(

pictures from a week ago

I hadn't updated in a while. These are from just over a week ago. I just took the bandages off though and I'll post new ones soon. I'm totally feeling great aboutthem now ! Size and shape

nipple healing

Here's an update. I had a mastopexy done and the incision was around the nipple. I have zero feeling there still evenover two wweeks post op. Anyone else have this and re gain sensation? Also hoping my nipples regain a note normal appearance


So happy with my results its unbelievable. I previously had tuberous breast deformity and thought my breasts would never look normal, not even with surgery. After surgery my breasts are looking awesome. Even though my procedure was done differently than what I initially had hoped for, I'm glad I listed to Dr. Jindal. I recieved over the muscle 335 cc silicone implants as well as a mastopexy

Almost 1 year post op :)

Just thought I'd go take some pictures seeing how it's been almost a year and my boobs have changed a ton! The old pictures don't do it justice. It's amazing how much more confidence I've gained, implants changed my life. I am so open and so much more
Comfortable now that I don't have to worry about being judged for the shape and size of my Tubey boobies. My scars aren't perfect but I should probably be rubbing them out with bio oil more than I have been. I don't regret anything.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely incredible, life changing experience thanks to Dr. Jindal. I seriously could not see myself having any better of a result, I didn't even expect my breasts to look this good after surgery. I was a nervous wreck when my entire plan for surgery changed because of some issues with my breasts. Dr. Jindal calmed me down and addressed all my concerns and answered my questions, he assured me I was having surgery done the best way for my body. In the end, I'm glad I listened because I love my boobs now. Dr. Jindal even called me personally to check up on me after surgery. I would go to him again in the future.

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