SimplyBeautiful - Breast Fed 2kids - Looking to Finally Fill Up a Bikini - Toronto, ON

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I expect to have a nice and full bra that can fill...

I expect to have a nice and full bra that can fill a bikini very nicely. So far I have checked out a few drs in the Toronto area and have decided to go with Dr. Kara. I just felt most comfortable with their work- my mother had a tummy tuck, breast lift with Dr. Kara a while back, and said she was well taken care of by his nurse Christine... and the fact that when coming into his office, a patient who had a BA 2 days before, was up and walking around just fine...she said she had some discomfort, but was overall good to be out and about. His consultant Gina is amazing!....BA to be done friday June 27, 2014.... Cant wait to finally have boobs!

photos to be posted

tomorrow is the day!

finally excited to have boobs! surgery got moved up to tomorrow, weds june 25! perfect!

I've seen plenty of ppl are doing both BA and BBL at the same time! looking to do my BBL after with Dr Jimmerson, Duran or Salama....still researching the BBL and preparing the funds!

Today's the day????!

I posted some pre op photos... Breast fed two kids... Don't plan on having any more. Getting 590cc

New boobie countdown

In my gown. Waitin to go into OR!!!

Can't wait to wake up with boobsssss.

oh ya. The last pik in my empty bra!

High as kite.

I'll update tomorrow or soon

Thanks all support. I made it

Keep saying error When try post pik

I try again tomorro. Gn

Post op pic and tells

Surgery stater 1 hr late. Surgeon stuck in traffic. Bad rain By this time I was just counting the clock. I just wanted it over with. I was so hungry since I couldn't eat after 9am. Surgery was for 5. N got moved till 6.

Claudia my nurse was great. We went over every thing in full. Than again we went over on paper. Her tips really useful "if u can do it(my stretching) then do it". Helps be able to move around.
Dr sayd (I don't kno correct spelling) enecscioloigist (fuck I can't spell write now)we he came in. Went over meds with me. How I'm feeling. Told me what he was gonna give me in OR...

Actual surgery-got strapped up to machine to monitor I guess my blood pressure.... Two little Square patch things on my back to monitor something else. iv was getting in. Claudia was rubbin my face softly and just making me comfortable

I was OUT...

I woke up. OMG. Legit felt like I could not breath. The pressure. Holy fuckkkkkk!! They gave me oxygen immediately. The mask was comfortable. Told Claudia to let me hold it.

Body was still waking up. I couldn't move...

Soooo much pain. N so much pressure.

I member tryin to yell couldn't cuz tube was in my throat during surgery, so took a few for my voice to come back in..

I'm like I want pain killers now. Pain killers now now nowww

Claudia trying to stretch me.... I started BAWLLLLINNNG

Me-no no stop.

She kept trying saying it's important. Very important help u feel better

Me-I want pain killers nowwwww

She went n got me 1perk. I can't swallow so she crushed it with some OJ

TRied to stretch me again. Yelled at her. Wait. I'm in pain. Give me another one

Dr gave her okay. So she gave me another perk,..

I sat there bawling like literally BAWLLLLLLLLLLLING.,.. And I started to do the stretches on my own while bawling

They brought my bf in the room. He look so scared to see me bawling

I continued doing exercise. Claudia tried to help. I said do not touch me

Claudia-u need more stretch just try

Me-don't touch me again or ima hit u

My bf said she looked at him with an is she serious look and he's like yea don't touch her. Let her do herself. He wouldn't even touch me

I bawled n bawled n grunted n bawled till I could lift my arms on my own. And I did it. It really helped. But it fuckin hurt soooo bad. And I bawled some more and did it over n over till I did 5x

Claudia said that's good u can rest no. Nope. I kept bawling and did it 2more times till my body wouldn't allow me

I legit felt soooo much better

I didn't wanna tell her id hit her. But gosh. She was trying to be helpful. Maybe for other ppl that works. Me personally. I don't like being touched when in pain. Tell me what to do and let me do it

Wheelchair to car

I was sooooo hungry

We stopped at tim hortons. Got juice and tea.

Ride back to my moms was a lil bumpy. I was totally passenger driver. Do this. OMG don't break so hard. Watch the pot hole. Lucky for my bf aka the driver. It wasn't long. I'm high as hell on perks. Be snappy n bossy

He did good though. We parked. N he brought me into moms. Told him go home

They wanted me to put on my tighter sports bra when I got home Couldn't make me change there. Was in to much pain

Mom helped me change the bra. (Christian Jamaican mommy). I don't know why uno do this to them self but mi just happy ur safe. Mi not even see the tape from this angle.(she wasn't happy I was doing it. Said in good as is. But said she supports whatever I decide. Just do my research n be safe about it... Her very first joke... How much it cost ? Me-8500CAD
Mom-ah so much uno fi pay fi peice of air bag stuff up in your body. Come. Let me have the money. Mi have nice. Water ballot n thread. Gimme and mi can do for 1000$. That was our little joke.pre op

The surgery was worth it. My whole thing was all about being safe. Being cared for and operated on by professionals and board certified. I know some say it's high. Damn me too. But I'm happy I choose to pay more and feel confident with my team. Then go cheaper n uncomfortable

So I ate my soup around 9. Then took the antibiotics. Nurse said try take every med 30mins apart so they can work. After that. I went n had a half shower. N I literally mean half shower cuz I only washed my lower half. Didn't feel to take off bra. And my face

Starving so I went and got a piece of pie. Took my stool softner and Drank lots of water

Wide awake. Not in pain but pressure a bit in chest. N my boobs feel engorgedddddd. Best way to describe. Ladies if u have kids. U know what I mean

Friends texting me. Making jokes. I'm party the boob party now! I'm te only one who's flat! They all got natural ds or more.

Had some jokes.

I wanted to sleep but couldn't

TV wasn't really interest me

Took a midnight. Didn't wanna wake up in pain. (Woke up quite fine)

Took one them lil pills that dissolves under tounge. Pose help u sleep... Within 30mins I was sleepin comfortable. On my back. Pillows propped me and my neck up. A few under my legs

So I'm up. Taken my antibiotics. Bout to take some Advil. Haven't taken anything since12midnight. I'm still comfortable. Butttt not into pain. So just taken the Advil in hopes it will be fine and I won't need narcotics

Still have my surgical stockings on for a next 24hrs.

By the way- the first 2hrs horrible. Once ur first set pain meds kick in. Afterward it really does get easier. Im up walkin around gettin my own stuff for my self

I guess that's all for now. I'll continue to post piks over time

Xoxoxo simply b3autifl


Photos 10hrs PO

22hrs post op

Was tryin on a new support bra

At the park with my boys 2days post op

Waitin for my ta-tas to drop

5 days post op

Stopped taking the Tylenol 3s after one day... Took a total of 3 over weekend... Very active weekend and I have two sons, so when bed time came I just wanted to be COMPLETLY comfortable... Otherwise I used children's Advil (can't swallow pills) and just made equivalent dosage(with pharmacists help) to one reg Advil... I'm able to do everything by myself... Obv no heavy lifting.. But cook. Clean bathe. All te necessisities

Go for post op visit tomorrow... I'll upload a pik of my incisions

Scars after 2weeks

Just posting a pic of the scars

3wks post

Hey. Just sharing some piks. Boobs begun to drop a lil. And scars are healing oil!!! Also helping with the faint stretch marks I'm gettin along my boobs!

Bra size

Oh and went and got measured for new bras... 36DD or 34e!!

Nice improvement from my small b!

5weeks post op pix

So my boobs are done... I'm looking into doing my BBL before the end of the year... Either a DURAN DOLL or gettin some of them J CURVES! none the less here's some updated pix of my scars and how my boobs are dropping... The right one has dropped faster than the left; dr said ppl usually drop more on the side they use...I'm a right handed person, so he said expect the left to take a lil longer

Ready for BBL!!! Duran doll or JCurves?!

I've been following Duran and jimmerson patients and as they say stalking their work.... Good n bad for both... But I just don't know.... We shall see ... I've gained about 15lbs over the last year due to stress...I'm 5'7 n 175-180lbs ..2kids... And yea. I don't want any more... So I'm ready to rearrange the gutt, n make the butt!

Scar updates

Hey ladies... Hers a updated pik of my scars. I'm about 6-7weeks PO...

Also my PS told me to get cica-care. I've been using it about a week and I have seen much improvements with my scars

4.5-5months pics

I stopped using scar treatment a long time ago. Lazy

I'm content with how they feel n look

No one knows they're bags of silicone. Lol. Natural look n they don't sit high

Still getting used to running and jogging with them

I got a large dd or e cup now. With nothing oozing out the side of the bra.
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I have not rated after care and follow up as it is too soon. I will update after. Gina, the consultant is wonderful. Have her cell if I needed her. Didn really need to harass her though, made my own notes and reviewed which was great help... She told me everything I needed to know and even got me a date two days earlier... Friendly and loving woman she is! wait times received a 4 because actual surgery started an hour late. Aside from that. Everything else was good Claudia the nurse, wonderful and very informative. Dr saed the anneciologist He was great. Met with me. Went over meds I take. How to take. Told me what his role is in surgery. What he would do for me. Dr kara. Great. I didn't have any questions since Claudia, dr saed and Gina did a through job! He drew on me. Gave me my marker and ruler for a keepsake. And said I will love my results. Michelle was excellent at processing payments. No pushy ness at all from anyone in their office. Felt comfortable the whole time with every member of their team.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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