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I've recently had a consultation with Dr....

I've recently had a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg about the possibility of having implants and perhaps fat grafting.
I am currently around a small 36-38B (Maybe even an A) however I wear a double pushup bra as I feel very flat chested with a "normal" underwire bra on and all girls can relate to that uncomfortable feeling (ZERO cleavage even with a double push up).

Going in I was very open minded about what he would be suggesting and I was willing to do what ever is necessary to get the best possible result. Dr.Jugenburg asked how I felt/ if I've though about getting a breast lift - I was very open and after I learned his explation and seen pictures of previous patients with and without a breast lift I was quick to decide that I will be needing one. I am hoping to be around a DD as I have a wide frame and feel I can carry this off.
The cost was a lot more than I was expecting however after his reasoning and some reading online - the fact I will be getting a lift, breast reconstruction and implants I feel this is a fare price. He is known to be one of the best doctors in Canada in this industry so no doubt in my mind I will be over the moon with my results.
Durning my first consultation I decided on the 485CC Silicon High profile (I did not want saline as I have read and see a lot of pictures online taking about the "ripple").

Last week I had a final fitting (I do not live anywhere near Toronto so since I was there for something else I decided I had to make up my mind at that time on my final implant size) This time I brought my mother so I was able to have a second opinion. At the first appointment I didn't take any pictures with the sizers and I forgot to try on a shirt, after trying on the 485CC once again this time with a shirt I decided that these were two small. I've read a lot on here about boob greed so I decided to go bigger - This time choosing 565 CC High profile I will attach a picture below to hear your feedback. I believe I will be ending up a DDD after surgery if not bigger. Thoughts?

I am so excited about this whole process - been dreaming of having "boobs" since I was little and always felt like I would have to get implants.


Not sure why the price isn't showing up correct it's suppose to be $17,315!
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Great, after showing him a picture he knew exactly what I wanted and what I had to do to achieve those results I am extremely excited to have my surgery preformed by him!

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