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I've recently had a consultation with Dr....

I've recently had a consultation with Dr. Jugenburg about the possibility of having implants and perhaps fat grafting.
I am currently around a small 36-38B (Maybe even an A) however I wear a double pushup bra as I feel very flat chested with a "normal" underwire bra on and all girls can relate to that uncomfortable feeling (ZERO cleavage even with a double push up).

Going in I was very open minded about what he would be suggesting and I was willing to do what ever is necessary to get the best possible result. Dr.Jugenburg asked how I felt/ if I've though about getting a breast lift - I was very open and after I learned his explation and seen pictures of previous patients with and without a breast lift I was quick to decide that I will be needing one. I am hoping to be around a DD as I have a wide frame and feel I can carry this off.
The cost was a lot more than I was expecting however after his reasoning and some reading online - the fact I will be getting a lift, breast reconstruction and implants I feel this is a fare price. He is known to be one of the best doctors in Canada in this industry so no doubt in my mind I will be over the moon with my results.
Durning my first consultation I decided on the 485CC Silicon High profile (I did not want saline as I have read and see a lot of pictures online taking about the "ripple").

Last week I had a final fitting (I do not live anywhere near Toronto so since I was there for something else I decided I had to make up my mind at that time on my final implant size) This time I brought my mother so I was able to have a second opinion. At the first appointment I didn't take any pictures with the sizers and I forgot to try on a shirt, after trying on the 485CC once again this time with a shirt I decided that these were two small. I've read a lot on here about boob greed so I decided to go bigger - This time choosing 565 CC High profile I will attach a picture below to hear your feedback. I believe I will be ending up a DDD after surgery if not bigger. Thoughts?

I am so excited about this whole process - been dreaming of having "boobs" since I was little and always felt like I would have to get implants.


Not sure why the price isn't showing up correct it's suppose to be $17,315!


Ended up getting my surgery on November 10th at 10:00 AM it was originally planned for lift and reconstruction along with the placement of 560 CC high profile. When I arrived and the doctor began to mark the placements I mentioned cleavage and how I would love to have cleavage - because my breasts were originally so wide apart he asked if I would be ok going above the muscle and explained the difference it would be ... Of course He wouldn't know if it was going to be under or over the muscle until he opened everything up when I woke up I learned the implants were placed above the muscle - this also means easier healing - I'm currently 36 hours post op.

The first evening after surgery I was feeling extremely well and ended up going for an easy 4km slow walk to the mall in search of food - a bit stiff but felt great to get the blood flowing. Had an extremely hard time sleeping and ended up being awake all night.

The following day Kim came by to have a look and explain everything again as I'm an out of town patient returning home within a few days. She said everything looks great and I'm doing fabulous. Ended up going back to the mall to clue up some shopping - I decided to go to Victoria's Secret as we have no bra stores in my community and I will need a soft lounge bra once this surgical bra can come
Off. I ended up buying a 38 DD lounging bra - I know I won't be able to be properly measured for a few months but I wanted to make sure I had something comfy to wear as there's no options at home.
I was extremely stiff hard time walking as I looked like I had been squat down and had a very big arch in my back while walking. I ended up relaxing at the spa with some new nails and then headed back to the hotel for a early night rest.

Can't wait to see the girls once this bra comes off in a week. I can remove the blue boob separator once I become flat on that wall generally 48-72 hours after surgery!
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Great, after showing him a picture he knew exactly what I wanted and what I had to do to achieve those results I am extremely excited to have my surgery preformed by him!

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