Breast Augmentation with Dr. Jugenberg - Toronto, ON

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I've been thinking about getting my breasts done...

I've been thinking about getting my breasts done for 10+ years & finally just went ahead with getting them done in October. My only regret is not doing this sooner.

I chose the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic because of reviews & my experience at the consultation. The nurses and staff in general are really sweet, not pushy or aggressive & very informative. You're always welcome to call & ask a million questions, or even e-mail them & they're very quick to reply.

My favourite is Nurse Kim. She was very supportive, heard everything I had to say & answered all of my random questions with ease.

When I met Dr. J, at first I thought he was aloof, but still very professional.

Surgery went by quickly, the stay at the hotel made life easier & around 10-15 days post op I was able to get around & do things on my own.

My implants: 450 cc Saline, HP, under the muscle, transaxillary incision.

My implants are taking their time dropping, but I'm glad that I finally have a chest now!

My advice: do your research, know what you want, walk with pictures, and when deciding between sizes go bigger. Especially if the difference is minimal 50-100 ccs? Go bigger.

Overall, I'd definitely go with Dr. J again. Great clinic, staff & an expert surgeon. Win win win.

Disappointed with the Final Result

Before: 34B
After: 34D/DD
Implant: 450 HP Saline, under the muscle
Incision: Armpit

Nine months post op & I'm very unhappy with my implants. They've completely settled now, one higher & firmer than the other & are just too big for my body.

I expressed my concerns about this to Dr. J but he was dismissive.

Going into surgery I requested a natural look, natural slope, zero upper pole, optimal size being a full C - small D to avoid being top heavy.

I originally wanted anatomical saline implants. After doing research, I opted for Mods/Mod+ instead. After trying on a million sizers (both HP & Mods) I was torn between which profile to choose (re: HP had more forward projection). The head nurse suggested Mods because I wanted a natural look. When I reviewed all of this with Dr. J, he said I could go "either way, but most women choose HP implants".

After hearing this, I decided to go with HP, based on the suggestion that both would look natural on/in me.

Nine months later, I have a lot of upper pole /super perky breasts that are too big for my body.
When I brought this up with Dr. J recently he stated he's "happy with my work" & would "rather them be too perky than not at all".

I've been patiently waiting for them to drop & now that I know they've completely settled I want a revision. It just sucks that I have to go through this process again & spend more $$$ on something that should've been done right the first time.

I can't event wear a bikini top or a regular bra without pushing them up even further & making them look super fake.

Unsure about if I should a) return to this clinic for the revision or b) seek assistance elsewhere.

I'm very disappointed. I honestly rather have not got them done in the first place if it wasn't going to be done right.

I contacted the head nurse to discuss this further, because I honestly don't feel like Dr. J took my concerns seriously. She's on vacation, so I'll wait for a reply and go from there.

The only good thing about this: my incisions healed great.

11.5 months post op

Scheduled a follow-up with Kim & Dr. J. The appointment was supposed to be today but the clinic rescheduled the appointment. So I have to wait until mid-November unless an opening in my schedule comes up.

At this point I either want a complete revision (smaller implant, capsule correction & different profile) or a complete explant procedure done asap.

13 Months Post-Op

I'm scheduled for a revision (implant swap, different profile, size & capsule release). I'm excited to have this issue fixed, hopefully this will be the only corrective surgery needed. That said, Dr. J advised he'd have to go through the areola, which I'm very apprehensive about. I'd prefer to go through the armpit again.

2 Weeks Til Surgery!

I settled on 350 ccs Moderate Alergan saline implants (smooth, round). BUT my Dr's office now offers the Ideal implant... Still doing my research.

Regardless, the incision site will be through the areola & surgery is on the 28th.

Pre & post-BA1 pictures coming soon.


Pre-op, current, goals.

1 Day to go

Switched to the Ideal Implant. Looking forward to softer, smaller, natural-looking breast.

Excited & nervous.

1 day post op

Surgery went well. Boobs already look & feel better. I have a strap on top & underneath the implants. Haven't taken any pain meds, boobs are tender to the touch. One nipple is numb. looking forward to healing =).

New implant specs: 335 ccs Ideal implant a mod+ profile).

Photos soon.

12 days post op

Healing has been great. I took no pain meds this time around & was (literally) running around the house 12 hrs post op. I feel great & so its a real challenge remembering to take things slow to protect the boobs while they heal. Haven't seen my incisions yet. The tape comes off on the 23rd. Very, very pleased with projection, the slope & size. No more perma-perky boobs!!

As mentioned before, I switched to the ideal implant & I'm very happy with my decision. They're already very soft & realistic feeling.

I'm looking forward to having great boobs this summer =)

+ 12 days POD -- Ideal Implants

Forgot to add:

- I wear a strap underneath for additional support; I can't stand walking around without it.
- After my 1 week appointment (the nurse never called to check 24 hours post-op as promised) I was told not to wear the strap to push the boobs down.
- My left nipple is still numb, but I've regained feeling in the underboob. Fingers crossed the nipple sensation returns soon.
- Currently looking for a good, supportive sports bra to transition into. Right now I wear my Leonisa back support front closure bra (which I love), but I need more. Bra shopping this weekend. I've never been excited to do that before. Not even for the original BA.
- My boobs are only slightly tender now.
- I take long walks, do squats & lunges so its easier for me to return to the gym after the 6 week mark.

Feel free to ask me any Qs!

++ 12 Days POD -- Ideal Implants

Havent been sized yer, but I think I'm down to a full 34C, possibly a D. I'll get sized at one month.

Final Update

My boobs look amazing. Perfectly natural, proportionate, everything I wanted from the start.

I'm a bit over 4 months PO, but I would ** HIGHLY ** recommend the Ideal implant. So glad I took the leap & opted for them (despite Dr. J telling me I don't 'need' them).

On that note, if I had the chance to go back in time, I wouldn't go back to Dr. Jugenburg, based on my total experience.
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