Day 4 post op! Pics finally,

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Hi everyone! Let me start by saying I've been...

Hi everyone! Let me start by saying I've been obsessing about this for months now. It has been so helpful to track everyone's journey and read the advise and experiences from everyone.

I'm 23 5'6 140 pounds currently wearing a size 34 b as long as it is triple padded. So really an a cup.. I've never liked boobs for as long as I can remember. I knew they were small but the shape of them has also always been an issue. Very little volume and ' cone like' shape. I feel like i just stopped developing.

I've been considering this for a while and have my fiance on board and told my family. I want something relatively natural looking but am hoping for a full c something that is proportional to my body. I went for a consultation today and its between natrelle 465 ultra high profile and 369 high profile. The ultra high makes me very nervous as i went into it thinking I liked mederate + profile. Very confused now am hoping for advise. They said i have to consider the 50 cc shrinkage for going under the muscle once every thing is said and done.

Day 3 post op. Starting to move around more my...

Day 3 post op. Starting to move around more my skin is so tight! They feel rock hard underneath. I've been icing regularly and have just learnt a new trick! Take a cabbage and cut it in half remove the core part and freeze. As needed take out individual leaves and use them to cup your breasts! They work perfectly and give lots of relief.I.. will post pics asap I ended up going with the 465 ultra high profile silicone under the muscle.

So the past couple of days have been getting...

So the past couple of days have been getting better and better. However, Sleeping has been a nightmare. As a stomach sleeping sleeping elevated on my back is getting old. My butt hurts! I've been off of the percs too so I'm not as drowsy.. Oh well it will all be worth it soon I'm sure. Just another one of those sacrifices that we all have to make. What's that saying ..'beauty's pain' lol. I have been taking pics along the way. And just a reminder I started out about a 34 a but I was wearing a 34 b bra that was heavily padded. I got 465 cc silicone under the muscle crease incision. Also they had to lower my crease because it was up to high to look natural with the new breast. I can't wait for them to drop I have to remember to be patient. I found I had a lot of swelling on my sides by my ribs so almost everything cut in the sides.
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