600 Cc Hp SALINE 1 year post op!!!!!! HAVING SECOND THOUGHTS!

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This is a long review but I tried to give as much...

This is a long review but I tried to give as much detail as possible! :)

Today is my 1st day post op and i am in so much pain! I have been taking all the pain medications on time but it still hurts! sleeping helps a lot! I have a high tolerance for pain but it hurts like crazy! Its mostly just feels tight probably because I chose to get 600 cc.

What I got were 600 cc HP SALINE under the muscle transaxiliary, so through the armpit. The reason I went so big is because I had a lot of natural tissue with my breasts. The reason I chose to get implants is because I used to love my body very much. Throughout high school I weighed on average 118-122 lbs. Due to a health scare i dropped from 122 lb to 104 within a month!! when you lose that much weight so fast you also lose a lot of tissue and volume. For the past 2 years I have tried to gain back that weight but still my body is not like it was before!

A little bit about my day of op and everything that went on before!

Before the surgery I chose a great doctor with friendly staff! I was confident in this team thats why I chose not to book consultations with other doctors! Also, I reviewed all of his work for breast augmentation and I love the way everything looked so natural and not fake. I definitely did not want to look fake! I had 2 consultations with them! The doctor and the nurse measured me and suggested to do 540 cc then fill it up to 550 cc.
I didn't like the 550 too much because it just looked I was wearing my push up bra. Next consultation I went in for sizing. I tried on 550 cc , 600 cc, and 650 cc. I immediately fell in love with the 600 cc and chose them.
The reason I went with saline is because my doctor said that A) it will be under the muscle and I have a lot of good tissue, so you wont be able to tell the difference, B) lets just say there was a problem and the saline would leak it would be be more obvious and and doctor would be able to fix it right away. Let me just say I was nervous about saline, but after watching my doctor stretch the saline implants like it was play-doh I know they wont break easily!!

Day of surgery!

day of surgery I met with a nurse that explained my medications and answered any questions. NOTE: the prescription with all my medication was faxed to my pharmacy a week before and I brought it all in the day of surgery!
The doctor came in and drew some lines around my breasts and chest. We went over my desired looks one last time before he brought me into the operating room. In there I lied down and met with the anesthesiologist and another doctor. They put The IV in my hand and the oxygen mask on my face. I don't even remember falling asleep, it happened pretty fast. When I woke up I was in the recovery room with a different nurse! she tried to talk to me and I tried to look down but I was still under the anesthetics. She helped me get dressed and then put me in a wheel chair. My husband was waiting for me and we took a cab home.

I could not eat anything the first night! my husband made me a fruit smoothie but I threw it up later on. Today I have been eating small things like plums. The pain medication is what makes me sleepy and nauseous but other then that i feel much better then yesterday! It really hurts to get in and out of bed! make sure you have someone to help you with that!

I will keep everyone posted with my process.

1st and 2nd day Pictures! Bruising, incision, and spongebob boobs!

just adding some pictures of my 1st and 2nd day post op!

Day 3-5 Update!

Day 3
- feeling great! i didnt feel the need to take pain medications anymore! which im happy about because they make me bloated and constipated! I felt like myself! i was able to do alot more without being soo sleepy all the time! i still take them at night! not for the pain and not as strong! just for the swelling.

Day 5! I can sleep soo much better now! I dont wake up every few hours from the pain! I feel like they are starting to get softer! The only complaint is sometimes i feel a sharp pain on the outside and lower level of my breasts. Im not sure but with some research on realself lol I think its just the nerve ending being repaired!

2 weeks post op!

Love not wearing a bra! but my right implant still sits high! and i feel like they're spilling into my armpit! Maybe because i have a small ribcage. I massage them when i can Also, i try to wear the compression strip throughout the night before i rip it off from the pain! I guess its getting there but slowly! I just want them to fall already so i don't look awkward in a bathing suit or some clothes! Thats one thing i never considered when getting implants is the timing! If i were to do it again I would get it done in the winter! It would be so much easier to pull it off in turtle necks or sweaters and i would be able to wear the compression strip more often!

Also something to consider is when you go under the muscle they are a little bit smaller than what you expect. Not much but something for thought! when I went for pre-op consultations the nurse told me they will look smaller under the muscle. She recommended 540 cc but said they can fill it to 550 because under the muscle, they will look 540.

Im not gonna post pictures up yet because there isn't much change in the look!

Very jealous of those ladies that are 3 or 6 months post op and they're looking hot !

4 weeks post-op update.. with a bit of regret

Im feeling the boobie blues i have to say. my right breast is still sitting higher. i feel awkward to wear some tops because they bulge out at the top. let me break it down my pros and cons so far.

- my husband loves them! he always comments how great they look in tops now
- i dont have to wear a bra and look great!
- i get stopped/hit on alot more. not to say I'm ugly or anything I always got hit on but now too much!
- I get discounts!! ha! I remember watching a youtube review on implants and the girl said she had more discounts or got better pay.
-your sex life will improve!
-love not needing a push up bra! they always give me back problems!
- i have my curves back like before i got sick and dropped weight! super happy about that! =)

- 1 implant still sits higher which can at times look awkward
- they seem to bulge right at the top. looks akward from the side
-im super sensitive! my nipples hurt to touch!
-sensitivity makes my nipples super hard which means i have to wear stickers/petals over them!
-I feel embarrassed to wear a swimsuit or some tops because they havent dropped yet!
-its so obvious you had them done because of the awkward shape. if you plan for nobody to notice get them done in the winter-- when its cold and you have to layer.
-BIGGEST CON i dont feel confident to wear a bathing suit. Im hoping by the end of the summer they will drop a little more so i can wear one!

please ladies if you can wait until you have every penny for it.. then WAIT! financing is a big pain in the butt!! I only had to finance about $1200, but its hard to pay it off now because its slow at my work with it being summer and all. plus you have to remember that you have to take time off from working which adds up too!

enough with my ranting.. here are some pics!

1 year post op!!! Having second thoughts!!!!

So I'm just a bit over 1 year post op And I'm getting to the point where I don't like them! 1. First the size I got 600cc high profile feel TOO big for my tiny frame. 2. My breast are naturally spaced out, but with the size and weight of the implants it spaces them out even more. Especially when I lie down they run away from each other. 3. My right breast still hasn't dropped! 4. They are heavy and giving my back problems. I feel like they are sagging faster then I can keep up cause of the weight. Naturally I was a 32DD now I'm a 32DDD . It's so hard to find clothes because they stick out like big balloons on my chest that run away from each other....... Did any of you ladies have this problem? Or thing about getting them removed??? I'm seeing the nurse this week so I will be updating you all! Forgot to mention how annoying it is to work out with them because they are under my muscle. Any time I flex or try to do anything they move with my muscles.
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