Two more nights!

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Hi ladies! First off a little about me, I am 24...

Hi ladies! First off a little about me, I am 24 years old with no kids. I am 5'8 and weigh 130lb. I finally decided to go ahead with my procedure after many years of going back and forth with it. Two years ago I had one consultation but at the time I was a student and couldn't really afford it. Now that I am done with university and have a job in my field, I have decided this is the best time to do something for me!!! Luckily I have the support of my mom and my sister who support me 100% and will be taking care of me. I am trying to keep it a secret from everyone else, which will be a little hard because I also live with my dad and my 2 I am hoping they wont notice!!! hehe
I first called to schedule a consultation on April and they scheduled it for May 21st. I was going to have to wait for a whole month! I was okay with that and decided I would do as much research as possible to be ready to ask good questions on my appointment. A week later they called me and told me they had an opening the next day! I was soooo nervous but agreed to go the next day and get it over with. During my consultation, the doctor measured me and gave me three choices starting at 260cc to 339cc. I tried on the sizers and obviously chose 339cc, cohesive gel under the muscle and he suggested to go through the armpit because he said that since I am starting off with so little if he goes on the crease I will always be able to see a little of my scar.. Do you ladies think 339cc would be enough to give me a small to medium C? Should I talk to my surgeon and see if he can go with a bigger size? I really want to have a natural shape and I am scared that if I go with a bigger size I'll look odd. Please give me your opinion! I have scheduled my surgery for June 10th!!!I have only three weeks to prepare for surgery and the days seem to go soooo fast!

Only one week until my BA!!!

I still cant believe Im going to get boobies in a week!!! I have been so busy lately with work and life in general that I havent had that much time to think about it which is good because im not stressing about it either! Im going shopping today to get some of the supplies that I need for that week of recovery. Im uploading some pictures from my consultation with 339cc sizers! Im still debating on a larger implant...since ill probably look significantly smaller because im going under the muscle.

Two more nights!

Just adding a few more before pics before the big day on Monday. I am very excited! I have to be at the clinic at 7:45am. I talked to my patient coordinator on Thursday she was very sweet and informative. I have an appointment the next morning to remove the pain pump and drain tubes. She also told me I will have to wear a compression band the first 2 weeks for 24 hrs and after that only during nights for another 2 weeks.

I guess that's all for now! Will make another pic update on Monday!
Wish me luck :)
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