Finally boobs! 415 HP unders, started 36A, 5'5/125 lbs

I've looked at lots of reviews to help me make...

I've looked at lots of reviews to help me make decisions about my BA, so felt I should share my experience to help anyone else with similar questions and concerns. I'm booked for April 13, and know for sure I will be having Mentor Allegra high profile silicone gel implants, with an inframammary incision and submuscular placement. I'm still trying to decide upon an implant size and have lots of concerns over whether I should be considering a lift or a different type of incision.

After my consultation, I researched more than I had before (definitely did that backwards). I discovered there was a thing called tuberous breasts, mine had similar characteristics (though the surgeon says they are not actually tuberous), and that there are lots of different opinions on incision placement and whether a lift is necessary for mildly tuberous/underdeveloped breasts like mine. Almost all surgeons say release of constriction is necessary, often the breast fold needs to be lowered, and a lift may be necessary. He did mention the constriction may mean my left breast doesn't drop properly but mentioned nothing about changing my breast shape. When I asked at my second appointment after finding out this information, my patient coordinator told me that the surgeon had decided reconstruction or special techniques are not necessary for my breasts. I still am questioning that so am waiting to speak with her via phone to fully alleviate those concerns. I know you get a larger version of what you have now with a simple implant placement - but I don't know how different a larger version of what I have now will look when there's actually something filling up the space.

I'm choosing between a 370 and 410 cc implant currently, but my surgeon recommended 235 so I'm questioning whether I'm being unreasonable. The coordinator assures me that 370 or 410 will give me good results, and that it is common to go that much larger than the surgeon recommended. A doctor answer I received on here recommended I go 235 and then in a year have a second surgery to go larger, but I question that logic. I could go 235 knowing for sure I will want a second surgery, or go 370 or 410 knowing I may need a second surgery for revision if they don't settle properly. It seems to make more sense to me to go with the option that only "may" need a second surgery.

Once I speak with the coordinator and fully resolve these questions I'll update this with their answer if it helps anyone else who has similar concerns. It's really hard to tell whether a lift is really necessary - I have a breast fold on both sides lower than my nipple currently is, my boobs are just so weird looking and have no fullness in the centre that they look saggier in pictures than they actually are. I have resolved to trust the expertise of the surgeon on surgical technique though, if he does not feel any special measures are necessary then I trust that decision. I was referred to him by a friend who started in a similar size and went with 435 implants, and has a lovely result, and know of two other acquaintances who also had excellent results with him. They've also shown me lots of pictures of women with similar breasts who had lovely, natural looking results.

My ultimate goal is to look natural, but big. I want a full projection, lots of side/under boob, and as much width as my body can take (measured at 11cm breast width). I would like to be a D cup, but am not so concerned with cup size as long as it looks like I want it to. His results on similarly-sized women all look similar to what I want, so hopefully the size I choose is the right one. I'll update as I go through the process.

Picked a size!

I spoke with my patient coordinator today and had my concerns adequately addressed. She said that less cuts means more likelihood of good results in my case and that messing with constriction or the inframammary fold could just create new problems. I've seen enough bad jobs on similar breasts that employed these techniques to be confident in their opinion. They allowed I may have a little bit of a double bubble if the tissue doesn't stretch properly but said any issues can be easily fixed and it's better to try the usual method first. Since my breasts are narrow and slightly constricted, but not really tuberous, a simple implant placement should do the job. I'm happy with that answer.

My bwd is 10.5, not the 11cm I thought, so high profile is the only option for me. Any of the moderate plus are just too wide, so I'm a little nervous about having the "ball" look with HP but the larger the HP the more of a slope they will have once fully settled from what I've read. I agonized over how to balance my desire for large breasts with using common sense, but following the coordinator's assurances today that I have enough room for 415cc, I confirmed that size. I know if I go even a little smaller I'll just wish I had gone to 415 since boob greed is already in full effect.

I'll have a ways to go before they drop and fluff with the 415, my expectations have been set by the surgeon for 3-6 months of dropping and that they will likely drop at different rates. But this is a relatively long-term decision so I'm okay with the possibility of a little imbalance for a while as long as they both are even in the end.

2 weeks away!

My good friends and my coworkers (I work in a restaurant so taking time off is a cause for questions and we're a small tight knit group anyway) all know about my upcoming BA. I haven't experience the slightest bit of negativity, or basically any comment other than "omg will you let me feel them? I'm so excited to see you with boobs!". But I was out with a good friend a few nights ago, and he had a bit too much to drink, got loose lipped, and made a comment about me getting boobs to an acquaintance. And oh my did she ever have a lot to say about it. How dangerous it was, how I wouldn't be able to wear clothes, how she hated that she couldn't wear a lot of clothes with her 36Cs, how any guy shouldn't like me for my boobs (really appreciate that your reasons are just assumed). My response to her was basically just "do you like your boobs? ("yes"). Well then maybe we just share different perspectives on the cost/benefit of this. Thanks for your honest opinion I appreciate it though." And she would not just drop it. All night she kept coming back out with "oh really, please don't do this to yourself" as I just tried to nicely acknowledge her and change the subject. So lesson learned, don't let your drunk friends make comments. It didn't offend me and I recognize that it's not the last of the negativity I'll likely encounter when I come back after such a drastic size change. I just found it strange that someone completely uninvested in what I do to my body had so much to say about it, especially another woman who likely also doesn't like being told what she should and shouldn't do with her body.

Switching topics, I've seen a lot of wish pics on here and wanted to upload one myself! I don't know how close I can get to this with my wonky nipples, but if I get similar roundness and fullness I will be a happy camper indeed. Read a lot of women print out a picture and show their doctor just before surgery to help him understand what you're hoping for right before he goes in, so I'm going to do the same with this one.

It's 2 weeks until my surgery now, and I think I'm over all the sizing and procedure technique anxiety. When the coordinator told me the list of meds they prescribe for after the procedure, I was so confused about why they give you anti-anxiety meds. Now I can see why, if I worked myself up that much over choosing a size, the first few days of observing the "torpedo boobs" would send me into a frenzy! I'm just starting to gather my supplies and look for good sports bras for after (my surgeon just recommends any sports bra with wide back straps and support, no surgical bra). Choosing a size for that will be tricky, but I'll just go with tips I've read on here and buy a few sizes to see what fits best. I have a roommate so it's a pain to properly set up and clean in preparation because she's a messy tornado but we'll work on that closer to the time. My bf will be staying with me for a couple days after the surgery so I look forward to having his help. Right now I'm finishing the last work for my undergrad degree (the BA is a graduation gift to myself :) so am going to throw myself into focusing on that and let the next two weeks fly by!

Less than 36 hours away!

I'm going for surgery at 10am Sunday morning, and am just about ready. I picked up all my prescriptions today (holy that adds up even with insurance), have most of my post-op supplies, and am doing the last bit of running around before work tomorrow. I bought my first ever D cup which was exciting even if it is just a sports bra. I got a Champion back-opening with adjustable strap version as recommended by my PS. I usually wear a 34 or 36A, so got a 38D basing the strap off already feeling a little loose at the tightest setting and figuring I would need the extra space with swelling. My PS recommends going out and about the next day after surgery, so I plan to go shopping the next day and buy another couple good support sports bras based on how big I end up being.

I'm very excited to get it done, but I've had many moments of overanalyzing and wondering if I have made the right choice in surgeon or in having the surgery at all. I tend to overthink everything so I keep telling myself I'm just psyching myself out rather than having some form of gut instinct. When I first booked the surgery it all seemed very right and I knew this surgeon had great results through a friend and other acquaintances. So I know I'm just having the nerves of being a type A overanalyzer and can't wait to get it done so I can get on to the part of watching them drop and look beautiful!

Posting just a couple more pre-op photos that better show my frame. I've read a lot of women who became fans of the white tank top following surgery, so I figured may as well show my last after shots in that to compare it after surgery. My hips have been way out of proportion to my chest (which isn't hard really) ever since they arrived, and I can't wait to see how my boobs will balance the shape of my body. Right now I'm out of shape and wish I had managed to get back in shape pre-surgery, I got complacent in my last year at school and my halfhearted, sporadic workouts have not been cutting it. But I'm graduating this spring (this is a graduation gift to myself) and finally have my time and energy freed up, so once I'm cleared to exercise again from the BA I plan to use my newfound boobage as more motivation to get the rest of my body back in shape to complete my new look. If anyone else has any experiences or knowledge of getting into shape after a BA, I would love to hear it. And at least I won't be complaining too much about being bloated following surgery.

Whoops - pressed post too fast!

One day in!

Pretty tired and wonky yet, so here's a few pics of what they looked like day of surgery! Sorry for the poor angles. I'm surprisingly in very little pain, already on ibuprofen every 8 hrs instead of the T3s, which I'm just going to take as needed/to help with sleep. Going to attempt my first shower/antibiotic reapplication over my steri-strips and I'll post some better pictures later.

Gurgle gurgle!

Surreal has been the best way to describe the last couple days. The anaesthesia fog is just starting to lift tonight a little it feels. Anaesthesia always makes me loopy for a good couple days. My surgery went by so fast. The PS, nurses, and anaesthesiologist all made me feel very comfortable in their hands and did not feel rushed at all. Right before my surgery, I pointed out again the difference between the levels of my inframammary folds, and the PS took some more time to consider them. I had to laugh when he pulled out a laser level to gauge it just right. So I ended up having each IFM fold lowered slightly after all, the left a little more than the right to even it out. So I feel good knowing that, I probably would have been agonizing over the higher left one otherwise at this point. Once in the surgery room, they got me set up, I remember getting Fentanyl and starting to become very interested in the colours reflected in my face in the mirrored lights, then bam! woke up in recovery.

Waking up was the worst part by far. I woke up in so much pain and the T3 they gave me just was not making a dent in it. Weirdly, it was more my joints and general discomfort than anything. Just had shakes, hot and cold, and a weird tightness in my boobs. They gave me a couple small doses of Fentanyl and that calmed me down and relieved the pain enough so I could catnap until I was well enough to get up and do some arm exercises and my sports bra on. My stepdad drove me home and we stopped at Wendy's so I could get a baked potato and a Frosty because that's weirdly all I wanted. I ate and felt much better, pretty much just chatted away the whole 1 1/2 hr drive home.

I didn't nap when I got home as they suggested, mostly just melted into the couch all day, getting up once an hour at my bf's urging to do arm exercises and admire my new rack under the sports bra. Sleeping wasn't as bad as I thought either. I slept with my head and shoulders propped on two pillows and a pillow on either side to keep me from rolling. Worked out pretty well. I set alarms to keep the ibuprofen in me and that seemed to work pretty well to wake up without much pain.

My surgeon uses a rapid recovery technique, which wasn't my motivation for seeing him, but I'm sure glad I did today! I'm finishing my degree, and managed to go to school, have an hour long meeting, and actually sound articulate and coherent. Success. I was really worried when I realized I had to have a meeting the next day that I had been way too flippant doing this surgery as I was wrapping up the finishing touches on my thesis, but it turned out fears were for naught.

But omg the swelling. I was prepared for torpedo boob, but I didn't realize just how fake it would feel that swollen and hard. It feels like my boobs are in a padded bra - more than once I may have tried to lift my actual boob instead of my sports bra up to replace the gauze, but I'm blaming narcotics for that. Talked to my PS office this morning and they said it was all normal and to expect the swelling to be at its worst today and tomorrow.

And that leads me to the the title of my post! I know it's normal to hear all these air popping sounds and stuff but wow I was not prepared for how weird it would feel. Then I've freaked myself out a little though I'm sure it's nothing - I was at my bf's house for a bit, and forgot to bring my ice packs, so had to get creative. The closest thing he had that would help my boobs were cold beer cans. Setting them on the top for a while was all good, but then my dopey self tried pressing it to my right side near the band where I'm really swollen, and I heard this weird whoosh/gurgling sound. That area got really noisy for a while after that. Then of course I notice it looks indented, which is probably loose skin combined with swelling, but I'm going to send my coordinator a picture of it tomorrow just to ease my mind. Anyone else seen any indent like that and it was just normal settling?

One more thing that someone else may find useful - you definitely don't need to go up a band size for sports bras! At least in my experience. The 38D was SO huge band-wise that I actually stopped at Sears on the way home to buy a better fitting one so I would have time to wash and dry it to put it on Monday morning. I'm going out again tomorrow to buy a seamless style or something that helps me feel better compressed. The one I have is doing a good job, but I feel it could be tighter across the top. Regardless, my boobs are way happier in the sports bra than out of it. As soon as it comes off I feel like there's a couple of rocks strapped to my chest. I'll live in it for now happily, especially because it's the first time I've ever worn a sports bra and looked reasonably proportionate!

I was worried it would be tremendously noticeable at school today since I had to meet with my faculty supervisors and didn't want them thinking I was irresponsible for getting a BA during the end of my degree, but I really don't think they noticed a thing, and I hardly even tried to hide them. Just wore a large-weave fitted cream sweater over a cream tank and sports bra with an infinity scarf to provide a little torpedo camouflage. It's only been a day, but I'm thrilled I did this. I'm trying not to obsess over how they're looking (indent and all) and trust they will drop and fluff and look beautiful on the expected schedule. My roommate called them "mesmerizing" when she was taking the pictures tonight, and though it wasn't a compliment exactly haha, I'll take it. I'm surprised I feel this way since they look so flat to my chest from the front, but I'm not even feeling boob greed. They're awesome. Even though they look like torpedoes at the moment, I already feel more confident, fill out my clothes better, and feel more shapely. Can't wait to see them progress as they D&F.

One more front!

Ready to burst!

I had my first post-op appt yesterday, and everything's looking good and as it should. The swelling has just started to go down yesterday, and I see some VERY slight changes in the front. The sides are definitely losing that toucan sam look. I'm pretty much off the T3 now and just taking Advil every 6 hours or so to fight the swelling.

The pain itself isn't too bad, but wow does your body respond to stress. I had a particularly upsetting day yesterday for other reasons, and my chest muscles felt like they were about to burst the implants. It's like a Hulk chest, you get angry and it explodes! So yeah, try to keep as relaxed as possible while recovering! I've started to get these terrible nerve pains that mostly come when the sports bra is taken off, but those are just normal pains of everything reconnecting I guess. If anyone has some good tips on how to comfort your boobies in these times, I'd love to hear them!

Posting a front shot of the changes since day 1. Not too noticeable, but definitely on their way down to their proper home on my chest. Can't wait until I can start trying on bikini tops and such. It's so awesome to finally have a chest, even encased in a sports bra for now :D

Making some progress!

I'm on day 6 now, and feeling really good mostly. I still have a lot of soreness, especially in the right breast, but Advil keeps it at bay. I'm going back to work tonight, which I'm a little nervous about, but will just have to make sure not to overdo it.

I've had this one spot in my right breast that's really bugging me ever since I opened a heavy door on Monday and felt a sharp pain in this spot. My coordinator says it's likely just the muscle there went more spastic from that, and it's nothing to worry about. I hope she's right, there doesn't seem to be any bruising or anything that suggests a hematoma so I'm sure it's fine. But take heed ladies, especially if you go out and about right after, it's so easy to forget you just had surgery and overstress your chest muscle! They do caution you to take it easy despite the "rapid recovery" technique, but it's easy to fall into habits if you aren't staying close to home like someone who just had surgery should. I've been taking it much easier since then.

Now that they're starting to soften up, I'm starting to see how they're going to take shape and loving it! In the pictures they seem different, but in real life when I look at them just after I take off the sports bra they look more round and symmetrical than I could have hoped for, given how different my natural boobs were. They definitely still really need the support of the bra - almost as soon as I take it off, I feel nerve pain in my right breast and within about 30 seconds you can see it becomes more torpedo-like and engorged. The left one is much better behaved but still feels terribly full and sore without the bra on. Amazing what a little compression and support does! Can't wait for them to drop though, I'm already a little tired of having nipples that look at the floor.

I tried an old bandeau bikini on today and almost cried. It's so amazing to finally have boobs! The difference in confidence and self-image is huge.

Comparison shots!

Taking pictures of progress is so important I'm noticing. Looking back at my 1-day post pic of my right breast and the indent in the side with the flat bottom to my nipple, compared to today where the indent is gone and the bottom is starting to be rounded, I feel even better about how it's progressing. It's nervewracking to wait and watch and hope that nothing you're doing is going to mess up the results, but seeing the changes in just a few days helps a lot. Just noticed the difference after posting and thought I'd share :)

Bikinis are fun now

Progress is going well. Really tender and sore in the bottom half and nipples especially. The left is looking a little smaller than the right, mostly when my muscles are super tense though so I think it will be less noticeable with time.

Tried on a couple bikinis tonight, and damn didn't it make me glad I did this. It was the first time I think I've EVER felt hot in a bikini top.

Out of sports bras!

I'm almost one month post-op now, and I flipflop all the time between feeling they're progressing lots and like they aren't dropping as much as they should. One thing for sure, is that I'm WAY more tender than I was at first.

It looks like I've developed a Mondor's cord in both breasts (the right is easier to see), and that makes sense because they hurt alllll the time around the fold. My nipples are uber sensitive as well and I have lots of weird zings around the bottom pole. I'm used to nerve pain as I have a couple surgical scars around my chest, so can feel it's nerve pain rather than anything more sinister. It's annoying but worth the pain. I go for my next post-op next week so will be able to confirm then that everything is fine and progressing as it should.

I got the okay to wear wireless bras or whatever is comfortable yesterday, so I had my first excursion at VS today. I didn't bother getting properly fitted as they're still dropping, and just went with what felt right. They only carried two wireless styles, and the one style fit best at a 34DD, but the other style only went up to a D. I went with 36D in that style as all the cloth of the first 34DD put me off, and the other style was better in terms of everyday wear since the fabric is smoother. They're just simple basic bras, but it felt amazing all the same :D Posting pics of them, of course by the time I hit the 36D I was so happy to find one that fit I didn't think to take a picture, but you get the idea. Looks pretty much the same as the 34D, just the band fits better.

2 months post-op!

I'm at just over 2 months since my surgery, and my boobs have changed a lot. The left one has dropped further than the right one, but the right one should catch up as has happened in so many other reviews I've read. They have gotten sooo soft and squishy by now, and it's a whole new world of clothing, that's for sure.

I have a few concerns for my PS, but since I don't see him again until August and there's nothing to do but wait and see how they settle anyway, I'm keeping them to myself and just watching how things progress. I'm worried the right is higher than the left because the IFM fold wasn't lowered enough and that I'm not getting enough lower pole fullness yet, but again, can only wait and see anyway. Either way, I love them, and am so glad I did this.
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