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Hello :) I'm been lurking this site for a while,...

Hello :)

I'm been lurking this site for a while, researching and reading about breasts augmentations. I never thought I would get a boobs job until after I'm done breastfeeding my second child. My nice perky C cups were completely gone, left me with barely A cups. I had consultations with 4 surgeons in the city and selected Dr Edelstein based on his works and his personality. I felt he listened to my concerns and wishes. He gave me choices of 3 implants sizes, which I picked the smallest. My worst nightmare is to have boobs too big for my petite frame. Hopefully I won't regret this decision

Surgery is in 2 weeks, I'm excited but also nervous at the same time.

Wish boobs

Some wish pics

Done done done

It's been 8-9 hours since the surgery, I'm alert enough to sit up. I have been drowsy and nauseous since. I'm feeling quite painful, around 6-7. I'm not able to eat or drink so he blood pressure is quite low. Boobs are all bandaged up, looks small ????????

8 hours boobs

3rd day

Today my pain level is down a lot, I didn't take any pain medications all day, I'm going to take them though before going to bed. I'm moving around more. Boobs are so swollen , they are so tight and high up. My left side seems to have more pain and tightness than the right. I can't tell you I love it because they are square and huge right now. But I know they are swollen. I can't wait for them to drop already :( argghg

Heather from Dr Edelstein called to check up on me and to make follow up appointment in a week.

1 week updates

Its been a week since my BA ops. I feel great. Today my family took a stroll in the park so the boys can run around. My husband has been great help taking care of the kids and I.

I'm off pain med 2 days ago and finished antibiotics yesterday. Feel so much better without them, they made me so tired and sleepy.

Boobs are still super tight and high up still. I took a full peek on the 4 th day when I take my first shower and boy the are huge. They looked so small under the clothes. Pain level is 0-1, just overall tightness. Occasionally I'm getting these "zinger" on the breasts, Im guessing means it gaining nerves back? Nipples are super sensitive today. They were completely numb a few days ago. The left side had these sharp throbbing pain a few days ago but is also gone. I can see minor bruises in between the gap. I started rubbing arnica gel so it seems to help.

My post-op appointment with Dr. Edelstein is going to be on Wednesday. I saw him briefly after the ops but I was so drugged up I don't even remember our conversation LOL I remembered him giving me 2 thumbs up.

5 weeks PO

Hello real self, I have been away too long. Any how I did not see progress until 4 weeks post ops so here I am, providing my updates. 4 weeks were the turning points for me. Breasts started to get softer and dropped quite a bit. Im back to my daily tasks, although I have not gone back to the gym yet. But overall, life is back to normal. Loving my new additions

Before and after

Here's the before and after

Incisions at 5 weeks

2 months updates

Hi all, I get a lot of msgs asking for updates, so here I am. The breasts dropped a little bit more since my last updates and very soft now. They feels like my own :) I'm very happy with the results

Here are the pics

Toronto Plastic Surgeon

Met with Dr Edelstein in late April. He is very thorough with his consultation. He's very friendly and funny. Explained to me the ins and outs of the procesure and answered all my questions. The girls at the clinic are very nice. Heather is my coordinator and shes very patience with me. I had a very hard time deciding on the implant size and she helped me alot with that. I'm having my Augmentation on August 31st, 2015. Will write a complete review after

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