44 Yrs, 5'7", Approx 170lbs, Subglandular (Overs) 450HP/ 375M - Toronto, ON

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So today was the day!! Had my surgery this morning...

So today was the day!! Had my surgery this morning at 10am and feeling pretty good so far.
Like everyone else I was stalking this site for over a year. So very grateful for all the women who have posted reviews.
A little backstory .... I've always had small breasts, 36B or 38A. I was forever hoping that when I had children they would magically appear. Unfortunately kids didn't happen for me so I had to buy my boobs! Which I really only started to think about this last year or so. It wasn't something that I'd even considered doing. I'm better off financially now and have a supportive husband so I did it!
These last few years I disliked my breasts even more - I've lost and gained the same 25 lbs a few times and that took a toll on my breasts. The volume just didn't come back and they sag a little. Ugh! Additionally the lost volume made my asymmetry even more noticeable. So even now at my heaviest they stayed small. I'm not a small person to begin with and feel they just weren't proportionate to my body.
I booked a consult with Dr. Edelstein in Toronto. Originally had to wait 5 months but they had a cancellation and I got bumped up. It worked out as a little over a month and I had my surgery.
Turns out I have over 4mm of breast tissue and with the slight sag - Subglandular was the better option.
I asked if I needed a lift and he said no that would be overkill.
Because they were uneven he recommended 450 high profile in the left and 375 mod in the right. (I'll double check but I'm sure that's what was decided on). I'll post pics in the next day or so.
Overall feeling pretty good pain wise. And only threw up a little bit when I got home. Probably from the coffee I had! Was dying for one.

Day 2

Had a shower today - felt amazing!
Trying to keep to Tylenol during the day. Pain probably at a 4 out of 10. Lots of pressure on my chest though. Implants are hard as rocks. You can see the right side (your left) is lower. This breast had the smaller implant - was the larger of the two and had slight sagging before.

Day 5

Doing pretty well. Just sticking to Tylenol and only really taking the odd Percocet at night. My right breast has dropped quite a bit already, the left is a bit stubborn. Not too much bruising, just a little on the underside. This picture makes them seem huge but in person I don't feel they are too big. Went out last night and nobody noticed at all.
For the most part though they feel really heavy and I don't like taking off the surgical bra. When I do I feel like I have to support them. My skin was so sensitive yesterday just blowing on it made me cringe. Not as bad today. Still really tired though and often have a couple of naps a day. Back to work in another week. Glad I had the two weeks off but if I had to I'm sure I would have been okay to return.



I look really lopsided in this photo but I don't think it was quite that bad!

12 Days Post

Feeling pretty good - left is very stubborn but it's early yet. It's the more painful of the two as well. Not that it's too bad - haven't taken any pain meds in about 4 or 5 days. I've gone back to work and so far no one has noticed. I didn't tell very many people and want to keep it that way!

Just over 5 weeks

Haven't had any real issues other than a stitch popping through my incision. I could feel it and thought it was a scab until I took a picture. Called the office and was told I could come in and they would snip it or I could do it myself with sterile sharp scissors. Hubby did it - so far so good. The nurse did say it was highly unusual. She said to put polysporin on the tiny hole and bandage it. That was last week and it has closed up!
My left hasn't dropped as much - can really tell with a profile pic. The right has a bit to go as well.
I don't have any real discomfort but have found that the surgical bra I'm supposed to be wearing day and night puts a lot of pressure on my left breast. I'm constantly making adjustments throughout the day. I've started wearing my sports bras more often and found that it's much more comfortable. One thing I am having difficulty with is finding a bra that doesn't ride up and dig into my incisions. I did buy a Warners Cloud 9 wireless bra (fits really well and so soft!). I like it but again over time it tends to dig in a bit.
Oh and so far I've been able to hide them in clothes if I want and no one is the wiser. Sister and Mom didn't even notice! ;) although I did see my sister glance at my boobs a couple of times.
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