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Hello everyone! I'm a mom of 2 great Tweens,...

Hello everyone!
I'm a mom of 2 great Tweens, breast fed both. I'm athletic and healthy. After breastfeeding and being so active my boobs are small and I've always felt they didn't look proportioned to my body. I always wear padded bras! I'm 5.5 and 135 lbs wear 34a bra. I've been lurking this site for a while and finally decided to introduce myself! Lol! My surgery is booked for December which is a while to wait but I'm so excited for Christmas boobs! Will post pre op pics when I'm a bit braver! Lol

Before pic :(

Wish boobs :)

Still looking at a few pics to see what I like.. What do you think?
My stats are
5.5" 135 lbs currently 34A I measured 13.5 I'm looking at 400cc

More wish boobs :)

Saw these pics on someone else's wish list! The wait for my surgery date is making me nuts!! I have boob brain!

With and without 400cc rice dozers

Deciding on size!! Help??

Without pic.. ( sorry didn't upload earlier)

?2 month count down!

I keep going back and forth between 375-400cc. There's not much I can do now except wait!! I have to get blood work a month before my date. My coordinator has been excellent at answering all of my emails and questions. I really hope I select a size I'm happy with. I was told I can go bigger but I'm athletic and a distance runner and in my case bigger isn't going to work but I still want to have some fullness.

Getting closer!!

I'm playing around with the rice sizers at home. I have an appointment in two weeks for my physical and blood work. I've been told to have the following items for surgery.. Freshly cleaned pyjamas that button up the front, warm socks, slippers, robe. I will get further instructions 1 month before surgery from my coordinator. Here are some pics with 400cc rice sizers.
This a lulu lemon all sport bra. Maybe I'll still be able to use it after BA? I will post pics in this bra afterwards to compare how accurate rice sizers look compared to implants. Anyone have any input on using rice sizers to decide sizing? I'm going to try on sizers a third and last time in December. This is the hardest part!!

2 weeks to go!!

I'm all set!! I paid in full my surgery on Friday. My blood work, forms and pre op is all done. I have everything ready! They gave me a bottle of antibacterial soap I need to shower with the night before and morning of.. I have to pack a small bag with some items to bring but everything is ready!! It feels so real now that I've paid for it. I still have not told anyone. I'm going to say I'm having a female procedure and need to rest to keep visitors and people from coming over during recovery.. I've always worn padded bras so it will be interesting to see if anyone actually asks me or notices. Can't wait to get rid of the padded bras!!

Last weekend!

This is my last weekend with my small boobs. I'm very excited and a little nervous. My PS and his staff at the clinic have been unbelievably supportive, answering all my questions and checking in with me. I'm ready. I'm just trying to stay healthy and keep from getting sick before Monday!!!

Tomorrow is the day!

Tomorrow is finally the day! Here are two last "before pics" (sorry for the marks and blotchy skin I just finished a workout) currently 34A bra and going with 400cc unders, armpit incision. So nervous but excited too!!

Day of surgery

Everything went well, my PS and team were exceptional and the aftercare in recovery was amazing. I had a bit of dizzy almost fainted and they kept me in longer to watch me. Anesthesia is always unpredictable. I'm home resting now, haven't taken pain killers but will before bed. I've taken arnica prescribed by my PS. Feeling really tight and high. I don't want to look too much at my breasts yet because they still need to drop and settle and I'm very swollen. I have to wear the band and I have drains that will be removed tomorrow during my post op appointment.. Good luck to all of you during and after! It still seems surreal to me!! probably the meds Lol!

Day after surgery!!

So, second day I'm feeling less groggy. I've only been taking arnica and 2 tylenol extra strength and 1 muscle relaxant daily. I did take one of the oxy pain meds before bed to help me sleep but the pain isn't unbearable just uncomfortable and I'm going to try to just use tylenol. I had my post op appointment today and the Nurse was amazing. I love that there's a separate entrance at the clinic for the discharge and post op appointment so I'm not going through the main waiting room. My drains were removed and was only slightly uncomfortable more like a pressure feeling. I was examined and the nurse said everything looks great! I'm very swollen, including between my breasts which are causing them to be apart and my nipples which are causing them to stick out but was assured it's temporary! I have to wear the "band" 24 hours a day for two weeks except to take it off and wash, dry it daily starting tomorrow. Then for 2 weeks after that at night only. No bra for armpit incision and can't wear one for a month :( Tanks are fine for coverage but they want these girls to drop nicely:) Feeling tight and hard and it's a bit hard to take deep breaths. my arm movement seems ok but was told to do no big reaches, lifting etc. Tomorrow i have to remove bandages from armpit incisions and take a shower while band is being washed. I have to shower daily and wash my incisions 2x daily with a mild soap ( i bought some baby wash) and pat dry with a clean towel. I'm looking forward to my shower!! :) sorry for the long rant but you girls are the only ones I've told and can chat about this with and I'm getting bored already!! Hope you all are doing well!! stay positive, don't let any negative thoughts in!! :)

4 days after surgery

I'm feeling much better today but still very swollen and tight with pointy torpedo shaped boobs! My left is more swollen so it looks bigger and is freaking me out a bit. Anyone else have this?? They are still swollen between my breasts which are pushing them apart. I have a little bruising under my left boob. My incisions are healing very well with no pain just some mild irritation but will get sore if I'm moving my arms too much. They look bad but was told they will heal and be barely noticeable. My right incision has more bruising and the drain hole isn't healed over yet like my other side is :( My PS said not to worry so I'm trying not to stress about that either. I'm using a natural unscented baby wash and have to wash my incisions and underarms twice a day. Nothing on them. No icing allowed. Still have to wear the band 24 hours a day except when I have to wash it daily. I was told by my nurse to put the notch at the tightest for now. It's uncomfortable and feels so tight!! Really hoping they both end up looking fabulous in time!!

One week already!

The worst is over!! I had my one week post op and everything is going well. My left breast has started to drop but my right is still high so they don't look even or the same size.. I was assured this happens all the time and not to worry! I have to start massage 10x per day and this is supposed to help them soften and drop. I'm also to use arnica gel on my incisions with a firm massage to help with scars. Still have to wear the band all day and night for another week. Still not allowed to wear a bra as I had armpit incisions and they don't want ANY lift to my breasts just settling. Tank tops are fine though. Overall feeling really good but still get tight and stiff and my back hurts from sleeping on it. I'm glad I have the rest of this week off, I still get a bit tired sometimes. I go back next week for another post op and will start with a scar fade cream. Looking forward to my final results but it's very hard to stay patient. :)

2 week post op!

So far so good! I had my 2 week post op with the nurse and everything is going great, my R is still higher than my Left but was told that's ok. My surgeon even came in to reassure me and said to do a massage in out up down more on my R to help it out. I have to wear the band only at night to sleep for the next two weeks. I also have to lay on my tummy for 10 min a day to help stretch chest muscles. My incisions are looking great and I can start scar treatment with a silicone gel called scar fade. I hope it works!!


So I know I'm not supposed to wear a bra or get sized until 1 month post op.. BUT.. There are so many amazing sales right now and I'm just so excited to start wearing nice unpadded bras I had to try a couple on just to see what size range I'll end up with:) I'm going to go to a lingerie store specializing in breast surgeries for a proper fitting after I'm settled a bit more.. In the mean time I'm just having fun :)

3 weeks!

I'm still having some asymmetry as my R is still a bit high. So far I'm pleased :)

Bra shopping!!

So much fun shopping for bras! I was sized at 34D and the full coverage bras fit perfectly. The Demi bras I fit 34DD. Can't believe I'm a D cup!!

6 weeks and bigger than I thought!

So I luckily waited before taking tags off of any of my bras. I've just been wearing a Genie bra until my 6 week post op and for my settling. I was sized again today and was measured at 32 DDD! I was told that since most bras don't always come in those sizes some places will size me at my "sister size" which is a 34DD I tried both sizes on and depending on the bra style they both fit nicely.. I went for my first run since BA this weekend with my moving comfort Juno bra and the girls were not moving and well supported! I was so happy! I hope it feels just as good during a longer distance!

6 week post op!

6 weeks and feeling great! I saw my PS today and he was very happy with his work! I'm also very pleased with my results:) I'm cleared to do whatever and no restrictions. I need to continue massages, good sports bras for running, and continue to use the scar gel 2x per day. I go back in 4 months just for a check in. I started with a 34A bra and am now mostly in 34DD depending on bra. I'm very happy with my size. They're soft, squishy and even jiggle. I'm still adjusting to them but overall I'm so happy with my results and happy I finally decided to do it!


Trying on bikinis for a trip next month. No padding!! Everything is going well, still settling.

Running with boobs!

A little update for the runners that were asking me questions! Ran for 10 kilometres this morning and I'm feeling good! No discomfort, the boobs feel good, not sore at all! I think the key is to find a high impact sports bra that works for you and keeps them in place. Mine didn't move, no bouncing at all!! I was slower than my usual pace but I'll work back up to my long distances soon! Don't be discouraged or scared to run after BA! Once you have approval to exercise than go for it :) after all I did this to enhance my life not prevent me from doing things we love :)

Running/ high impact bras

so glad to be back into running! It's been a challenge to find a good sports bra for running! I did lots of research!! I wore this one for a run and the boobs stayed in place, no bouncing and no soreness :)

Another workout bra

Before layering up to go outside and run in -20 I took a few shots of the bra I was testing.. Lulu lemon Tata tamer. It was comfortable but supportive as the Juno bra. I had some bouncing and movement but I don't feel sore. I've definitely lost definition and muscle from lack of workouts and have gained 3lbs. Just felt like I should mention that as to some girls that's a huge deal. To me, I'm fine with it and I know I'll eventually get it back and my new assets are so worth it! :)

2 month update

So it's been just over two months and I'm loving my new breasts. I'm way more confident and comfortable in my clothing. No more double padded bras and for once I can wear a sports bra without looking completely flat! I'm back to all my regular routines, workouts and haven't had any issues or concerns with my lifestyle. They are getting softer each week and feel very squishy and natural. If I really massage them I can feel the implants like a firmness beneath my breasts. My husband says they look amazing and feel natural but a little more firm and perky than natural which I'm totally good with that!! My scars under my arms are still pink but are fading nicely and I can tell that once faded will be unnoticeable. My size is a full 34 D sometimes a 34DD if I want more coverage or the fit of the bra. I'm very pleased with my size and shape for my body, they seem very proportionate. I'm very happy I went with my PS as he really does have excellent results. Good luck to everyone doing research or in recovery!!

Tank top

I wanted to post this pic because I took a couple of my BEFORE pics in this tank top. It has a built in shelf bra. I posted pics of me in it before as well as with my rice sizers.. I also used a tape measure and measured myself with rice sizers.. As you can see this is after my BA and I'm measuring the same size as the sizers in this top. It just fits slightly differently as my breasts are not the same as nylons stuffed with rice Lol! But it does give you a good idea and pretty close.

Back from vacation!

Just got back from vacation and first time in bikinis, and summer clothing.. I loved my new boobs and really felt great in sundresses and tanks without worrying about padded bras! I even went braless a few times and felt very comfortable and confident. Scars were unnoticeable but if you look real close you can still see them. I'm hoping they will be even more faded by summer time. I was told by the time they are completely faded they will just look like a little wrinkle in my armpit. Sorry for the bad tan lines!!

Tank top, no bra

I'm just over 3 1/2 months post op and loving my boobs :) I'm able to wear a tank top around the house without a bra. If I did this before my BA I looked completely flat and would be so self conscious I would have to cover up or wear a padded bra, even in my own home. I love the shape, slope and how natural they look. Still so happy with my decision!

Still seeing changes at 4 months

So I'm still seeing and feeling changes 4 months post op. They continue to feel softer and are also jiggley/bouncy :) My goal was to have natural looking enhanced fullness, I really think I got what I asked for. Not too huge, but still some nice full breasts that are perfect for my lifestyle. I don't want people to see my boobs first. ( not unless I'm wearing something to show them off then they are definitely noticeable) :)

A quick update:)

Just a quick update to all the lovely ladies here. I know when I was doing research and in the early stages I really appropriated updates and pics so here are a few new ones. I'm feeling really good and starting to feel more and more like they are "mine" there have been the occasional day where I feel like I needed to hide them for certain occasions and I think that's ok. I'm loving new bras and being able to wear clothes that I can fill out now :) I just wanted to say happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mommies on here that have decided to do something to improve themselves, their confidence, and self esteem. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! ??????

A comparison

I'm still quite happy with my results. I sometimes feel they are not big enough but other times I feel like they're huge.. My left still seems to occasionally feel like I am able to feel the implant and may get a little twinge on occasion. Overall I feel my healing has gone well. I have a 6 month post op coming up in a few weeks so I'm excited to meet with my PS as I want to make sure everything is all normal. I'm a bit overly paranoid even though nothing is ever wrong! It's just the reassurance of seeing my surgeon and hearing everything is great that helps me stop worrying over nothing. :) this was a interesting comparison photo for me as I need to remember what my breasts ( or lack of) looked like before surgery and reminds me of how I feel so much better about my boobs now!! I hope you're all doing well! Xo

Summer update

All is going well :) I'm loving my new breasts. They are much softer now and seem to have really settled nicely. I'm so happy with my results and had such a great experience with my PS and his entire staff at his clinic. My scars are only noticeable to me when I look very closely at my armpits. Lol. I can do all my usual activities and exercises, no restrictions. I love bra shopping!! :) I hope you all have a wonderful summer.

Bra shopping is an addiction :)

My bra photos didn't load with my previous update and nude photos so here they are!! It's so funny how different bras and bra shops I can range in size.. Victoria Secret I need to go up a cup size or it's too small.

Sports bra

Awesome sports bra for running!!

8.5 months

So it's been about 8.5 months will be 9 months on the 21st. They are just part of me now. I wear a 34D but have to go up a size at Victoria Secret because their sizing is a bit weird. They feel fairly soft and they do jiggle and look natural to me. I can't tell just from touching but if I'm doing a breast exam or massage I can feel them moving and they aren't as soft as natural breast tissue but I'm fine with that. I'm happy with my size and feel they fit my frame nicely, I didn't want too big as I was worried about future complications, or sagging etc. Overall still loving the girls, and feeling way more confident. I can still see my scars if I look very closely and know where to look, but I was told it could be up to a year before they really finish healing. I hope you all are doing well in whatever stage of this journey you are on from researching to recovery!

1 year anniversary! 400cc mod plus smooth round mentor cohesive gel.

A year already! I'm still very happy with my BA. I don't wish I went bigger, I'm pleased with my size which is 34D- 34 DD depending on the bra. I've had my ups and downs, here's some advice for those about to get a ba or those recently recovering.
1. Your patience will be tested to the max. You have to wait for results, then wait some more. Healing is a process and the less you can stress over everything the better you will heal.. hang in there.
2. Your new boobs will be an obsession for you for a while, eventually you will adapt. You might get questions, comments or stares. Be prepared with an answer.
3. Your scars are permanent. They will fade and become less noticeable over time but they will always be there, accept that. Deciding where to get the incision will determine how noticeable the scar is. Follow your post op instructions!
4. Don't get hung up on comparing your BA to someone else. Each surgeon does a BA differently. Some do different incision sites, under, over, lifts, Keller Funnel method, antibiotic solution, drains, no drains, pain pump, no pain meds, massage, scar gels, bra, band, no bra, bandages etc.. each will be different. Follow YOUR surgeon's instructions because your recovery and your surgery is different based on how your surgeon did your BA. Get a second opinion but remember everyone is different.
5. Make sure this is what YOU want. This is a major surgery so be sure to think things through. There are risks and possibilities of complications such as capsular contractor, bottoming out, rippling, infections etc. Do your research. After a year I'm still very happy with my BA, feel confident and have had no issues or complications.
Good luck to all the women out there researching or recovering!
Dr. Lista

Dr. Lista and his team have been exceptional. I am extremely pleased with my entire experience. Dr. Lista is very calm with a great sense of humour. My patient coordinator, pre and post op nurses have been amazing. I can always call or email with any questions or concerns and never feel silly for asking. Wait times were never that long and very reasonable. I would recommend his clinic and am so happy I went with him for my BA.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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