34yo, 5', 115lbs, No Kids, Fitness Chick, 32B Aiming for a Full C/small D - Toronto, ON

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For the past few weeks I've been obsessed with RS,...

For the past few weeks I've been obsessed with RS, reading review after review trying to find girls with my same stats just to get an idea of how they will turn out. Here's a little more about me:

5' nothing (possibly 1/4")
115-119lbs (depending on what I've been eating and/or drinking)
32B or 32C at VS
Workout 4-5x/week
Very physical job (massage therapist)

I've chosen to do my surgery (if I do it) with Dr Jugenburg who has great ratings on RateMDs and great reviews on RS. I've had my consultation and went back twice to try on different sizes. I'm about 95% sure I want to do the procedure and reading all these reviews just make me want them more. But at the same time, gives me insight on what to expect, the good, the bad, the ugly.

I'm currently considering either 385cc or 415cc (not sure if they're moderate or moderate plus) and leaning more towards silicone. I know it probably won't make a huge difference between both sizes, but I've seen so many times how Women wish they had gone bigger. I'm hoping to do a fitness competition next year and my PS recommended that silicone would be better as they ripple less than saline and will look more natural when I lean out. However the head nurse, Kim (who has been amazing) has told me that I can get away with saline because I have enough breast tissue. Any other fitness girls out there who had the same issue? What did you guys decide and how do you find them?

Surgery officially booked

I officially get new boobs on June 2nd! Papers signed and deposit paid. Was going back and forth if I could afford to take the time off work and if it would be worth it but this site certainly has the effect of making you believe they are. I've been small my entire life, no kids (yet) and I've been wanting to be bigger for as long as I can remember. I don't think it's hit me yet that in about 44 days, that dream will actually be a reality. Right now just trying to decide between silicone vs saline, MP vs HP and 385cc vs 415cc. Decisions, decisions. Going back on April 21 to try on the sizers again and speak to Kim about options. I definitely want it to be a well thought out decision and not just an impulse. Time to build my wish boob gallery

Having a 'what did I get myself into?!' moment

So, a couple of things happened since I booked my BA. The clinic sent me my consent form package, and I gotta say, it's quite alarming and discouraging at the same time. I mean, I know there are risks with surgery, I know that with a BA my breasts won't be perfect, I know that my irregularities may be emphasized and I know that 'perfect' is impossible to achieve. However, its the complications that can come along with any surgery, reading one after another, that had me weary. Will it stop me from getting my surgery? No. I trust my PS, I am being honest with my health history (although I haven't been under a general anesthetic before) and I honestly believe in my heart that all will be ok. But to read complication after another just made me feel uneasy. Initial and sign each page so we can't be sued is pretty much what this package is telling me. The other thing that happened was I started to think about having kids. Now wait, I'm not actually thinking I want kids now, but in the future. I know, I'm 34, approaching my scary age of 35 (when apparently more complications are common for pregnancy) and I should possibly maybe think of getting my BA after kids. But honestly: 1) I know for sure I don't want them now and 2) I don't know when I will want them and if I ever want to. I've been reading online that breasts change after pregnancy and breastfeeding and I started to wonder if I'm just wasting my money if I go ahead with my BA and decide to have kids in the future. Any women out there who've had a BA done and had kids after? Did you have to get them redone? Would you have waited? So there's where my head is at. The consent forms, I can deal with. But breasts after kids? Will I need a revision? Am I making a mistake? My honest opinion, I'm a seize the day kind of girl and my gut is telling me to just do it. Don't let this change your mind because, you know what, you never know what will happen. Don't let anyone or anything change your mind or sway you into thinking that you need to do something if you don't want to or don't need to. Always base your decisions on what makes you happy, not someone else

10 days away!

It seems like time has flown by so quickly. I handed in all my consent forms, sent in my bloodwork, made my final payment and in 10 days I'm finally getting boobs! I haven't thought much about the surgery. At least I've been trying. Too much thinking makes me wonder if I'm doing the right thing, going under the knife, having foreign objects in my body etc. So I feel it's best I keep busy with other things. I keep reminding myself that this has been something I've been wanting for a long time. As the days go on I can expect my nerves to get more and more anxious. I've also taken out my nipple ring which I've had for 15 years as well as stopped drinking alcohol, which, if anyone lives in Toronto right now, has been tough because this weather has been amazing. Missing out on some awesome patio weather but I know it's all for a greater cause. I decided to go anywhere between 385-415cc, but have a high preference for the latter. I decided that with either size I would be happy with the outcome (trying hard to not have boob greed). Posting some before pics and I have to admit, my uneven nipples (which the Dr told me about in my first consultation) seem to look more uneven without my ring. The Dr said he can fix them so they are even but it would result in more scars and it may not be worth it. I opted to keep them as they are as I think the extra scars just won't be worth it in the end. It's not like I'm walking around topless right? Stats: 5' 0" 118lbs 32B

1 more week...

Is officially one week until my surgery. I've been trying harder and harder not to think about going under the knife and second guessing my decisions. I made a list of things I can do while I'm recovering since I can't work or workout for a few weeks. I'm also starting to think about things that I may need to help before/during/after the surgery. Anyone have any tips? I've read some girls took arnica pills to help with bruising, anyone have any luck with these? I can slowly feel myself getting nervous...

Feeling a bit sentimental

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I'm getting a little sentimental about my small breasts as I'm 4 days away from surgery. I can't say I've been 100% disappointed with my breasts. They served me well for the 34 years I've had them. I accepted them as they were and accepted the fact that I will never be as big as I'd like to be. Now that I'm facing reality that I will be as big as I have always wanted to be, I can't help but feel like I'm going to miss them. Am I crazy? I even find myself randomly cupping my boobs just to remember how they feel. Yes it actually seems more crazy as I type that out lol. On another note, I've started looking for things I think will help with the recovery, started cleaning my place, looking for easy on/off clothes and even bought a few genie bras that another girl had said were great (thanks Walmart and Love2714 for the idea) and a body pillow (thanks to coloradogirl91). Need a few more things that I will need to pick up the day before and I think I'll be set. Let the countdown begin....

Today is the day!

Surgery day is finally here. This week has been rough. Had a flood in my kitchen, got a parking ticket and got rear ended (all in one week!). To top it off I haven't been sleeping well. I've been waking up thinking its surgery day and I've forgotten to do something. Well, the day is finally here, I've asked the nurse some last minute questions, just need to pack my overnight bag (the clinic sets you up for a night at the Royal York Hotel) and I'm all set! Surgery time is 1:45pm, pre op at 11:45am. Some things I've done to help me prepare for this surgery: - stopped lifting weights this week so I'm not as tight as I usually am, just stuck to cardio - Been stretching my pecs when I remember and trying to keep my shoulders back - Got a few massages to help stretch and relax pecs. After my accident I tightened up a lot and needed one badly - Also got an adjustment, got really stiff after the accident - Ate clean(ish) for the last 2 weeks, tried to minimize processed foods - Stopped drinking alcohol and teas, taking supplements (including BCAAs and protein powders just in case) and haven't taken any type of medication except for my birth control - Moved everything I need on a daily basis to a lower level so I wouldn't have to reach up - Searched for clothes that are easy to take on and off - Bought some prunes and Calm to help with the constipation that I've been told is caused by the meds - Bought a body pillow and a couple of genie bras. Clinic provides one post surgery bra and I wanted a few more when that one is in the wash (I'll see how those fit afterwards, picked them up at Walmart) -most importantly, relax! I'm sure I'm missing something, but for now, that's it. Until my next post....

Oh my I have boobs!

Well, I'm about 4 hours post surgery and it feels like this day flew by. My surgery actually got bumped up from 1:45 to 11:45. I just got into my hotel room when Kim calls me at 11am and says 'you wanna have your surgery earlier?' Wtf, sure! In a rush, I gather my things, go downstairs to the clinic and the next thing I know, Dr J is making his mark. I get changed, and he goes over what he is going to do. He asks for my permission to snapchat my surgery, which was pretty interesting. I am then taken to the operating room and the anesthesiologist asks me a bunch of questions that I think I answered correctly. Took him a few tries to get my vein, injected what he called 'scotch on the rocks' and the nurse came over and gave me oxygen. I started feeling tired and the next thing I know I'm waking up with boobs! I looked down to see if I really had the surgery and I thought, 'they don't look big'. Nurse came in and said everything went well. I didn't feel any pain but felt really nauseous when I opened my eyes. I was so hungry so my boyfriend fed me a small piece of chicken but I ended up throwing it up. I feel ok lying down but when I get up I start to feel nauseous again. I currently feel a lot of tension in my chest. It feels like I had done a thousand push ups but I am able to get myself up by tightening up my core. I have a sudden urge to get up and walk around but my boyfriend insists I stay put. I haven't taken any pain meds but did take a Gravol after I threw up. I'm also feeling some numbing in my fingers which comes and goes depending on my arm placement. All in all, everything is good!


Posting my stats for girls who are similar in frame: Height: 5' Weight: 118lbs Bra size: I wear a 32B from VS but dont fill it in properly Implant: high profile 415cc round smooth Bust (around most fullest part): 31 1/4" Rib cage under breasts: 27 3/4" Waist: 27 1/2" Hips: 37 1/2" BWD: 11.5cm Lifestyle: active, 4-5 workouts a a week, weights and cardio

1 day post op

I woke up this morning feeling a lot of tension in my chest. I was trying to be a hero and not take any pain meds but it was borderline unbearable so I popped a Tylenol 3 and it's been much better. So, mental note, try not to be a hero. I have been able to get up and walk around on my own which I wasn't sure if I could do the day of but I surprised myself I could. I try to tighten my core to get up and use my legs instead of my arms. Have been able to use the washroom (although wiping is a bit of a struggle) and have been able to wash my face. I find pulling doors open and opening bottles to be a bit difficult that I need help. I also need help to tie my hair back. My left breast looks more swollen but I'm sure it's normal. But this tension is unbelievable. I feel I'm walking around hunched over and can't straighten up. I wonder if this is how it feels when breasts become engorged with milk when breast feeding, any moms want to weigh in here? I'm currently waiting for the nurse to check on me so I can go home. Haven't actually seen them yet as I have the post surgical bra on but they look conish now and very swollen. Can't wait till this feeling goes away!

2 day post op

The tension seems to have subsided today but the meds seem to make me nauseous. I have to remember to eat something before I take them. Threw up the first round of antibiotics bc it was the first thing I took this morning but the second round seemed to have stayed down with food. I only took pain meds this morning and haven't taken anymore for the day. This bra is starting to annoy me. It feels so tight around my ribcage that I just want to take it off so I can breathe. The nurse said yesterday that they were looking good and that the only massage I can do is along the sternum. Just hold and press and repeat along the sternum. I noticed it made a huge difference in the tension so I try to do that every couple of hours. I'm dying to shower but hanging in there so I don't get these bandages wet. I'm hoping I can maybe bathe at some point tomorrow. Opening doors is better as long as I open it low but I still can't open bottles on my own. Looking forward to my one week post op so I can shower! So far, they look horrendous when I stand up, a bit boxy and not pretty! But I'm so far liking the size from what I see. Looking forward to them dropping and fluffing

1 week post op

I made it to one week! Got my bandages removed yesterday and finally was able to take a proper shower! Today has been the best day of healing so far. The tension has subsided a lot and the only thing I'm hating on right now is this post surgical bra (the band is so uncomfortable and itchy!) and sleeping propped up. My PS put tape over the incisions which I need to keep on until my next appointment in 2 weeks. My nipples are very tender and my under boob is pretty numb to the touch. I have been out walking trying to get in as much activity as I can because my eating has not been as clean as I'd like it to be right now. I ended up buying 2 genie bras but am returning both since the zipper decided to crap out on me. So today, my mission is to look for a more comfortable bra appropriate for post surgery. Anyone have any recommendations?

2 weeks post op

Hey RS community! It's officially been 2 weeks since my surgery and things have been getting better. I've started driving, which felt really weird at first, but slowly getting better. I still feel bouts of tension when I'm checking my blindspot and if I drive for a long time. I've been learning to take breaks (something hard for me to do). I'm still unable to go back to work (I'm a massage therapist) and workout so I've been going for long walks whenever I can. The girls are still sitting high but starting to feel a bit softer on the top. I'm patiently waiting for them to drop and fluff. Patience is a virtue. I've been obsessed with finding a comfortable post recovery bra and have unfortunately spent more than I should have considering they will change over time. I've read many positive reviews on Brilliant Contours bras but can't get myself to pay for another bra after all I have spent already. I sort of wish I found out about Brilliant Contours before my surgery so I could of had it when my surgery was done. I'll most likely order some in the future after reading the great reviews on them. For now, I found a bra by Anita Care that has a thicker band, to be the most comfortable, as it doesn't feel like it's digging into my incisions. I also found the criss cross cami bra by Champion to be very comfortable as well.

3 weeks post op - massage, massage, massage!

I feel like today has been a breakthrough kind of day in my progress. I had my incisions removed a few days ago and they told me to start massaging them which I find is really helping! I found that I would tighten up pretty quickly when I drove or when I carried things (light things, <5lbs) for a short amount of time but I'm finding this happening a lot less today (yay!). I still haven't gone back to work which really sucks because I need to pay bills. I practiced giving a massage to my boyfriend and I tightened up so quickly it was so uncomfortable so I decided to take a few more days off to get back to semi-normal. I'm hoping to try to massage them as much as I can over the next few days so I can be ready to work on Monday (fingers crossed).

I'm not quite sure what morning boob is but I do feel the girls are a bit sore in the mornings. I'm assuming that's what it is? The soreness goes away when I get up and start walking. I've also started some light cardio at the gym (yippee!). It's hard for me to go from working out 4-5 days/week to just walking, so this is huge. I can't do any high impact exercises yet but I'm slowly getting there.

Today is the first day I started feeling close to normal and I'm loving it. I look so much better in clothes and I feel so much better about myself. It really is amazing what a pair of boobs can do for a girls self-esteem. I'm loving the size of them so far and look forward to seeing these girls drop and fluff. Happy healing to you all!

39 days post op

It's officially been just over a month with the new girls and, I have to admit, I'm starting to really like them. I wasn't so crazy about them before but they've dropped a little and have gotten a lot more softer. They're still sitting higher than I'd like but so much better than 4 weeks ago! I went back to work last week for the first time and even though the first day was tough, it got better and easier with each day. I haven't been able to do any housecalls yet as I need to carry my table, but at least I'm starting to make some money (finally!). I've also started to go back to the gym (yay!), but only lower. I've only worked on machines so no lifting heavy plates or weights yet. My legs were so sore afterwards I actually felt like I missed it. The only exercise that felt weird was lying down hamstring curls, which probably wasn't a smart choice. I tried not to fully lie down to fully squish the girls, but it still felt weird. I'll be staying away from those for a while. Other than that, everything else (also did leg extensions, leg press, leg adduction, and calves) was good.

Not sure if this is only in my head but, I'm a little self conscious about them. My boyfriend tells me they look great but I feel like they still look so fake and when people look at them they just think 'wow those look really fake'. I know they're going to look fake but I wasn't anticipated caring that they do or that other people know they are. I'm slowly getting comfortable with them as they soften more and am still massaging them constantly. Just patiently waiting for the D&F.

On a brighter note, I've been trying on some old clothes to see if they still fit, and a lot of them still do! And they even look better with the new girls!! Workout tops were my main concern but they're more tighter around my boobs rather than being tighter around my belly!! So glad I didn't have to get a whole new wardrobe!! It's the small things that make me happy :)
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