32A, 12cm BWD, 5'0", 110lbs, 280cc Anatomic Silicone - Toronto, ON

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All my life I have had little to no breasts. At 35...

All my life I have had little to no breasts. At 35 years old, I finally decided to take the plunge and get breast implants. I was set on anatomical, since I wanted a very natural look. I had my consultation last week on Oct 13, and booked my BA for Nov 23. I told my PS I don't want to go too big, like a full B and he suggested 280cc moderate profile and no less than 250cc. After a lot of research and reading, it seemed like 280cc would bring me into a C/D and I was getting worried it would be too big and make me look top heavy. A few of my gf's told me I should be getting at least 350cc, but I paid no attention because I really don't have any boob greed. My main goal is to just at least be able to fill out a normal bathing suit and wear backless shirts without a bra. I'm a bit curvy, so I also wanted my top half to match my bottom half. I still have over a month before my surgery and can change the size about 2 weeks prior. So, I'm still doing lots of reading and looking at comparable pictures. I read a review from a girl on here who has similar stats as me and got the same 280cc anatomical implant done and I absolutely love how hers turned out. I uploaded her pics, but hopefully she doesn't mind. If so, just let me know and I'll remove them. I will post my own pre-op pics soon. If anyone has any advice or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. I'm extremely nervous.

Help! Undecided on implant type...

So I've been reading lots of reviews and chat forums about sizing and type of implant. I've also looked at several boob pics. After my first consult, I was unsure about the size my PS suggested and thought 280's would be too big for me. I was also dead set on getting anatomical ones because I wanted a natural shape and my gf has them and I love how they look. Now, I think 280's will be fine on me, but I'm unsure if I should get anatomical ones. A few things I've read about anatomical that has me got me leaning towards round ones are, the shifting possibility (even though I know it's not very common), the feel of them (they have to maintain a certain shape so they're not as soft as round ones), and there's a higher possibility of rippling, since they are textured. A lot of wish boob pics I've seen online are from people who have round implants as well. My PS did mention that because of gravity, the round implant will still have a slight slope when standing.
Does anyone have any advice or comments between round and anatomical and how did they decide between the two?

One more week...

My doctor's office just called me today to confirm my appointment time for next week and I can't believe it's only a week away...eeek!!! I'm getting super nervous, yet excited at the same time. I'm really nervous about the surgery, recovery, how they will look and also how they will feel after. I decided to go with anatomical because I felt that the shape was more important to me, than how they feel. Although I know you can get great, natural results with round implants, I really didn't want to take the chance, considering how little breast tissue I have to begin with.
A gf of mine had her anatomical implants done back in 2009 and hers felt pretty firm. Granted, she has less breast tissue than me, and she also got a much smaller implant as well, so maybe that contributed to the "firmness" of the implant.? This was also about 6-7 years ago, so maybe the anatomical ones are made to feel better now? I don't know. My surgeon ordered me the Natrelle 410's and I read that they were only released a few years ago. I'm really hoping that they're not as firm as my gf's and that I get a beautiful shape to my breasts and a good jiggle to them, like I've seen on some girls here.

BA Day!

The day has finally come...dun dun dun! I'm super nervous right now and don't know what to think. I'm hoping the surgery goes well and that my recovery will be smooth and somewhat painless. I'm also hoping that I will be happy with the results. I've been reading so much the past few days, that I was questioning the choice I made to go with 280cc anatomicals. I've read that so many people don't like them, but knowing what I do about them, I'm hoping I won't feel the same way. I'm not expecting them to be soft like real breast, but I want them to look spectacular and very natural. I'm also wondering if I should've gone a bit bigger like 320cc, but I don't want to look top heavy. I've seen such beautiful results with girls who have started with very little breast tissue and got between 250-300cc, so I'm really hoping I will be happy with my outcome. I have to be at the hospital at 9:30am and my surgery time is 11:30am. I'll post after my surgery, if I'm feeling ok. Eeek! I can't believe it's happening!

I made it!!!

So I finally made it through surgery and it's the day after! I slept pretty well, but that could just be the meds. I'm feeling a bit tight and sore, but I'm guessing that's normal. I'm finding it very hard to get up from bed as well. I should probably mention that I also got lipo done on my abdomen, so I have this very thick compression garment on right now. I was leaking a bit of fluids yesterday, but I think I'm ok today.
I really want to take a peek at my boobs, but my doctor said I cannot remove my bra or my compression garment until our post-op appointment on Monday. I've seen girls on here, where they were able to shower and take off their bras after the first day or two. I'm not gonna question my doctor, so I'm just going to do what he says and wait.
I will post some before and after pictures, once I'm able to.

4 Days

It's been 4 days since my surgery and I'm feeling great. I stopped taking my pain meds on the 3rd day. My main problem was trying to go to the bathroom. The bowl movement struggle is real. I've read that constipation is a common thing, but when it happens to you, it's so frustrating. Another irritating thing is coughing. I can't cough or clear my throat because I can feel it against my chest. Anyways, I'm so excited to see my results tomorrow morning. I've been wrapped in my dressings all week I can't wait to just let my skin breath a bit. My breasts still feel pretty numb and I get a bit of a pinching sensation every now and then, but no real pain. I can see the size over my bra and it's pretty much what I wanted and expected. I will post some before shots as soon as I'm able to take some after shots, so you can see a comparison and how sizing would be on someone my size.

Implant Card

Here are the implant cards from PS

5 Days Post-Op

So I had my first post-op with my PS this morning and things went pretty well. He took a look at them and said things are healing very nicely with minimal bruising. He said I am now cleared to shower, I just have to come back next week to get the stitches removed. They're still feeling very numb and he said once my muscles start to relax, I will notice them drop a bit. From what I've read, anatomicals don't need a lot of time to "drop and fluff" since they're already a predetermined shape.

I've posted some before and after photos so you can see how small I was before compared to now. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. I just can't wait for them to soften a bit and start looking more natural.

One week...

It's been about 7 days now. Nothing has changed. Yesterday was my first day back to work and boy, I didn't think it would be that hard. It felt so easy to walk around the house, even at 2 days post-op. But for some reason, I really felt it at work yesterday. Maybe it's because around the home is such short distance, so it's not so bad? I was walking around the office so slow, and walking to and from the cafeteria, and back and forth to the washroom was a bit difficult. It was mostly my lower abdomen hurting, so might have been from the lipo. Maybe the numbness is wearing off, so I'm feeling the pain more now. I'm still finding it hard to get up and down from sitting/lying down too.
My boobs are so hard still. I was taking a shower yesterday and they felt like 2 round rocks just placed on my chest :( I'm really hoping they soften up and drop a bit and start feeling like a part of me soon. I still have no feeling in them either...*sigh*
I'm hoping this second week gets better. I'll update more once I start seeing or feeling some changes.

Still very hard...

Here are some picture updates. They still feel like hard rocks on my chest and are super numb. I just want to fast forward to 3 months later. Other than that, I feel fine. Still a bit difficult getting up and down, but it's been better.

2 weeks and a bit

Haven't posted an update in a bit, but I haven't really seen much change since the last pic. I can see my right is dropping a bit faster and they're slightly smaller, but that's about it. They're still feeling pretty numb and stiff. Can't wait for this feeling to go away. Getting up and down from sleep is much better now. Still feels weird when I do some movement with my left arm. I'm trying to use my left side more to see if it will help even things out a bit. Other then that, everything has been great.


Oh, I finally got my stitches out a couple days ago and here are what my scars look like. Better than I expected. Now I'm applying bio-oil and silicone gel strips on them. Hopefully they will heel and fade nicely.
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