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Incredibly excited, but a bit nervous for my...

Incredibly excited, but a bit nervous for my breast augmentation surgery on Oct 31 with Dr. Lista.

My consultation was back in September. I chose 485 CC (highest of the recommended), high profile round silicone implants.

The surgery is just one week way. I've arranged my mom to help with my daughter during the week and it's all on my husband on the weekend...hopefully he can handle it. My biggest worry is not being able to take care of my daughter. She is very heavy for her age (19 months) and 30 pounds..it will be awhile before I can lift her again.

I will try updating every day post op on my experience for the first week and weekly thereafter.

5 days pre op

Today I fell on my way to work and badly scraped my knee...it's all puffy and terrible looking now. My daughter got sick with a cold....hopefully I won't pick it up and hopefully my knee does not get infected....otherwise the surgery will be postponed...argh...can't believe this is happening..just 5 days before...

Tomorrow is the surgery!

I am scheduled to arrive at 8.15 am to Dr. Lista's clinic. Hopefully the wait is not too long before the surgery, so I don't have time to get nervous. I am a bit nervous now. Been reading a lot of reviews and all are positive...so just trying to tell myself it will be over before I know and soon I will have beautiful new girls. Will try to provide a detailed update post op.

Surgery cost

Just realized the cost is showing up wrong. $9600 is the actual cost I will be paying for the procedure.

Today is the day!

Just few hours away from my surgery. Will update when I can post op.

Finally had my surgery!!

So far, so good. No pain when I am laying down. When I get up the pain is 3/10 (I did get a pain pump until tmr). I think my skinned knee hurt more. Definitely thought it would be worse...the breasts look a bit small now..but I read that with time they will fluff up and will look much nicer. Will try to get my husband to take a picture, so I can post with my update later on tonight. Dr. Lista decided not to put me In a special bra or wrap up my breasts.

Overall experience with Dr. Lista and team was wonderful so far...I went to sleep so easy....didn't even notice how it happened...and it was just so pleasant...you know when everything Is great, you are slowly drifting to sleep..That's what it felt like. Hopefully my recover continues well (after the pain pump is removed).

Post op day of surgery

So, my husband was able to take a picture. They look really nice...just nipples pointing down for now and sideways..I think when they settle down a bit it will be much better.

Day 1 post op

No pain when I am lying down..but as soon as I get up I get immense muscle pain. The pain is 7/10. I am taking pain killers. My mom brushed my hair and washed my face. Sadly I can't do any of those things myself yet. My breasts are settling nicely, but still far apart. Will try to take a picture later on. Going in for my next day post op appointment today to remove the drains. Will update when I come home.

Drains removed

I haven't taken any pain meds since 4 am...and what a fail this was....when I had my drains removed I cried...should have taken two pills before coming in vs none. But ones the drains were gone I felt better overall.

2nd night post op

Second night post op didn't go so well. I woke up every 3 hrs needing pain meds. My upper back was hurting a lot from my sleeping position. Upper back discomfort 6/10.

Day 3 post op

I am feeling a lot better today! Still taking my anti-inflammatory ones a day..didn't need any pain pills all day. I can lift my arms a little higher now...it doesn't hurt as much to get up from a laying down position anymore. My breasts are dropping nicely...one a bit more than another - but I am not worried. A friend of mine had the same experience and they eventually evened out. Will try to post a pic soon

Day 4 post op

Knock on wood, I am feeling great. Still a bit sore, but overall a significant improvement. Had only 1 painkiller at night. Gotta start increasing my activity levels slowly. Will take another week off work just to be sure. Don't want to over do it. Especially since I take subway to work and walk for about 20 minutes from the subway..I really want to make sure I am up for this challenge.

A week post op

Feeling very good...with occasional pain under my right breast, which feels a lot like bruising pain. The bruising is starting to heal (turn yellow). One breast is still a bit higher than the other. Otherwise everything is great. I have my post op on Wednesday. Will update then.

Incision infection?

Yesterday I noticed my left incision is very red and looks irritated...I did start using arnica cream to massage my incision as directed by my nurse at the latest checkup this week...so I wasn't sure if the white stuff beside the incision was drainage or cream...I am also not sure if arnica irritated the wound or perhaps the band I am told to wear (which did ride up at night on that side and was hurting my incision)...and of course the third and most unfavorable option of what this could be is incision infection. I emailed the nurse last night with a picture, haven't heard back yet. I will probably hear back on Monday. Hopefully this is nothing serious. My 3d scheduled checkup is coming up on Tuesday. The picture is kind of disgusting looking...but thought I would post it on here..in case someone may find it useful. As soon a so hear back from the nurse I will post an update.


Aside from the incision issue, my breasts look good and feel good (feel just like real breasts..nice and soft. Here is a picture update. The bruising is starting to subside. Very happy about that.

Heard back from my nurse

Heard back from my nurse...she will have a closer look when I come in on Tuesday. She also said that swelling and redness will go away when suture material comes out. She didn't see any infection from the picture. Hopefully it's all right. Will update on Tuesday after my appointment.

2 weeks check up

Just came back from my appointment..everything looks good...my red incision is normal - just an irritation from clothes, band, underarm hair (I finally got an ok to shave)...the redness has gotten better..I am incredibly happy. I also got a scar gel from dr. Lista..it's pretty expensive $100 but I saw incredible results on a friend who used it for a year...and had a chance to compare with another friend who used a different scar gel....going to start using it today.

Feeling 80% recovered

As promised (sorry for the delay) attaching the picture of the scar gel that I am using.

My bruising and swelling is mostly gone and I am able to do most things I was able to do before surgery, with the exception of lifting up my daughter.

High riding implant

Looks like I need to have another surgery to fix high riding implant. Dr. Lista will go through the armpit again and will perform open capsulotomy. He may or may not need to exchange the implant. The surgery is scheduled for today at 2.30 pm. Hope everything goes well, and the recovery will be easier than after initial augmentation. Will keep you all posed. Attaching my before pictures. My left breast looks quiet distorted, hopefully this surgery will fix it.

8 weeks post capsulotomy

Recovery after capsulotomy was much easier than original surgery. In 3 days I felt great. I am still not 100% satisfied the way my breast looks after 2nd surgery. Maybe there is still a chance it will drop further. I also have a bit of a dent at the bottom of my breast and the area is slightly purplish. A hematoma? Just bruising that hasn't resolved yet? I have an appointment to see Dr. Lista tomorrow and hopefully he will answer all my questions. Really hoping that I won't need another surgery.
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